When Your Music Should be Played Loud (episode 103)

Hey Vagabonds! Welcome to this weeks edition of Sailing La Vagabonde Music, where we mull over the music from the latest YouTube episode and talk a little bit about the artists we’re featuring on the show this week. Speaking of YouTube, episode 103 of SLV is right here for you to have a look at if you haven’t done so already. The gang hit some serious speeds with the catamaran, heading on their way to the beautiful Marseille.


Episode 103

While you’re at it check out our SoundCloud Account, brimming with awesome music and our weekly updated playlists, featuring the music from the latest episodes. Try the embedded player for a taste.



Dominic Bennett – https://soundcloud.com/dominicbennett

The haunting falsetto of Dominic Bennett certainly characterises his energetic, minimalist and lo-fidelity sound. Music that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotion, writing and tonal sensibilities, Dominic hits the high notes with ease while showing a masterful efficacy on the classical guitar. While biographical information on Dominic is hard to find, his true core understanding and workings are found in the lyrics and impassioned delivery of his songs.




Andy Benn – https://soundcloud.com/andybenn

Andy Benn is the frontman and band name of four piece indi-chillers Andy, Mark, Dan and Jack. I can only describe them as musical sushi, a perfect little package of flavours creating a delicious meal that is refreshing, light and satisfying. How can you not like sushi? Andy sings with a relaxing baritone-style voice against the backdrop of well played instrumentals.





CircleLight – https://soundcloud.com/circlelight

The project of 20 something year old Emanuele Durante, CircleLight is water marked by open, earnest lyrics, simple and catchy musicianship and wonderfully layered vocal harmonies – “Brother, don’t you see that we better open the doors, nobody comes first, and won’t you listen for a little while, and talk to those strangers outside”. Be sure to check out CircleLight’s new music on SoundCloud, as Emanuele has transformed his solo pastime into a 4 piece band. 




Daniel Champagnewww.facebook.com/danielchampagnemusic

Daniel Champagne expresses himself and tells great stories through music. Having mastered the guitar to the extent of replicating a whole band and singing with an obvious passion, it is so easy to be captivated by each musical inflection. The well travelled young Australian has been carried far and wide with his musical proficiency, that which was developed and nurtured from a young age. Check out the song ‘Spoonful’ (live) for an example of Champagnes musical chops.





Thats it for another week Vagas, thank you from all of us for dropping by. Please help us support our featured musicians by checking out the pages we have linked in this blog, checking out the Soundcloud account and leaving us a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts on this all…



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