What the F#*% do we do? [Ep. 136]

Join us days from anywhere as we try and figure out what to do about Rileys spinal injury. To say it was an emotional 24 hours is a huge understatement. It was on our minds the entire time and I kept re-living the experience over and over in my head and had to stop to breathe through it. Hectic!. We couldn’t stop thinking about what we would do if Riley did need spinal surgery again. With no x-ray machine out there we couldn’t be sure what was going on inside there and all we could do is trust Rileys instincts and hope for the best.

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  1. go to the dominion republic,they have an excellent hospital at puenta on the north side of the island.

  2. Hope you heal and have a trouble free trip. Looking forward to many more of your videos. Livin the dream 🙂

  3. Scarey there Riley, hope this finds you ok. You’re a lucky guy to have such a game lady to go the distance with! Best of luck to you two…

  4. Arriba ese ánimo. Se que ambos saldrán bien de esta difícil situación. Estoy con Uds. un abrazo desde Chile

  5. So thankful all is well. SOMEONE was watching over you. Thank you, Lord. I was concerned like a mom! Kept checking if there was a future update. Be safe!

  6. So thankful all is well! SOMEONE was watching over you. thank you Lord! I was concerned like a mom.
    Kept checking to see if there was an update. Be safe.

  7. I am glad Riley feeling better . 🙂
    Where are you guys exactly now .
    When you two come to Florida hopefully I’ll get to meet you .
    I enjoy all your videos and I hope many more to come .

  8. I really hope your ok Rils and that your fish was a whooper! Much light and love…Ely I can’t take you guys crying…I feel like a mother????⛵?

  9. Hey Riley, the nerve bundle in the C7 usually the culprit for loosing strength in the entire arm, sounds as if u’ve pinched the nerve there, rest an trying not to use it much is the best can take weeks if not rested properly, Xray will show if the hardware in ur neck is intact, but only MRI or CT scan can really show the picture of to what is going on, so no more “head butting anything”, for the time being good luck, when I return from surfing Indo, will become a patreon, have been watching since episode: 1

  10. Not seeing you tied off, especially with Reily not at his best. Thank you for updating us. Praying for you.

  11. Elayna and Riley
    I say a silent little prayer for both of you each night. It goes “Lord please keep these two young beautiful soul safe and free amen.”

  12. Dear Elyna & Riley, well it’s great to see you are up and about, you’re both very courageous!
    As your follower Ken said rest is one of the best things to do although a little difficult we realise, while sailing an ocean.
    I have great admiration for you both, plus I’m glad your using safety lines!??
    Keep safe!
    Lol Foggi.

  13. I’m pleased to see you are feeling a bit better Riley and I hope that all will be well when you reach your destination, I felt for you both when it all happen and it was awful having to wait to find out how you both are. Take care my friends you are both always in my thoughts.

    Best wishes Alan

    Fair winds and safe sailing. xx

  14. Hey Riley and Elayna, glad to see your feeling somewhat improved but really try to limit your activity and avoid doing anything strenuous until you get cleared by a physician. You guys are an awesome team and a real inspiration to us all. Safe sailing and also glad to see you both using the safety lines. Wishing you smooth sailing and looking forward to seeing you during your next video.

    Ray from Hawaii!

  15. Glad to hear you guys are pushing thru
    However this spine issue needs to be evaluated. I would highly suggest Miami
    Spine gurus !! At University of Miami .
    Also I would have a C collar on board along with a medrol dose pack on board for future sailing . Not trying to be a Debbie downer . We are located in Marathon Florida keys if we can be of any help let us know we have plenty of dockage and ground transportation should this assist you in any way .

  16. Perils at sea. Sometimes, I’m sure, people get the wrong idea of what you are doing… due to you making it look almost too easy. I know you have tried to address this frequently, showing all kinds of problems; yet people should be under no illusions, sailing is a risky business, especially when in the middle of an ocean and an accident occurs. We watch because its a joy to see two young people on such an adventure and some of us are sufficiently inspired to have a go ourselves. Happy landfall to you, take it as easy as you’re able..

  17. I feel certain that half your problems with falling on that boat are due to your not wearing shoes. Get some non slip rubber sole shoes and stop falling.

  18. I was stupid enough to stuff my head into the mizzen mounted wind turbine while at sea. The subsequent head injury was very scary with a serious amount of blood loss and large open wound that eventually required stitches. I felt that sense of initial panic and helplessness ……people are right to say that sailing, and particularly offshore sailing, is dangerous no matter what precautions you take and how careful you are. In a single moment either because of bad luck, fatigue, or stupidness can result in a serious incident ! …How to best secure help while keeping the boat safe requires measured thought at a time when your head is racing. I feel you both. Safe crossing. Fantastic support from Elayna…..you are his rock babe……

  19. I will be praying for your swift healing. Please consider bringing another experienced sailor on board full time, or at least on passages such as this, so that if something like this happens again you will have additional help to sail. It is too big of a boat to sail alone. And too risky.

  20. I herniated my C-7 and C-8 about 7 years ago. Traction and physical therapy got most of it back although my index finger is still numb and mobility in my neck is still not what it was. However, I didn’t need surgery. Yours sounds worse. Luck mate, hope everything works out.

  21. Glad things are looking up – Elayna, I suggest you advise Riley that it’s not a very good idea to try and destroy this beautiful boat with his head ( 2nd time, yes?) – he will not succeed! I don’t want to meddle in how your safety policies, but I feel compelled to do so anyway – the video is just superb, and it shows Elayna on deck, fishing, all the while LVG is thundering along at 18 knots – if I was the LVG skipper I would insist on my crew wearing a safety harness while alone on deck, for any speed over, say 4 knots – I’m sure you are saying ” Jeeez, we have gone over this already umpteen times – we know what we are doing – mind your own business” ( Even harsher words, perhaps) – anyway, I’ve had my say – how far away from land are you? Maybe you have already touched land? Take care – considered yourselves hugged!

  22. Bjr , a vous deux ont est de tous coeur avec vous !!!! j espère que tous va s arranger pour Riley il ne faut surtout pas baisser les bras !!! courage …. biz a vous deux.

  23. Great news you are feeling better Riley, I am Genuinely interested to hear you explain why when sailing anywhere let alone off shore on solo watch you go on deck while not harnessed on, If you think your neck injury was traumatic just try to imagine waking up and not being able to find the love of your life who has slipped, fallen or been knocked overboard. If you think “it won’t happen to me” you are in good company, there’s loads of people in Davey jones locker who thought it wouldn’t happen to them. Rant over. Hope you both stay safe and your injury is only minor.

  24. Hope you get well and fit soon. Great to see Elayna keeping the boat going . All the best from North Wales UK in the cold and wet.

  25. Dear Riley,

    good to hear that you are feeling better – we cross all fingers that we have that you will get well soon

    All the very best

    Sarah & Guido
    SY Blue Baloo

  26. I think it is a very good idea that he is getting an xray. I dont know if it helps, but when surgeons reconstonstruct the spin with hardware. It `s easier to do a new break than it is to damage the hardware that was previously installed. I`ve had four disc reconstucted in my lower spin and fell down a flight of stairs a month later. My doctor told me if i had a fresh injury that i would know it immediatly and it would be very difficult to undo the hardware that was reconstructed. I ended up pinching a nerve which caused it to swell. When the swelling went down with help of some prednisone, the nerve worked it`s way back out. I wouldn`t be too concerned just yet. Just take it easy until you can get that xray. You may be worrying for nothing. Just sharing my experience. Everyone is different of course. I wish you well and take it easy. Safe sailing my friends!

  27. Hi guys,
    Very best of luck, if you can try and get an MRI instead of an Xray as it will show if there is any impingement on the exiting nerves.
    Check bicep strength compared to the right, if it is equal C5 should be ok
    Check wrist extension if again equal C6 should be ok
    Tricep strength would be C7 nerve, gently straighten against resistance of other arm.
    pinch tests
    pinch your little finger and thumb into a squeeze and get Elayna to pull her finger through your grip on both sides, checking for loss of strength. C8 nerve
    If side bending your neck gently to the left worsens it again ask Elayna to press down on your first rib and see if it is easier? First rib is above you collar bone and where the bracial plexus group exit.
    please feel free to get in touch if I can be of any help either now or after seeing someone in port.

  28. After spinal fusion the adjacent levels can become more vulnerable over time, so no more monkey business, Riley! As Lost LeBlanc footage with SLV in the Caribbean shows me you’re still very much alive, I guess this event was just a warning with no significant residual harm. Right?

  29. On your software list you mention you use…

    What software do we use?
    Video Editing: Adobe Premier Pro
    Weather Forecasts: Predict Wind

    But what do you use to generate those Cartoons sections you use in some videos. I searched YouTube and FB but didn’t see you mention it any place.

    Thanks — love your channel

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