Where We’ve Been

[nwm_map]This is a rough map of where we have sailed together so far (still trying to figure out how to work this map thing!)

What I couldn’t put it, are all those tiny little anchorages that don’t seem to exist. Especially those in Turkey. But you get the idea 🙂

We have sailed back and forth from lots of places in Greece and Turkey. We can’t give you an exact number of miles sailed. If Riley and I ever sit down for a day with a map and calculator to work it out, I’ll let you know!

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  1. Where in Grenada did you store the boat – was there any special reason you chose this island.
    Was it because it has a low probability (Historically) of being hit !

    I really enjoy your video’s – keep them coming..

  2. You guys missed the most non-touristy, very very friendly, and the most pinkest beautiful sand ever “Barbuda”

  3. Hi Guys.

    Love your stuff. My wife and I are from Perth and currently have our Beneteau 473 in Brunswick, Georgia (USA) after having spent last winter in the Bahamas. We may cross courses at some stage.

    Re tracking the distance travelled. Your chart plotter should have a feature lurking in its deep dark recesses for this. We have a Raymarine E80 plotter that has that functionality – it displays permanently on the screen when I set it up that way. It tracks distance over the ground (i.e. via satellites) rather than distance over water (through the paddle wheel).You would need to calculate manually the distance you have done so far, then add the chart plotter figure on to that. I have been trying to get Jeanette to record this on our daily blogs, as I think most people would find it interesting, as well as it being a great means of you following your own milestones.

    Fair winds
    Neil & Jeanette Hay
    SV Echo Echo

  4. hi guys.
    What a great adventure 🙂
    Hope that i’ve that determination some years ago… but who knows… it’s never too late, and i’m only 40 yo 🙂
    Only today have known about your great adventure!

    By the way…
    I’m from Portugal (mainland) and i can see that you both have missed the Azores Islands!
    Every time i go to those islands i can always find someone who is doing long travels around the globe 🙂
    They are 9 islands, every one has their own beauty for those who enjoy nature, but it seems that
    all sailors have a stop on small “Faial island” and Peters Cafe that has a very long story on sailing
    community 🙂
    In front of this island you can see the Pico Island… It’s mainly a big extinct volcano (2.000 metes above the sea) with their characteristic vineyard between volcanic rocks 🙂

    And of course there is the big island “S. Miguel” where it can be found the only place in europe where it can be found Tea Fields (yes… Tea). Many mountain lagoons inside many extinct volcanos, where the most beautiful and known is the 7 cities lagoon and a small village (Furnas) inside a big
    extinct volcano where the big attraction is the food that it’s cooked inside of small holes in the
    hot ground! It takes around 6 hours to be cooked 🙂

    I can write a lot more about those lovely islands… one of the best places i can go to “recharge the
    batteries”, in a very quiet, peaceful and in near nature contact 🙂

    But you both can always take a look in the following internet places, and maybe in your next
    adventure take a visit to those islands:


    And of course a google search for images on “azores” 🙂

    Will follow your travel and your videos documenting that journey.

    Best regards from Portugal for both of you,

  5. Oh guys! You haven’t start from Croatia. Hopefully you will end there because it would be a shame not to visit that lovely country. So many things to see here. 🙂 If you ever come I’m buying dinner, you definitely deserve it.
    Wish you a good sea.

  6. Keep living the dream guys,
    I guess we all need an Elayna to be able to do that.
    She is amazing, capable of managing everything, diving, boating, fishing, cooking and I am sure much more we “can’t” see here 😉
    You’re one of a lucky guy out there Riley.
    Hope to see you in Dubai, before coming, contact with the Tourism Authority of Dubai and I am sure you can benefit from it since your video will be watched by 1000’s of subscribers .

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  7. You schould go to Nisyros – the island south of island Kos. Very nice place, especialy up there and in its caldera. ( dont sit on hot stones :-))) )

  8. Hey guys, been following your trip & watched most of your vids. Would love you to update your map of where you’ve been and to know where you are heading!

    From Sydney

  9. Love the show! Any chance that you guys would be able to update this map? Would be awesome to have an interactive version that is linked to the videos by location.

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