What it’s like to SAIL LA VAGABONDE! [Ep. 128]

This video sums up what an average sail on La Vagabonde across the sea is really like for us. With only two crew onboard, there is never a dull moment or time for boredom. We’re pretty much always busy doing SOMETHING. Our moods and energy levels are highly influenced by the weather. Rough nights at sea obviously = no sleep, and calm nights are always an absolute treat for our body and mind. Join us from France to Spain as we give you a taste of our life on the ocean. Videos made with love, Elayna.

Song Credits:
00:00 Fresh Ground – Jordan Prince
00:28 A Morning Song – Miner
03:53 The Dinlows – Saltwater
06:29 At the End Part 1 – Wylder
09:17 Get Going (ft. Dave Mann) – Miss Max
10:19 Song Cover I do: Lana Del Rey – Ultra Violence
13:54 Fill my Gums with Blood – Genghar
Dune Wind – Palace Winter

Videos made by Elayna

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What equipment do we use?

What software do we use?
Video Editing: Adobe Premier Pro
Weather Forecasts: Predict Wind

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  1. Hi guys.
    Great episode. A couple of thoughts on your downwind sailing question . I’ve got a Nautitech Open 46 with B&G so a similar ish setup. When I’m heading dead downwind I’ll switch the a/p to steer to apparent wind at something like 5 degrees off 180 (175 185). I’ve found the auto setup on the B&G to be pretty good but tweaking the gain and response improved things further. I haven’t gybe accidently……… yet! If nothing else it’s interesting to dig into the menus a bit! Might be teaching my gran to suck eggs but hey, it might be of help. All the best, Jon.

  2. Hi love your videos. I have sailed a mono hull cruising and racing for 25 years. Don’t mean to be critical but watching Riley reef the main while flying along in the middle of the ocean with no life jacket or tether is a little scary. One slip and Elena has to dump the sails start the engine and try to keep her eyes on Riley while he is trying to stay afloat. She could also throw out a life ring and try to sail around to pick him up but in 25 knots of wind it would be pretty difficult. Again looks like you guys are having a great time, stay safe.
    Cheers Floyd from Toronto

  3. We did the same and learnt our lesson. When running we would drop the main and allowed ourselves to be pulled along by the jib/s. No stress.

  4. My fiancé and I joined an Esther Hicks event cruise and called on many of the ports you are sailing … remembering Mallorca and Cartagena were much much much warmer when we were there. So interesting to see the visits you make in a small boat compared to the giant cruise ship we were aboard. I really loved the old vagabond but, Jeeze, I’d take the new one in a split second. 22.2 kts. Wowowowow. We live aboard a 52 ft classic wood yacht, and I fish a 65ft halibut schooner built in 1924, so 8kts is fast for us. I have to say although I really loved letting a funny (he is a comedian) Greek captain drive me around the med on a 1000 ft palace, but I woulda liked to take a wheel watch or two. Enjoy your travels. I will look at Patreon and see if there’s a wheel watch with you two on our horizon. Thanks guys.

  5. Hey guys, we all love you two but Floyd is telling it like it is and it’s only a matter of time until ? most likely Riley goes over (at night?). Even on a calm day it is hard (or impossible) for one person to dump the sails, turn around and find anyone but if he had at least an inflatable vest and waterproof Marine handheld small radio he could at least float and see the boat thus being able to call and say, hey turn left, now keep going right to me… Otherwise good luck finding a small head in the ocean.

    We all love you two so please arrive alive.

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed the video and I was thinking the same thing… That one shot on the back of the boat untying the fishing net without a lifejacket or jackline made me feel weak in the knees — since others are saying, I will add, please arrive alive 🙂

  6. YES, YES, YES Elayna admitted to coming to Florida!!!!! Please drop by my way in Central Florida. Isaiah and I would love to meet you two! I would bring my miniature Dachshund Daisy. She’s an awesome dog!!!! Keep the videos coming. I play them at night for my grandson Isaiah. We live through your videos!!!! He loves fishing. I think he has more fishing tales than Riley! Haha

  7. Looks like you just arrived in Antigua! Well done, that was a fast crossing. The winds have been very strong in the Eastern Caribbean for the last week, so I’m sure that gave you a good forward speed…..

    Can’t wait to watch the videos about the crossing.

    Greetings from Guadeloupe! (we’re neighbors again)…….And enjoy the Caribbean!


  8. Hi Riley, Have you given any thought to rigging a preventer to stop the accidental gybe ? ….Philip

  9. Please please please ….think about wearing a life jacket and a MOB beacon at night. Maybe even a safety line. I envy your cruising speed but if you go over the side mate at any speed at night and the crew is asleep down below ……..you are most likely going to drown without safety aids. The longer you convince yourselves it is not necessary then the greater the risk.

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