When the Cats Away the Mice Will Play! [Ep. 131]

After a spontaneous trip to the blue town, Riles and I crank the engine for Ceuta in no wind.. which means no sailing.. which means way too much free time out there. Join us for a dolphin party, a missed fish and good vibes all round. Have a fabulous Monday from us!

Song Credits:
00:00 Interference – Mute Choir
00:29 Zeitspiel – Windspiel
00:46 Plein ciel – Luciole Langervine
03:22 Amarante – Light In The Darkness (Instrumental)
05:52 It’ll Be Alright – Taji
08:25 Interference – Mute Choir
12:02 Koresma – Sun Begins to Pour (feat. Alaska Reid)
13:08 Django Django – Life’s a Beach

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  1. Thank you for posting the nice video – it reminds me of my visits to north Africa.

    You know, just last night I re-watched Episode 1 again – gee, you guys have come a long way!

    And Elayna, I loved your reference to last time you were in those waters, wearing that outfit, and things got a little bit crazy … 150 nm from the Canary Islands … and you’d been becalmed for about two days … read lots of books and eaten lots of tuna … is that why you had the British accent? 🙂

    I happened to see that video again last night, too: “What Girls Do When Left Alone At Sea (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 4” … and I love the “killer moves” at the wheel to the tune of Matt & Kim’s “Daylight” …

    All the best, and safe sailing, and looking forward to next week’s video!


  2. Beautiful video – love seeing all the colorful architecture and neat little shops. Great music as well.

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