What Not To Do on a Boat: Lesson No. 1,485 [Ep. 123]

Ohhhh dear. Well I wasn’t expecting to have to glue up my boyfriends cracked head with my friend Josje onboard, 50nm away from land. It definitely could have been worse. It goes to show how quickly things could go wrong and it doesn’t even necessarily have to be from something super risky or adventurous. We’ve swam off the back of the boat COUNTLESS times (and will continue to do so, but next time butts will be shuffled just that little bit further off the back before sliding in ?). I’m just glad you’re okay Riles. Thanks to Josje for being a legend and helping me mend this silly humans head.

Song Credits:
00:00 Dante Matas – Not a Moment Too Soon
02:22 Like a Dream – Chelou
05:28 Liam Wright – Land, Sea
09:17 Bird – Get Go Getter
13:35 Castaway – Liam Wright

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  1. Uh oh! Well, we now know that Riley is a hard headed sorta sailor! He can count his lucky stars he has such caring and gifted ladies aboard. Get well soon Riley! Next time ring the ship’s bell – not your head!

  2. Still with you guys, glad Riley’s okay and you didn’t have to turn the boat. Suggest you practice a man overboard emergency and drill. Make sure no blurred vision or prolonged headaches and rest up mate. Get checked out if in doubt. Keep safe in the ‘Med folks.
    Regards Jeff.

  3. Swimming off the back of the boat has always been great fun, but after watching Riley hitting his head I may be rethinking that activity. Glad Riley was OK, I’ve got a feeling he has a pretty thick skull, lol. Brgds, Joe

  4. Nice Catbite!
    Bashed my head a few times too, (Flying head butt into mast; jumping from one boat to another, slipped, forehead smacked the gunwhale, etc.!)
    Great job getting back aboard!
    It’s the little things… 🙂

  5. Oh my Riley, that was mighty scary to watch. So glad that you are safe and did not loose consciousness in the water. Elayna – great job patching him up. I am praying that you do not encounter any pirates or refugee boats – sounds like you are in a very dangerous area now. Time to head back to safer areas. Hope to be able to see you when you get to Florida.

  6. Riley in spite of cracking your head you are still in the company of two very beautiful sexy women. Most guys dream of your situation.

  7. As humans we are all a little shaken by accidents and then become wiser after the event. Don’t stop taking those adventurous steps. They make you who you are. Enjoy Tunisia Kung Fu Panda and Elayna..cheers. Ian

  8. And that’s why you always have life jackets and throwing buoys on hand. Please tell me you have practised man over board drills. You dodged a bullet Riley. It’s a good time to start preaching boat safety.

  9. Riley. Really sorry to see you get injured. Keep it clean & dry. Infection is the big worry. Glad you faired well through it though. On a side note now that you are ok, the sound it made when you hit the deck was unique. You should loop it & use it as a bass track in one of Elay’s songs. Keep safe where you are headed. More soon. ~Mike

  10. “I have to make some sound for the camera or she’ll stick her finger in there…” I’m still laughing out loud.

  11. If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend learning concussion symptoms and protocol (for determining if you have a concussion). Concussions are serious business and, chances are, if you hit hard enough to see colors, you have at least a minor one. On a two-day sail with limited medical facilities, likely even once you get to Tunisia, it’s a little scary that you continued on. I hope everything turned out okay.

  12. Hi to you both. Keep living the dream and entertaining the dreamers! Can you provide any further details on your florida trip? We would love to catch up and meet you! Ian…. and thanks again for the great videos.

  13. Glad to hear you survived your little adventure Riley, and Elayna good job in patching him up and coping well with it all. however! without taking away the enjoyment of swimming off the back of the boat whilst underway would it not be better to tie yourself off with a safety line to the boat just in case you let go the rope for whatever reason. it would be easier and less stressful for the rest of your crew and would only affect your enjoyment a little unless the risk factor is your motivation?

  14. Glad to see you made it and are OK. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hurt myself foolishly on my boat and mostly laughed it off later but it does hurt like hell when it happens. All of you performed well and kept a cool head. I love all your videos and have since the beginning. Be careful in that area of the world. Stay safe and God Bless all of you. Capt Dave.

  15. That makes me ask the question….what would you do if someone did get seriously ill out at sea? Enjoy your adventures, thank you!

  16. Really felt that one and cringed at the followup showing that the bandage is now stuck to the wound. Hope it soaks off with a little peroxide and does not require a surgeons assistance to remove.

    How many would like to pitch in and get a fund up to sponsor Riley and Elayna at Chapman’s School of Seamanship in Stuart Florida while they are visiting the States? To many of us here in the States Chapman wrote the Seaman’s Bible which is still a current text after over 100 years in print.

    Chapman made it to his mid 90’s as a force in Sailing and Power Boating and stood fast by this:

    “Safety is always in the back of one’s mind, never forgotten or ignored. Safety is not an arbitrary set of rules, but rather the practical application of knowledge, as common-sense requirements and practices that should be thoroughly understood and followed.

    If hazards of any nature are recognized and respected, they largely cease to be hazards.”

    If they get a passing certification it could save them on the insurance on La Vagabonde too providing dividends over the years.

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