What music are we listening to this week on SLV?

Hello friends far and wide!

This week on SLV, La Vagabonde was given a nice little spruce up, or a bit of an overhaul one might say. There was certainly a lot of work to be done, and when there’s work to do, there’s music to be listened to. So what tunes are we digging this week? Well good people here’s a list of artists we’ve prepared, along with links directly to their pages. So if your ears long for delicious, fresh, crispy tunes, get clicking…


The Sea Gypsies – https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/sea-gypsies

Coming in hot off the press with 2 EP’s, Central Coast band The Sea Gypsies know what is what when it comes to hot, soulful tunes. A deliciously crafted blend of Blues, Rock and Reggae that makes bobbing your head irresistible. Delivering meaningful and hope inspired hooks against a backdrop of church-like organ and a bass line that keeps you on your toes, literally you will dance and sing, on your toes. Check out their Unearthed page to watch the video for Lost and Found and find out more about their gigging schedule.



Blissful Red 

Blissful Red is Dream Pop at its best, melancholy set against the strumming of a looped guitar, solos effortlessly laced on track, if you want easy listening say no more, well actually say Blissful Red. He has been likened to musicians such as Beck, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead. Although there’s only one song on his Soundcloud, he has an EP out on iTunes (follow the links) and a new EP “tentatively set” for summer 2017.





Andrew Rothschild – https://soundcloud.com/aroth

Andrew Rothschild creates layers in his music masterfully, taking you through the forest and down the rabbit hole where the conventional rules of music don’t exist. Changing timing signatures, spooky guitar resonates against an unpredictable drum beat that somehow resurfaces to all make sense. A Bluestronica fore-runner to keep an eye on and an ear to the ground for, his latest album SFA² can be found in full on his SoundCloud.



CircleLight – https://soundcloud.com/circlelight

The project of 20 something year old Emanuele Durante, CircleLight is water marked by open, earnest lyrics, simple and catchy musicianship and wonderfully layered vocal harmonies – “Brother, don’t you see that we better open the doors, nobody comes first, and won’t you listen for a little while, and talk to those strangers outside”

This music makes me light up within and feel weightless.




A huge thank you to all the artists featured this week, we love what you guys do and love listening to your music. Please everyone, do your ears a favour and click the links to help support these musicians, like and share with your family and friends, help us to share these artists with the world!

See you next week,



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  1. Hi guys. Have a listen to Tash Sultana. Her EP Notion is brilliant. There’s some YouTube footage of her performing. Great tunes for a dreamy day in the water.

  2. Hey Guys! Hello from Karratha, Love what you’re doing! Inspirational 😀
    We’re bareboating a sailing cat in the whitsunday’s for a week soon, really considering putting a deposit on a live aboard over a house these days haha
    On the musical side of life, been loving Mosquito Coast
    May the wind always be at your back x

  3. I hope you cover “Of Monsters and Men.” You sounded great on that episode singing them.

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