What Shall we do with the Drunken Sailor? (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 55

Riley was devastated about our fishing rod getting stolen (as was I), and the memories of
a GIANT tuna that he didn’t shoot had been lingering in his head, haunting him ever since
the sighting. Add the no wind situation and the sails flapping… it was enough to send him
to the drink. Join us for our 2 day sail to Tahiti. I get to play captain. It was a good trip oh
yes it was. Cheers everyone! Elayna 🙂

Song Credits:
00:08 Just an Escape – Trent Herzman
02:28 Dobrato Rubato on Mellow Street – Porch Guitar (Tom Owens)
05:56 Blood Moon – Adam Yoo
13:44 SONG I COVER – Kiss Me – Six Pence None the Richer
15:42 Destined Two – The Calm Before the Storm
15:54 Riding Along – Matt Ferrone/Ryan Brady

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  1. Hi guys, I love watching your videos and feel so envious of you and what you are doing and all your travels. Sorry about the fishing rod, hopefully you will be able to replace it in Tahiti. Keep up the great work and as always looking forward to the next episode of La Vagabonde’s journey.

  2. Hi to you both ,
    Bummer about your fishing rod, as you said Riley, someone must have needed it more than you fellas.
    Once again a great episode. Loved the sunset Elayna. Safe sailing !!!

  3. So the supply ship rocked in? re: the rod and the island community. should’ve asked around if anyone had “borrowed” it. these communities have a pecking order and it’s not long before nice things float to the top. no such thing as “owning” and stealing, just on first and last use.

  4. Sitting in my living-room in Amsterdam, just watched your nice last video. Riley’s story about the tuna gave me diving ‘cravings’ as I went for my first deep dives in the sea just a few weeks ago and I saw some pretty big fish there, too. It was on Amorgos, I saw you guys also have been there:)

  5. You guys are amazing, I envy you. I love to listen to you and watch you, I love the way you treat each other with respect and attention, I love when you guys take time and stop whatever you do for a moment to answer each other’s questions with a full explanation, that is devotion and class. Keep it up. Walter ?

  6. Guys I wish I was sailing down there, Id have a few drinks with ya Riley, yaur halarios (your fish was to small) I had a good laugh, Layna thanks for sharing your favorite song, I found myself smiling. good luck on the next travals, And I hope the guy who stole your fishing rod snags himself in his nuts with it. Cheers

  7. As always , another great video blog, of your sailing adventures, which you call everyday life, but which we here on the hard look forward to as soon as they come out. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Nice video. The next time you need to put a belt on, just loosen the adjuster all the way, pry just a little of the belt onto the pulley and roll it on the rest of the way by turning the motor with your other 3 free hands.

  9. Add both your ages and you MIGHT be older than the youngest of our crazy group, yet you have inspired (and continue to do so) all of us. We still have much work to do on our trimaran before we get to set sail but when we finally do, we can only hope that one day our boats will be in the same waters and we can share some fish stories and Elayna can sing for us. Keep the bottom side wet and the top side dry!

  10. You’re living the Dream we all share in our hearts. I know it’s not that simple, but life on board La Vagabonde just drips with all the things we wish for. Freedom to just be, Living without pretense, Sailing on the high seas letting waves, wind and tide take your portable oasis to ever expanding horizons.

    But, there is alway more to the story.

    I suspect that there is more to the narrative of the tuna than what you’ve made of it. “The Tuna I didn’t shoot” is a poem drawn for something else entirely. Maybe it’s just a big fish, or maybe it’s your inner Ishmael is speaking.

  11. Very nice you two. Too bad about the fishing pole but don’t let it ruin your great adventure. Riley, the big ones always get away buddy. It just wouldn’t be a good story if they didn’t. Be safe.

  12. That totally stinks about your fishing rod!

    Thanks for keeping your vids family-friendly, even under your difficult circumstances.

  13. Scares the crap out of me to see either of you standing on that scoop Transom, with zero tethers on. Think about it guys

    I realize this vid was pretty much inshore, ,but I’ve seen some offshore. Riley- what would Elana do if you fell off???

  14. Another great video.Always waiting new videos of your sailling adventures. Have a good time in Papete, its a vary nice place. Whish I was tehe with you. Cheers and love from Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

  15. You two are still great… no sense putting me on a vacationing list, major stroke, seriously ! getting better though. hey, if you can help me, I am looking for a 34ft or better beat up ole thing I can fix up while I am getting better!! Or if you get a bigger boat I can do the dishes and polish the heck out of you boat! I am good, like really really good!!! You two are very special to me.. tell ole Riley to not get upset about anything, or he will end up like me!! ha ha, but tis the truth. I wish you the very best!! If you only knew my story… Paul

  16. These are amazing places sails most of them before wish you luck on your visit to Tahiti pay attention for unexpected visitors

  17. Very inspiring as usual.
    I was amazed there was no adjustment on the alternator for the belt or maybe the belt is too small by an inch. When you get that checked out you might want to ask about belt grease or graphite to reduce noises – its better than cutting off a good belt.

  18. Hi Guys. Another great video! Amazing clear blue water! Too bad about the rod…I can understand the
    mixed feelings Elayna. Riley, I forgot to congratulate you on your trophy fish in the previous episode,so well done! And be careful you dont get chucked in the brigg! ha!
    Keep safe, have fun! Cheers.

  19. Hey Elayna and Riley. Thanks for another great Blog, its always such a shame when things are stolen from you and it always leaves a sour thought in your head but pick your self up and start over again,
    Have a great time with your friends and as always I look forward to your next blog
    Take Care

    Alan x

  20. Those engines usually have a adjustment bolt on the alternator case that fits in a long bracket with an adjustment slot so that you can loosen the bolt and then put on a new belt and retighten to take out the slack.

  21. Riley and Elayna:
    There is an old trick with a squeaky fan belt to get extra life out of it. On a long passage it’s good to know.
    Take a small piece of sand paper and sand the V pulleys. Carbon black builds up on the pulleys and it’s like grease on the fan belt.

    Best of luck,
    Mike Poole

  22. Hey guys,
    Just wanted to say when watching you film while Elayna go’s about, she looks so into whats shes doing.
    Then she notices you with camera in hand and gives us the sweetest, bestiest*, happiest most welcome smile on earth.
    It makes us smile with you Elay ~ and when Riley smiles you know were in for some, well lets say when a Captain smiles on board
    the sails are tight, no leaks and foods coming up…and or / he just landed a fish…. We laugh with you we cry with you but we all enjoy
    what you share…. keep smiling 🙂 ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪♪ ~~~~

  23. A 20 meter Tuna two days ago i nothing but amazing . Well done! I Love this. I and I have never been in a sailboat so even then.
    Keep on!


  24. Hey Friends,
    Thx so much for your new video.
    Me and my wife are preparing our sailing world tour (we are 30 years old)
    You motivate us every weeks and hop we will see you on the sea!
    We just bought our boat 2 days ago, and the departure will be in april from France!
    Thx again for the motivation and the dream you gave to us!

  25. Nice piece of original art work by Riley. Maybe he could do one for the theme of each episode then sign and auction them off.


    1. Post
  26. Thank you so much Elayna for reminding us of Sixpence None the Richer. I hadn’t heard Kiss Me in far too long.


  27. “If a man steals a little from you but you have more than enough, you have lost nothing. But if you put resentment and longing in the place where your possession was you have lost more than you can afford, stolen from yourself.” – Dzoubou M’bari

  28. As always another GREAT video. I’ve have lived aboard my “Morning Star” for almost twenty years and have only had stuff stolen off my boats deck when I was at dock and that was only the first 2 years. The last 18 years I have been on anchor or a mooring bouy. It is a shame the rod was stolen but every sailor should be redundant in in items. Why didn’t you have extra rods and reels? But then again “live and learn”. Keep having fun, you two are the Greatest. Fair winds and calm seas. Captain Dave from the Conch Republic in Key West.

  29. If you look carefully, you can see that he has slackened the alternator bracket. The belt is a touch too small. This is why he struggled to get it on. A Gates toothed belt is better at resisting slipping

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