What Really Happens when you’re Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 44

For me, sometimes extreme boredom, frustration with the motion of the boat, feeling isolated/alone, and missing friends and family bucket loads can lead to a little bit of a breakdown every now and then.

I’m only human!

There are always dramas onboard (EVERYONE has them), weather it be physical or mental. When La Vaga has been rocking and rolling back and forth for 4 days straight and I’ve been copping bruises from the furniture and hoping for the slightest break in the weather (that never comes) … a boiling pot of water being thrown at me you could say was my last straw.

The good times always end up evening out with the bad, but the unpredictability of each day can be stressful and has been since day 1. One day can be the best day of my life, filled with aqua-blue waters, smooth sails, palm trees and sunshine … and the next can be the worst. No sleep for days, expensive equipment breaking or spazzing out, lack of showers, lack of eating, and I question what on earth I’m doing trying to sail around the world having no sailing experience.

In the end it’s all worth it; I love every minute of what we’ve seen and done around the world on La Vagabonde.

But Holey Tolitos sometimes it can be tough!

Do you guys want to see more of the bad times in videos? Please leave a comment and let me know.

Love, Elayna.

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  1. I think keeping the videos real is the most important. What I mean by that is that I think peeps want to see the bad as well as the good. Not a ton of drama but just enough to remind us that you guys have bad days too. For those of us that are making the move to a sailboat, it’s good for us to see your accidents and mishaps and learn by them. Thanks guys, see you soon.

  2. Yeah, would love to see it all.

    Also, I wonder at what point you’ll stop imagining you have ‘no sailing experience’? I mean, at 6 or 8 thousand miles or so, I think you’re probably in the top 1% in terms of miles of anyone who’s ever sailed a boat in the history of the planet.

    Aren’t you getting much more confident yet? I was hoping I’d feel like I ‘had it’ by the time I was halfway around the world..

    Keep it up!

  3. Do not be disturbed by the bad wheater. Keep going and you will find calmer seas em brigth days. Cheer fro Rio de Janeiro.

    1. Elayna and Riley,
      Just keep doing what you’re doing. If the drama comes out and you feel you want to post, then post. I must say, you are the better side of reality entertainment. Most has too much drama. You guys make all of us enjoy the light side of your fresh relationship and the challenges you face. Knowing them and that they happen is real. The fact you guys push on through it with a smile encourages all of us. We know its not always smiles. I have sailed my whole life and through much bad weather. I know the fear through weather, long days and nights on a passage. But you always grow on the other side. You guys have reminded me on several occasions.
      Just don’t manufacture anything and stay genuine. We’re with you in thought and prayers. We’ll keep praying for the 2 of you. Thanks for 44 fun, light and real episodes. You guys are the best.

  4. Yes – your duty is to depict your experience – in total – not to edit, so as we (the cubicle bound) may incorrectly conclude that your lives are heaven and ours are hell, strapped to a desk – makes us less likely to donate to your cause – knowing your already there in a paradise… the rest of us will never obtain – perhaps keep my donations and buy a lottery ticket – or put in in the collection basket at the local church…

  5. You can sprinkle in some bad moments to make it more realistic. But don’t over do it because mostly people watch to be entertained.

  6. I am absolutely addicted to your channel. Elayna you are a true Eve, Riley must be one hell of a good man.

  7. Hi Elayna! ( and Riley) Love your videos! Yes, would love to see more of the realistic sailing around the world day-to-day stuff! Your videos are always captivating and me and my boyfriend follow regularly , but I think it’s even more encouraging ( I know it is for me) when I see you guys dealing with normal sailing drama , like “ok every moment isn’t perfect… We could actually do this! “

  8. Film what you like. This is your trip, we’re all on for the tide. I love everything you film. Keep the faith. Doug

    1. That’s right! Film whatever you think is appropriate. Showing the bad with the good is like life, thank you for sharing your and Riley’s lives!

  9. Elayna, I so happy you are alright.

    You guys are doing such a great job. I am not a sailor, but I have spent a fair amount time of running dive boats in all kinds of nasty weather. I can completely understand you not wanting to film the harder times. The concern for the safety of your loved ones is always first and foremost.

    Peace & Love

  10. Elana,

    You’re on the right path. Being human is a test, to endure, explore & celebrate our successes.
    You’re a strong young woman who is a pioneer into uncharted waters. You will do well & I’m proud of you.

    #sailingtheplanet xx CherylAnn

  11. What I really miss are the days and times where you’re playing the guitar and singing. Is it that you haven’t been playing or just not videoing those times?

  12. Whether good or bad, it’s beautiful! This amazing story of love and adventure is developing its faithful wings and unfolding them before the world for all to see …. I say: Continue to tell your story as you see fit … It’s yours to tell, not ours. Safe journey and Godspeed!

  13. Hope you are not burnt too badly. Have you considered using pot restraints on the hob?

  14. One if the best vids yet! Your capture of the true realities of your adventure, good and challenging alike, are getting better and better. This is why we are anxiously awaiting each installment. This is not your vacation, this is your life style. Like most things in life, the things that make the most indelible impressions are often the hardest lessons to learn in the moment. It is a joy to watch you progress into true sailors and world adventurers. Much respect.
    Cheers, Clint
    Delray Beach , FL

  15. You are wonderful, authentic, and inspiring people. The funny thing is that the bad times are as real and meaningful as the good ones. It’s all interesting.

  16. I completely agree with what Riley said. When you’ve just had a pot of boiling water tossed on you, his first reaction would not be to pick up the camera. Nor should it be. You keep on doing what your doing. We love it. Film what you can and take care of yourselves first and foremost. So glad you are ok. ?

  17. I agree, film whatever you think is appropriate. We all know it is not always peaches and cream on the boat or in life for that matter. Please don’t let the bad times get you down. Love your videos, and keep up the good work.

  18. You guys are awesome. I was in the Navy and I know the Pacific is huge. You guys are so brave and adventurist to do what you do. So proud of you guys!


  19. Hi guys
    I love your stories and videos. Ever since I was young I’ve wanted to sail away on an adventure like yours. I’m now in my 50s and still dreaming of sailing away. But you are doing it! Life is about highs and lows. Do what you have been doing and love what you are doing and we will keep wishing.
    Have fun ?

  20. Yes, I guess I’d like to see the big picture. I mean nothing in life is all about the fun times. My wife and I have only spent 4 days on a 36 ft Catalina off the California coast for our honeymoon. So I have no idea about the real down side of sailing long term. Riley I really see a lot of me in your life. Mainly that you’re not afraid to jump into a new situation with both feet. Though I’m not sure that I’m ready for around the world without a competent mentor. Elayna, we would all love to hear more of your music, if only in the background of some of those sun sets.

    Thx to both of you, good vibes in you direction.


  21. Hope you are all better from the burn. You know parents do worry all the time! Hope Riley’s father is ok from his burns as well. Seeing the not so good things are good learning experiences for us who are following you, but please do not leave things unattended or getting fast help in an accident to get a camera.. We love you and want you safe! Beautiful video!
    All our love
    Yolita & W

  22. We all have bad times. We (I) enjoy viewing the better times of your trip. Mentioning the not so fun parts of the trip is plenty enough for me. Please stay safe and smile.
    Thank you,

  23. The good, the bad and the ugly are all part of this life we live. So yes, we are living this vicariously through you two anyway, so why not. Be safe out there.

  24. Film what you feel like sharing and like Riley stated who’s going to think about grabbing a camera in those stressful moments. My favorite moment in this episode is when Riley was secretly filming you making sail changes without him. That made me choke up a bit as well. All of us here on the Paul Simon Tour wish you the best and play a little “I Know what I Know” or “Gumboots” next time you’re feeling a bit bummed out.

  25. Another awesome video! I literally stop what I am doing to watch these whenever they’re posted.

    I’m just rounding the corner towards a boat purchase of my own. Planning to buy a 40 footer, likely a Ketch. Will spend a few years close to home before pulling the pin and heading to the Carib.

    These videos , the good times and the bad, remain inspirational and I truly look forward to each one.

    Thank you for taking the time to film your journey and publish your experiences for all to enjoy.


  26. We want it all…the awesome, the boring (well, maybe not too much boring), the challenging…the ups, downs and sideways. Just like life and just like it would be for us if we were on there with you. Thanks for giving it to us that way and keep on keepin’ on. Just stay away from boiling water!

    Don’t forget that it’ll be the ecstasies AND challenges that you’ll fondly remember as you move on to the next dimension (a long time from now)!

    1. Oh, Elayna!!! I’m so, so sorry that you got burned!!! And Riley’s Dad…..so, so very sorry!!!
      I hope you had Baking Soda to make a paste & put on it…
      If you & Riley can make it thru THIS without killing each other, you are Soul Mates for life!!!
      Wishing you wind at your back & land in your view!
      From a friend you haven’t met yet, Sheila

  27. We want to see the real experience so you post as much as you want us to see although I’d rather hear it good n bad loving I it all todate but don’t gloss it up loving you both give us the truth

  28. First, I’m glad no one was “seriously” hurt to the point of needing serious medial attention that wasn’t available. Second, regarding what to film, I think that’s entirely your call. It’s your boat, your channel, your effort, your expense, etc. You shouldn’t feel like you “have” to film everything or anything or that you “have” to make an effort to film the harder things that you might not even be thinking about filming. Whatever you film, that’s fine with us.

    Personally, I think people would benefit from seeing all aspects of your travels. The good, the bad, the ups, the downs, everything. But again, your call. One suggestion that I have is (and you may already incorporate this to some degree or another I don’t know) perhaps you could mount some “fixed” cameras throughout the boat. Maybe you could have one or two in the galley area facing different directions and maybe one or two or more up on deck facing different directions. You might not get the best sound for whatever happens but you’d at least get a basic video recording of it (hopefully ). You could have them recording sort of continuously on a sort of loop or after the memory/SD card etc, fills up, if nothing of interest has happened, simply record over it. It would probably require some sort of schedule to start the recordings over unless they could just be set up on a continuous loop. That way you’d have a running surveillance type recording going all the time. If there were no accidents, or nothing major that happened (such as boiling pots of liquid flying all over) simply restart the recording over or, if on a loop, just let it keep recording.

    I don’t know all the logistics or the costs involved in this. Perhaps it’s not possible for one reason or another but it’s a thought. Perhaps if cost is an issue you could add one camera at a time to a new location on the boat as funds becomes affordable. I realize as more equipment is used the cost goes up as does the maintenance of keeping the recording sequence going, along with editing in whatever additional footage that may catch something that happens. It’s simply an idea of a way to keep SOME sort of recording going all the time which MAY or MAY NOT catch whatever may happen.

    Anyway, again, I’m glad everyone is ok and hope the rest of your crossing is/was “relatively” uneventful (in terms of bad things anyway). 🙂 As always, love the videos. You guys live an amazing life but I think in the end most people understand that everything isn’t always as wonderful as it seems, at least not all the time. I think people understand that you aren’t showing absolutely everything for whatever reason. However, I think it’s nice that you convey that to people so that if nothing else, as a reminder that you have some really hard times which make some of those amazing sunsets, islands and magical wildlife moments, all the more special. Stay safe.


  29. Wow, love this one! I just did my first 3 day solo passage and felt many of these same emotions, (on a shorter term scale). It is amazing how one gets thrown around the boat and it NEVER stops moving. And cooking was way harder than I thought.

    Thanks for another awesome video!

  30. Beautiful to see you choked with pride for your woman Riley! Well done on raising the spinnaker solo Elay! Hope you recovered from the burn quickly and got your confidence back. Your sailing skills have long since surpassed mine. I would defo like to see more of the downsides, the realities and challenges you both face, along with the highs, but only when you can capture them safely and without putting additional pressure on yourselves when you least need it. Wishing the Vaga and all her crew safe and comfortable travels!

  31. Anything worth while has it’s challenges. You guys have done well and helped open up sailing to many many people. If folks can’t sail on their own, they can sail with you in spirit and learn the joy of being on the ocean and experiencing new lands and people!
    I have had my fair share of scary sailing experiences, but after eachh one I learned something and charged ahead to do it again! I spent the past weekend single handing a catamaran around in flukey, gusty winds, I am beat! Wouldn’t give it up for the world!!
    Sail on La Vagabon!!!!!!!!!

  32. Elayna,

    As we all know nothing in life is ever all plain sailing as a commercial vessel master I know only too well how you are at the mercy of the weather and sometimes even the simplest of tasks is impossible.
    Tomorrow’s always another day on the ever changing ocean and its important to show the not so great times as well as the good to give a realistic view of what its like to live on the water.
    Love your work keep it up and we hope to see you out there one day.☺

  33. I agree with the other commenters, I want you to post the negative videos as well as the fun ones, but I know to remain relevant and attract viewers, you should keep the numbers up. It is your life, but our entertainment, so look at the stats and decide what is best for your channel, regardless what we hardcore fans want.

    Also, bad times and tears (dripping not ripping) are always worse with lack of sleep, and cruising entails interrupted sleep patterns and less snooze time, so sometimes emotions should be taken with a grain of sea salt.

    As long as the awesomeness of your existence outweighs the awful, you are on the right track (many people’s lives are truly appalling).

    My vote is for you two, together and with anyone else you invite aboard, to Keep Sailing La Vagabonde!

  34. Sorry Elayna. It must be hard. Please let us know about everything, good, bad, ugly, beautiful! It is an education for people like me getting ready to try and cruise. Love you guys and your videos, wish you nothing but the best! And hang in there when it is not the best!
    Ps Tell Riley cheers for recommending that cleaner, I think it’s called FSR or FJR, bought a big bottle of it and works incredibly.

  35. One of these days I hope to set sail, start small and work up to a crossing. It is amazing to see how quickly your videos have become a success. There are 100’s of thousands of people out there sailing and sharing videos. You guys really know how to edit and show experiences that really capture the essence of what it is to sail and be sailors, as well as show some humility and life experience along the way. Cheers


  36. Hi to you both .. Yep.. The tough days are as many as the best days .. That’s the balance of sailing life .. Film as much as you can .. Publish only what you need. And keep the rest to show your kids that anything is possible in life 🙂 SV BICOQUE (FB) is currently in Batam ( next to Singapore) after crossing from Cairns . Id love to meet you both when you cross over this side of the Pacific .. Take care and smooth seas to you 🙂 Paul

  37. I think the videos are great. We watch them as a family (2 girls 7 and 5) and this video showing the hard times, and talking about it is really important so they understand the reality of the task and not just the fantasy. I was telling my girls to really look and listen to how the stove was swinging, the boat was creaking and the constant sounds going on. And then do that for multiple weeks is not easy! But it is part of the experience and just as important and worthwhile to show as all the good and easy times.

    Good on ya!

  38. I completely understand why there are few videos of the trying times that occur while sailing. First off, you are dealing with the situation at hand and not being concerned whether or not a video is being made. If your fan-base and ‘patrons’ want this they want someone who has a full-time videographer along to just video events as they happen, good or bad.

    That’s not what I want to see. I’m a sailor and I know the full contents of the ‘kit’. I want to be reminded of the sunsets and evenings spent with new friends and exploring that island just because it’s there. So, keep it up as you’re doing and continue to show ME the beauty that sailing can be.

    May you sails be full and your bilge empty!!!!

  39. I agree with Riley when things turn stressful you need to deal with the event not whip out a camera. Anyone who has sailed knows it is

  40. What a wonderful privilege to be able to come along with you via the videos. I also agree that you should film whatever you like. Even a peek at the bad times adds to the reality and credibility of what you’re doing. The interaction between you two is so refreshing, and it’s obvious that you care for each other so very much. Riley, you’re a stand up guy who shows a maturity well beyond your age, and Elayna, you are so precious.

  41. Thanks for another great episode Elayna,Riley & Tony. A look at the not so bright side is a good idea and balance’s things out. The bad stuff is soon forgotten but can sometimes be a timely reminder.
    You are all doing wonderfully marvellous! In my mind I would like to try it but physically I know I wouldn’t last a day! So, fair winds and fine weather. Take care.
    Cant wait for the next one now!

  42. I love all your videos. I do not miss the bad stuff but I did like the perspective of Riley commenting on what went wrong on the trip. I totally understand you do not pull out a camera when someone you care about is hurt. You have to get things right. Keep doing what you are doing.
    I live near Philadelphia. In the winter months we can go weeks were its just grey and dreary. Your videos are my escape to sunshine. I can watch for hours and recharge.

    Thanks La Vagabonde

  43. Hi Guys
    Really enjoying the videos good to see all the things you do on board. Sorry to hear about your little accident Elayna, do you have a good first aid kit on board, if not could arrange a few items and a book to show what to do in an emergency, but no open cardiac surgery thou.
    Safe sailing, chin up, have a cuppa tea, fixes everything.

  44. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your honesty about what you do. I’ve been following you for months and months and enjoyed each and every episode. I’ve learned so much from your adventures and understand that there are ups and downs. You are so very kind to let us into your constantly moving 1 bedroom apartment! As a sailor, I understand the dangers inherent in sailing. As a human being, I can appreciate the risks you take to live a wonderful life.

  45. Have a great deal of respect and admiration for you both. Be strong, be safe, and keep moving.

  46. Hi Riley and Elayna,

    You guys are doing awesome. Keep it up. I would love to see more of the hard parts, but I get the desire not to grab the camera at that point.

    Fair winds and following seas,


  47. Hey Riley and Elay Elay these are just some of the experiences that you both will be learning from fo future reference it will aiil pay off, fromm a big fan in New Zealand i been following you since Elay said she now relised how much Riley new a bout sailing lol.

    PS How is your fathers rope burn and your arm Elay fair winds to you both.

  48. Hey Elay and Riley, just keep filming and showing us everything.

    Good times and bad times are just parts of your beautiful Travel !!!

    Thanx for sharing it with us !!!

    Fair winds !!!

  49. Wow, great video. Sorry you got burnt, E hope it healed better. I love the way you guys tell the stories of your travels it really promotes sailing and wanting to get back aboard. It’s been almost a decade since I lived aboard and I am definitely getting tempted to get back on board.

  50. Thank you for realistically sharing your Pacific crossing experience. I think you captured the essence of a blue water crossing perfectly. Yes, it is romantic and easy, at times. But there are also tough, frustrating, tedious, scary, and plain old miserable times when you wished you were anywhere but on a ceaselessly moving boat bobbing around a long way from anywhere, and surrounded by a cacophony of endless banging, creaking, slapping, and rattling. Not to mention the feeling of dampness penetrating to your soul. But then there are those occasional magical moments, at night, when the wind, sea and sails are right, the boat is steady and making good speed, and the overhead sea of countless stars mirrors the flash and sparkle of the bioluminescent sea with fishes igniting bioluminescent trails and showers of sparks that can mesmerize you. I did a Pacific crossing with friends on their 38 footer in 2002, and during those 6 weeks or so, I experienced both the best and worst moments of my life. Perhaps the miserable times are necessary to fully appreciate those magical moments – you get it all. Congratulations on your crossing and keep up the good work!

  51. I enjoy all the video’s you’ve shared with us. And, like you said Riley, when bad things happen you don’t think about grabbing the camera. I’m glad to know you are all safe and the burns healed, a good set of lessons to be learned. For all of us.
    Keep doing what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, we all love watching the videos.
    Enjoy the journey,
    Cheers from Vancouver Island.

  52. I have the impression you’ve been fairly honest about your struggles. If you’re not able to film in the middle of a crisis that seems reasonable. Safety before Filming. Thank you for sharing your beautiful videos! ?

  53. I know the good times are good. What I need to know, in preparation for my own cruising is what the bad times are like. Leave the camera running.

  54. You could just leave a camera running 24×7, but I entirely understand why you wouldn’t!

    It is really great to see you both gaining confidence. As someone else once said “Sailing is like fun, but different”.

    Respect and affection for you both. I sincerely hope we meet up one day.

  55. Hello, I have watched all of your vids…the joyful bits are great, maybe a reality check for those who may get it wrong could do with the big picture? I too would rather see your vids as they are…although the safety factor is a definite first concern. Your productions are yours, I’m proud to be able to comment and be a minut part of your future decisions on filming…keep up the great work! LTD- Living The Dream…through you both! Peace…

  56. Respect for your comment about not filming the hard times, having watched travels of La Vaga from the start I don’t think your pulling the wool over anybody’s eyes. I’ve just bought a 30 footer in no small part inspired by you guys although I have done sailing course they don’t give you sense of having your own boat to make your own dreams.

  57. Love watching your videos as i waited too long in life to make the adventure, and failing health has caused me to lose my captain’s ratings. I suggest showing the truth…the bad with the good, but only if it can be done without delaying assistance to crew or vessel. A lot of upcoming sailors watch you and may get lulled into the false sense that everyday is nothing but sunshine and buttercups
    They deserve to see that sometimes the crap can hit the fan… Fair winds and following seas.

  58. Well, I sure do enjoy watching the positive side of your experiences together. My heart breaks to see the tears, but i guarantee that your audience will connect with you in both the good and bad. I know that i do. Seeing Elayna upset at the end of previous video, as a prelude to the next upcoming video, I couldn’t not help but want to know what happened, and was checking youtube daily for answers. (a little real drama can be a good draw as well) I understand the need for you to illustrate the difficulties involved, as part of the education that your providing to the people influenced by your amazing adventure together. I think your audience is interested in all aspects and complication can produce the most valuable lessons and golden insights. Great if you can get those on camera, but it can’t be easy.

    I love you guys! Watching you two, I’m living vicariously though your experiences. Please keep us in the loop and you will always have people all over this planet who love you, pray for your safety and genuinely wish they could be in your shoes for even a day. 🙂

    Be good, take care of each other and safe sails!
    Darcy Klyne

  59. Hi Riley and Elayna,

    I’ve been following your journey from the beginning and have been impressed with your resilience and good humor. And I understand not wanting to pull out a camera during the difficult times or during an emergency. But I do think it’s valuable to people to see the ups and downs. It shows the entire reality.

    It’s always hard to expose oneself, but as a lifelong sailor, I know the rigors of sailing and I’m interested in seeing how other people handle them. Showing a full picture also helps people who might be considering doing the same to understand what it’s all about. The challenges – physical, mental, emotional and relational – from being with one other person on a small ship, a dot of life in the middle of a vast ocean, are immense. Again, you are both filled with grace and humor and I’m sure people tune into that to get a break from their lives and spend it with two great spirits, but seeing your full humanity is helpful too.

    One last thought. Awhile back there was the episode with the pirates and you asked if it made sense to have a gun onboard. I don’t think so. Who knows what might have happened if you met those men with violence or threats and how it would have escalated. Also, as you pull into ports of different countries, you don’t know what the laws are and when you might encounter an overly zealous or corrupt harbormaster that wants to put you in jail or seize La Vagabond.

    Better to trust in your own ability to connect peacefully with people, even those who start out meaning to do you harm. And it’s better to lose your entire boat and everything on it than to have to live with the taking of another life, their blood spilling over the deck of your happy home. How could it ever be the same after that? How could you? No. You have thousands of people watching you, connected to you, that you can call on for help. Trust that.

    Happy sailing!

  60. I think you guy’s should do something? All of you stand together and raise a glass because you started off not knowing anything about sailing yet you have crossed the Atlantic, you have crossed the Pacific and you have visited many places others only dream about, that is some HUGE achievement and something to be very proud of, and Riley, if you do not ask Elayna to be your wife then you are a fool lol. Take care guy’s

  61. My hubby and I love watching your videos every time they’re posted! We’re young Aussies who love to travel too and it’s good to see the balance sometimes – every time we go on a big trip things happen, stuff breaks and it can really test our patience (it’s good to know it’s not just us)…. But we all know that the tough times are far outweighed by the good. Just make sure that when things are rough you nurture yourself as much as possible and take care of each other. You deserve a good cry every now and then. There are so many people rooting for you! We have so much love and respect for you guys! Keep up the amazing work. So sorry to hear you’re having a rough time at the moment. Sending you giant hugs! Lauren and Adrian X

  62. Hello, you give me dreams wether sky is blue or dark!!!
    What’s life? Always a blue lagoon with beautiful colored fish?
    Life is like lot of waves you have to surf, sometimes easily, with happiness, sometimes it’s more difficult, painfull and that’s true even if you are in town, somewhere in France, you know that country where people seems to always have problem, always sad… 😉
    so go on, give us pictures of beauty of life, emotion, love, good news, bad news…it’s your life, it’s your wonderful experience, what you do is amazing and every day i dream about a day i will be proud to have done something like you!!!
    sorry for my langage mistakes…
    Hope you will soon feel better, before you receive my words 🙂
    Bon profit (as people say in balear island as they learned french younger)
    A kiss from europe to u
    Bon vent to La Vagabonde!!!
    and do continu to play music!!! :-))

  63. Hi Elayna
    Althiugh I have been following your journey from the start, I haven’t commented on here before so this is a first! Your opening narrative seems to be a plea for words of confidence and advice regarding ‘sticking it out’,
    As a Brit Vet all I can share with you is to overcome the ‘bad’ times you have to dig deep into your soul and remember that you are going through all this for yourself and no one else. Sounds selfish but it is!! No one forced you on Vag or with Riley, only you made those decisions! You have shown all the traits that I would expect an ‘adventurer’ to have so you will succeed, at anything you do in life, so don’t let the bad times take you down. Ask yourself inside what your ancestors would say and listen to their advice. You’re OK!!

  64. Great you made it safely across! Hope your burns are better. Tell us about the issues. There’s so much more to learn from those than from the nice sunny days when everything flows your way. We have been wondering whether books such as “Sailing around the World: My Worst Nightmare” or “How not to Spend my Years: On a Boring Sailing Boat Cruising the World” could ever be best sellers and if that’s why nobody writes them ;-). But seriously: How would you appreciate the ups if there are never any downs? Have great fun with the Pacific Islands and your onward journey. Safe trip and fair winds!

  65. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your honesty. I really enjoy the videos and I would like to hear about the hard times and the status of our oceans and wild life as well. keep up the challenge and all my respect.

  66. Yes, you should tell all the realities, living your dream is not all glamour and wonder, it is hardship and toil too. If you have sailed, you know when you invite people on a boat, it is a lottery. Mostly because by far the majority think it is going to be all hunky dory, warm water and endless beautiful sunsets. Even if they are more tuned in, it is not their boat and when things break and go wrong it is not their expense or their worry. So a dose of reality in the videos is, I think, good. No matter what, one episode, even if it does not go down well, will be so diluted in the rest of your brilliantly videographed story, it is not going to change the story. I am typing this on the balcony of a yacht club on the Helford river. We have been kind of stuck here. There are worse place to be stuck! The plan was to go to Isles of Scilly but the weather has conspired against us and we may need to give it a miss and go to France on Thursday when the 35 knot hooligans abate. We picked up the boat in Holland in mid May, did a weeks solid graft to get it anti fouled and relaunched. Day 1 dumbo put his hand in to the wind generator, 20 stitches in left index finger, lucky to have finger and still play guitar (just starting again 6 weeks later, hurts like hell but it will get better.). We have had a litany of electronic problems, new wind strut, VHF and Nav system controller. We have had issues with the auto-pilot, not disengaging, scary……there was quite a lot of worry and money involved…..after 48hours of solid rain and struggling to keep the power up Veronica said we should pack it in, then we thought about getting to the Med………these are the realities of sailing, I don’t need to tell you guys. So tell it like it is, tell it like a true Aussie!

  67. You have 158,433 followers on you tube and 31,322 likes on facebook and 817 patrons donating $6,055. I don’t think you need to change a whole lot. I love your videos and understand why you would not grab a camera during the worst times. This video was awesome and maybe just tell us at the end about the worst things like you did in this one. Just an idea but the numbers should tell you that you are doing something right

  68. Hey Guys
    Thanks for the inspiring videos. I just keep hanging out for the next episode each week.
    Do yourselves a real favour and get an aleo vera plant to keep on board. If you get burnt or cut all you have to do is rip off a leaf, crack it open and use the gel on the burn. Within a few minutes the burn is gone. Amazing really. It’s also excellent on sunburn.


  69. So sad to see Elanya cry.
    Kay the wife said it was watching one of girls cry. Your like family now watched your journey fm the start. Having spent most of my life at sea working, still love it but some days are definitely better than others.

  70. Always gives me a smile when your videos pop up. So real and genuine so just keep doing what you do it’s great. All sailors know when when you’ve ” got a bit on” things need to happen so just do what’s comfortable and stay safe. cheers from Tassie

  71. What my family love about you guys (your Dad included Riles) is your humility and honesty. Just as a camera tells no lies and a vessel sails its course true to its masters touch, so your collective destiny is mapped out with its preordaned ying and yang….thanks for inviting us to share both.

  72. The bad moments make the great moments feel even better..
    Like how you hoisted the geneker by yourself straight out of the locker Elay and that sunset was indeed as good as it gets! Red night sailors delight

    Just dont get burned again.

  73. Riley, I admire your Dad’s can-do approach to situations arising on the boat, e.g. at 12:07; “OK, well let’s get cleaned up … we’ll sort things out”.

  74. Dear Elayna, dear Riley!
    You both are really tough cookies I have to say – Love you and your trip and vids. Respect.
    Of course i would like to know and hear about the lows too, But don’t need the action on cam. It’s a great honor that you share your feelings and thoughts, fears and doubts.
    Take care, keep well and rock on!

    By the way: bcause of you Two and your freakin idea of sailing around the world I just passed my sport boat license for sea, which I wanted to do for ages. Thx for encouraging me 😉

  75. Yes to the whole picture! We know it’s not all warm breezes, beautiful sunsets and fresh tuna. If it were so, everyone would be doing it. What you are doing is dangerous and you have my deep respect for having the courage and taking the initiative. Even the strongest of people have moments of doubt and discouragement. Most of us try to hide those times from view. Sharing those moments with the public takes courage.
    It is the lows that make the highs so intensely pleasant.
    You have the envy and admiration of thousands. You are making memories for yourselves that you will re-live a thousand times in your life.
    Fair winds!!

  76. So glad you guys are doing okay. Praying for you and hoping the journey is transforming.

    Blessings friends!

  77. Hi Riley and Elayna,

    You all do a fantastic job with your vids! The fact that you are sharing your lives with everyone is awesome…feel like I know you. Be careful out there. I always am disappointed when it’s over and can’t wait for the next one.

    Fair winds and following seas…all the best!

  78. Bad times in video ?

    I think you should keep sharing your real-life adventure with good and bad moments as much as you can. For me, if you communicate only the good thing it may become boring. That not mean you have to put everything and seek for danger. However, I believed you had found the right balance of what worth being published or not, you guys are awesome!

    Keep going, pains and joys is what makes your posts unique and worth following !

    Your world trip means a lot, thanks for sharing it!

  79. Overcoming the bad times makes the good times all the better. Video what you can but please tell us about the tough times also. It’s all part of living a full life. Thank you for all your wonderfull videos and good sailing ahead.

  80. Wishing everyone quick healing for both the physical and psychological wounds.

    If you could find the time, I would appreciate you both sharing your onboard exercise routines. My aging body needs daily stretches to keep me from becoming useless. It would be great to see how you’ve adapted to accommodate your routines to a moving, narrow boat.

  81. Elayna, I am so happy you are doing alright after that kitchen nightmare! I was a Chef, so I know about kitchen accidents.. Riley, I hope your dad is doing alright too, if you ever get a kitchen burn again, beat up some egg whites until you get a foam, then apply it to the wound as quick as you can, it cools it down and there is something about the egg protein that prevents the burn from leaving a scar, I always do this and it works like a charm. About your question, I think you guys will be able to tell the good balance between negative/possitive, but to be honest, what I like about you both is that you are genuinely beautifull kind people sharing a piece of your dream with some of us who wish we could do the same some day. God Bless you on your journey!

  82. Thank you for sharing with us your experience is fascinating, ” life is a journey enjoy the ride” best wishes for you guys

  83. you don’t have to worry about ‘making it look easy’; doing anything, when its pitching and rolling is really, really difficult. The fact that you both seem to keep your spirits up despite the adversary speaks volume for you. Seeing Tony adapt to ocean voyaging gives a little understanding of Riley’s tenacity and capacity to learn from experience… a chip of the old block, methinks.
    All the best to you, Will

  84. Elayna, I think you are sailors now… For you so say you are not a sailor is to discount all the miles you have traveled so far. You have accomplished much. Life is hard on land and the sea just presents a different set of challenges. You two guys are awesome. I love your spirit and what I know about you. The video you posted was heart warming, heart breaking and demonstrated the love felt by you two. You are not just a couple trying to make money off your videos, you are real, you are in love, you have ups and downs and what a wonderful story you are creating. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the two of you. Such an amazing story! Your biggest fan!

    1. Beautiful Ted, beautifully put.

      Life is hard on land or sea. I have watched many Adventure videos and at some point or another, everyone hits a rough spot now and then.
      But then, the things they see, the other experiences they have that we only get the slightest glimpse of; the 360 sights, the smells, details, people, wildlife and all are obviously the stuff of stories and remembrances for a lifetime if nothing else happened ever.

      To grow old and look back in video at the experiences and the times they’re having now, trials and all, are so beyond what so many of us will experience, it’s just epic – but yes, it obviously comes at a price.
      But then like Lennon wrote, in a similar way – The Love you take is equal to the love you make.
      I don’t get sunsets like that sitting home on my couch.

  85. Wow! What an episode! Thanks for sharing kids!! Hope everybody is OK. Will pray for your safety! Regards Chuck

  86. Hey guys, I’m so happy to see at the end of the episode that you touched land already! You two (and Riley’s dad ) are AMAZING! Such an inspiration to anyone trying to go and do something out of the ordinary, well you went well beyond that ! I would love one day to cross path with you two somewhere in the world !! Big hugs and keep going!!

  87. Very relieved to see that all of you are doing well with just a couple of minor injuries. Because you are so very far from any type of medical rescue, I wondered what plans and training you have done for major medical emergencies. Please stay safe and don’t take your eyes off an open flame and boiling water

  88. Riley, loved your bit at the end of this video man, it was probably the best way to impart the reality of it all.
    I am kind of amazed tho if some aren’t getting a balanced idea from your videos of what it’s like, because we have, and that it is balanced is well done and fitting. In fact, we get that from most Cruisers videos out there now and I love that you’re all showing that it’s a serious bit of work to do this, and not just some cake walk.

    All of you post amazing, beautiful videos, all in your own color and the rest of us love it.
    Thanx. <3

    Following Seas mate, Love you two.

  89. Not having sailed before, I can only imagine the challenges and struggles to maintain a good attitude through the bad times. I have hopes of one day cashing in on a sailboat to log some weeks on the ocean. I would love to see video of the bad times as well. You’re helping me prepare mentally and emotionally for what lays ahead. I’m enjoying your journey and look forward many more videos.

    Safe travels!

    – Jerry

  90. Wow! Just reading these comments here. Think about these fans, these friends, this family you’ve created along your journey Riley and Elay.
    Most of them you may never meet but are drawn to your humility and authenticity. Film and share the moments you feel comfortable sharing. You become vulnerable in doing so. But take comfort in knowing that most if not all who follow you will share admiration in your triumphs and empathy in your challenges.

  91. LUV your travelogue with all its humour, sightseeing and challenges. Us sailors are always working on “projects”. Would enjoy seeing more of those and how you overcome those frustrations like when you put in the watermaker a few moons ago. Thanks for all of it so far. Play hard, work hard and stay hard! Cheers. You’re living many of our dreams.

  92. Riley and Elayna!

    I work at the moment in Taipei Taiwan but I bought a 35 foot sailboat in Auckland, New Zealand. After I bought the boat (I didn’t even see it yet!) I started to look at videos on youtube about sailing. Now I’m absolutely hooked on your videos. I’m glad this last video was a bit about the bad parts of sailing too. It made it a bit more realistic – tho not good to see the tears! I only did a three day sailing course on Optimists (I think they call it Lol!) so I’m new in this business but I can’t wait to sail! Love you guys to pieces!

  93. Hello Riley and Elayna!

    Me and my family live on Mallorca/Spain. We are a mix of nationalities as German, Austrian,New Zealander and we all love to sail with lots and little experience . My daughter and her newzealand husband discovered your stories and since we all love to follow your historie. You guys do such a great job with document your trip!!! And it´s perfekt, that you show as well the bad sides of the adventure. Keep on like you do! Everything is great! Thank you for give us inspiration! Good luck for the rest of your trip!

  94. Elayna & Riley:
    I never thought much about passenger comfort due to just living the sailing dream and the need for speed. You know by now that while sailing speed is not constant and sometimes you don’t want to be fighting the boat.
    The best advice I can offer is to keep the boat at 10’ heel and while cooking (Heave To) The boat will just settle down and life becomes easier for a few minutes and your passengers will thank you for the needed rest from the long passage.

    Happy Sailing!
    Michael Poole

  95. I was just looking at your Instagram pictures and realized that Elayna never wears the same bikini/outfit twice. With that in mind, just how big is your walk-in closet on La Vagabond?

  96. Asking you to add more “bad” stuff to your blog to make it more “real” is like asking a painter to use less green and blue and more black for his/her paintings, to make it more “balanced”. You want more black, paint your own bloody paintings, pal. Don’t worry about us, this is your creation, a grand adventure we are lucky to see unfold.

  97. Hi Elayna, its not that i want to see the bad times, that would be macabre! i guess over all the videos you have produced they are all so positive and look like fun times. Clearly that does not reflect real life so maybe now and again an insight into “real life” sailing would be good. I will NEVER be able to do what you are doing so i am living out my dreams through your experiences, may the good times be plenty and the bad times be short.

    stephen hilditch

  98. Hello Elayna and Riley, You’ve both inspired me to the point that I’m seriously thinking about buying a sailboat and living the cruising life. I’ve never been on a sailboat, but your videos make is clear to me that most anyone with the desire can learn to sail. Your both an inspiration to me and thousands of others out here in YouTube land. Would you be willing to take me on board and let me learn how to sail? I think you could have another source of income and you could help would-be sailors become actual sailors. Keep the fantastic videos coming and let me know if you would let me crew for you.

  99. Great video. You guys inspire me, and I know one day I will be doing the same. My goal is to cross Pacific within the next year. Keep up the good work guys!


  100. Hello guys!
    I’m an addict to your videos, I believe that better value to give us is the real experiences, because a thing I would like to do in my life is to sail like you.
    Regards and keep going
    When you going to sail to Horn Cape and The Patagonian channels?

  101. I’ve been watching your videos for about a year now – I think I’ve seen them all from the beginning. I recently started watching a few other youtube sailing channels. Some are really well done – like yours and some are pretty amateurish. After watching this one, I now realize how well done yours are. By that, I mean many aspects like video and sound quality, camera work, what you capture to really reflect the experience, and editing. You do a very nice job – thank you for sharing your trip and doing it so well.

  102. Riley & Elayna, certainly it is your call about what you select to record or not. But since you asked, I will submit my opinion. It actually depends on your goal and motivation. If it is to inspire others to follow in your “wake” . . . then by all means, depict the realities of sailing (I sailed most of my long life). It would be very unfair and fraudulent to make it seem as though it is a life of pure pleasure.

    Now from another perspective (mine). Now too old to engage in any more real adventures, my opportunity and ability to island hop in the Caribbean, has long passed. I anxiously await each new episode, it is lifts my spirits, in an amazing way and allows me to live my dream, through your videos. To be perfectly honest, I am not really interested in viewing the disappointing, down side, or difficulties experienced. . . . it just kills the dream !!!

  103. Elay and Riley,
    We are a family of 5 Americans currently living in Okinawa Japan. We look forward to your weekly videos with great anticipation… watching, learning, and dreaming of one day following the inspiration you have helped foster within us and your many subscribers around the world.

    If your travels take you near the island ofOkinawa, please contact us. We would be pleased to host you.

    Continued safe travels,
    Nuno, Susan, Gabe(13), Lia(12), and Luke(10)

  104. Hi Riley & Elayna, love your story. Just 2 questions when Elayna got burnt I noticed she wasn’t using pot clamps on the stove, if you don’t have them I would recommend getting some. The second one have you thought about Heaving- to for an hour while Elayna cooks tea.

  105. No pain no game, it will pay for you guys soon or later, and when it does, it will be big.

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