Why Sleep is so Important

R7 (Daily Vlog 12 of 21) In this episode I will point out with a straight face that sleep is important. That was to be my major point of the day. I will discuss this completely banal maxim for about a minute and point people towards “offshore safety” meetings, I had not even been involved in, just present for, to mislead people into thinking I am some sort of authority on the matter.

Song Credits:
00:10 She Goes on – Jode Gannon
02:22 Four Seasons – Chitarrista Del SabatoPro
04:14 Ocean – Fai Rynita
07:10 Forgive Me – Peasant Moon

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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  1. thanks , for sharing your single handing trip, it is always such a treat for me to , join you all on your adventure, i have always planned to do the same, but time passes so quickly, the older you get, you are a very lucky young man to have done this , now , my hope is you can both, continue into sunset after sunset, for as long as your heart desires to do so, nothing in my life made me feel as wonderous , and happy, than every day at sea, sailing and scuba diving , as much as i could , it is a wonderful world the sea, and all she has to share, thanks , mark

  2. Terrific blog, you are definitely mastering these! So glad the weather is cooperating, and the passage is almost halfway. Keep making good decisions and yes you are a very fortunate young man!

  3. Keep it up you’re doing great. Will keep watching on Facebook and now Twitter. God speed my friend. Captain Dave on s/v Morning Star in Key West.

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