When Mother Nature knows you’re Leaving La Vagabonde FOREVER! Ep. 79

GOOD BYE LA VAGABONDE. Wow, what a journey it has been. She’s shown us many beautiful countries and taken us to places we never thought we’d visit. But best of all, she’s been home. It was an emotional few days, but the excitement for this new chapter in our lives kept the tears from falling. See you later lover. Hello France!! Stay tuned…. a huge thanks to Port Whangarei Marina for being legends and especially to Brad for helping us out

Song Credits:
00:26 Heeblay – Hole in the Bucket
03:18 Change your World (Instrumental) – Amarante
05:23 Eunoia – Andrew Rothschild
06:58 Ashtray Gold – Adam Yoo
08:22 Heeblay – Sedona Kali
10:32 Fugitive & the Vagabonde – Time Travelin’ Blues
11:12 Queen of Versailles – Fugitive & the Vagabonde
16:25 Lumen – Seabirds

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Comments 23

  1. If you keep it as real in the future as you have since you began, your next chapter will be as fantastic as the one just completed. All the best and looking forward to following your future.

  2. Wow, big changes! Just remember you can’t sail a cat like a mono. Mono’s have a natural safety release for big gusts. Cat’s have to reef much earlier but that doesn’t mean slower just reefed for the highest gusts. Also weight is a bigger factor on cats so go fast and carry less ie keep the kilos off:)

    Enjoy the heightened sensation of a new chapter in your lives.

  3. Well a whole new adventure we went fm mono to cat several yrs back. Miss the feel of the mono but could not go back now. Should get better passage speed between destinations now.
    Take care.
    Love fm K and Steve

  4. Safe travels to you both and will look forward to the first sail on the new boat. You guys are the best!

  5. Congratulations on the new cat, I’m sure the right people are giving all the right advise. But for me sailing a mono hull to a cat was a bit of a learning. Exciting to start a new phase of your life, but also a bit sad as we look back at the old one geting smaller and smaller.

    Courage and shuffle the cards, as Flashman used to say.

    Stay safe

  6. Really looking forward to seeing all the new adventures on your Outremer. I have enjoyed the past years immensely.
    Fair winds you two.

  7. So sad to see La Vaga go. Excited to see what you have in store for her Riley! I’d echo what Victor says above, you can’t sail a multi like an inherently stable mono. But you’ll be right. Wishing you both all the best on your new adventure. How exciting!!
    CHEERS from Hong Kong!! ?

  8. Congratulations guys! I’m really excited for you. Thanks so much for sharing with us all.

  9. Lovely video guys! I am pleasantly surprised at a few of the emotions I felt watching you pack her away for the next adventurers. As much as La Vagabonde is part of the charm of the channel, the main draw will always be the two of you and I think you will be able to show that no matter what vessel you have.

    Really looking forward to your future adventures in the Outremer!


  10. You two ROCK. Now as one door has closed, we wonder what new roads lie ahead…….can’t wait for the new adventures!

  11. You are so lovely Riley and Elayna.
    Give us new Adventure on the sea, Beautiful country to look
    Your sun already misses us and the joy of living the daily with you Tool.
    Be careful and good wind in thé sails
    All me friendships

  12. Awwww I’m going to miss La Vaga. Wish I could afford it. Good luck with your cat and sail it safely.

  13. Hi Elayna & Riley…congratulations and well done! Best wishes for the next stage of your
    journey. And your life’s journey! I’m sure you will have just as much fun, if not more.
    Take care, be safe

  14. Congrats for your new boat and best wishes on your new adventures! And as always Fair winds and following seas!

  15. Love and best wishes to you both on this new adventure which has just started, will be following you both through the MED and beyond.
    Love to you both and regards xx

  16. Onward and upward to our new adventures with you, the wonderment of what’s to come is exciting.
    We’ve had a blast with you & La Vaga, thank you. Looking forward to see you Captain the new vessel, it will be very interesting for us to hear you compare the old with the new.
    Good luck with the launch and thereafter.
    Love everyone, each other but most importantly, love who you are.
    Avidly watching you and best wishes from the UK.
    Namaste ??

  17. Riley & Elayna,

    How did you find a buyer so fast? seems you were doing your last episode on La Vaga just a few weeks ago when Riley’s friends arrived. In any regard you now have much to look forward too, new boat, new adventures and hopefully lots of videos as only you two can do them. Keep it real, friendly and humble and you will find new patrons and followers.

  18. O e day guys ill join you. Just getting ready for another adventure of my own!

    Heads up see you soon

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