Who Knew A Place Like This Ever Existed! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 64


Wow wow and wow. We navigated through two reefs using an old chart we had found on the internet. Mix that with an overcast day and we were sorta pushing it… but we made it to the inside of Beveridge Reef! Completely uninhabited, with the clearest blue water you’ll ever see (even on an overcast day) and some now well-fed reef sharks lurking in the pass. Still devo about losing that Tuna. Despite the fact we didn’t have the best weather for our stay, it was still one of the most surreal feelings I’ve ever had just being anchored there.



Song Credits:
00:08 Vilar – See you again
02:10 Let Go – Andrew Rothschild
04:20 Thomas A Major – Deeds
05:57 Saving Change – In the end
06:50 Jamie Hamilton – Us in Atlantis PT 1
8:45 Adam Yoo – Dreams
09:34 Ryan Brady – mallet reflective
09:50 Finding Yellow – fool man
12:40 Destination Space Station – Nature Gets its Way


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  1. Beautifull waters that is for sure, love to go for a swim, to bad about not filming the sharks eating the tuna would of liked to see that. What happened to the camera man though, hope he got over his sea sickness. Chillies in the nose ,well it is worse in the eye. Riley you are blessed, that is for sure and hope the blessings keep coming your way guys, cause I love watching La Vagabonde and its adventures.

  2. Eek ! Chilies ? in the nose; not fun at all ! Beautiful water, reminds me of Turks and Caicos… First snow of the season up here in Canada and it was nice to see you in warmer air. Thanks for bringing your adventures to us all. And what’s with the propless Merc ? Thought that was going to get fixed ?

  3. One of the best episodes yet! And we’ve seen them all! You two are the best in the business! Happy Thanksgiving from Salt Lake City!

  4. Hi Elayna

    Look, we have always known you were ”Hot”, you didn’t have to inhale a chilli to prove it!

    Two great episodes recently, You can’t beat a Palace Special Burger, I have never managed to finish one and Beveridge Reef has always fascinated me, quite a strange place, glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Awesome!!! You two make my grandson and I happy watching these videos. Blood plus fish plus ocean equals SHARKS! Haha. Riley you are an awesome skipper. I am blown away at the crews’ navigational skills!! So I wonder- how do you navigate in the ” dead zones” when you don’t have GPS satellite coverage? If I can’t do it, I am happy to see someone living my dream!!! Be safe out there!!

  6. You guys are blessed! What a life! And the beautiful clear water. Too bad the sharks got your fish.Better
    luck next time. I feel like I’m sailing alongside in my armchair…enjoying it all! Don’t like the sound of chilli
    in the nose tho. Ouch.
    Keep up the great video and keep safe.

  7. Great episode !
    could you please post the map you have found somewhere ? I looked for a map of ‘Beverage reef’ but couldnt find anything so putting it up may help others as well ?
    thank you !

    1. Hi Rene

      It is Beveridge Reef, about 120 nm East of Niue in the South Pacific, You can find it on Google Earth

    1. Post
  8. Hey Riles, what are your thought about autopilot Vs wind vane? There are too many mixed opinions about them!!

  9. The helicopter comment in the outlook makes me more than curious :-). Oh, and coffee *really* is the worst. Just sailed from Tenerife to Mindelo, choppy first day, had too much coffee and regretted it. Sympathetic with Jules 😉

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