Why we Chose to Sail during Hurricane Season! (Hurricane Gordon & Florence)

Hey guys,

The first two potential hurricanes of the season Hurricane Gordon and Hurricane Florence are inbound. La Vagabonde is currently right in the hurricane belt. A lot of people have been wondering about our hurricane plan as a few storms have been popping up. Join us for a chat and the workings behind the captains brain as to how he’s going to keep us safe onboard this September/Oct.

Let us know your thoughts. Love from us.

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  1. You are correct mate. I escape few bad storms remember the old saying calm before the storm

    The hurricane will draw all the bad weather to her so you have time to escape noting that you are prepared in advance and your vessel is seaworthy

    I admire your show thank you for doing this. Will be an Homer to meet you in person one day

  2. Nice video guys. I’ve done a good bit of the same research, and came to very similar conclusions. However, the best escape IMO and research says go south, not north. With today’s prediction capabilities, 4 days is ample time to move as you point out.

    One question I do have is here in the US, and given the 2 recent hurricanes to traverse the VI’s, and PR, insurance companies dictate that boats not be “in the box”, during the hurricane season, with the box being defined as large part of the Carib, covering most of the islands. I assume your boat is insured, so how do you handle that with your insurance? Or do they not stipulate on your policy?

  3. Dear Riley and Elayna, I think your weather research and your experience provides you with exceptional decision abilities. I only have one opinion. As a father of two daughters, the only consideration you should have is protecting Elayna. There is nothing on this earth more important than the mother of your child. Sleep tonight, hold her close and decide what you need to do to save her life if you had to. Elayna and you are all that’s important, nothing else matters. Stay safe you two…….I really love you both. An old sailor from Mobile, AL.

  4. Hi Riley and Elayna,

    I’m worried for Elayna and the baby because I think pregnancy should be a stress free period and living on a boat sailing in the middle of a hurricane path probably is not going to be relaxing maybe sailing up to New York could be an idea.

    Best wishes


  5. Planning for the worst scenario makes complete sense, then if things start to get gnarly you know what to do right away. I do wonder how easy it is to get a seat on a commercial aircraft 4 days before a predicted hurricane strike. Riley might have to decide whether he’s prepared to leave pregnant Elayna at a minor airport on an airline’s standby list and run from the storm, wait and risk the approaching weather, or sail away together.

  6. Your situation has changed with the addition of baby Vavagbone,, trust your instincts and intellect. Be safe you can always spin around to the Sarasota area and drop by for a safe haven. Be safe!

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      We decided to have it back in Australia for a bunch of reasons but we figured having no insurance, it was best to main use of our own healthcare system.

  7. Hey you both,
    I love your videos and you and your journey.
    Why dont you stay where you are if there is a hurricane .
    Safety first. If you think about a birth, you will find a clinik anywhere in the world
    and especially in Western Europe.
    There will be no need and no hurry to go to a certain country. (Allthough I can understand
    that you would like to go home for this special event in particular because it is your first birth.)
    For example in Germany there are very different clinics from classical to natural working
    ones. So Elayna, you can find any sort of clinic not only in Germany. And if I’m right you will
    only need a midwife not a real classic clinic for just a childbirth.
    So dont take a risk and stay together just in the safe harbour you are and wait for better weather. Thats what I would do in your position because safety is the most important thing.
    Love you and love to hear more of you.

  8. The only thing that is missing appears to be “Murphy’s Law”. As the comment above states I would leave Elayna on land safe and sound, one less thing for you to worry about as your adventure continues. Dan from Canada.

  9. The only thing that is missing appears to be “Murphy’s Law”. I would leave Elayna on land safe and sound, one less thing for you to worry about as your adventure continues. Dan from Canada.

  10. Just saying hello, and wishing you well. I happened across your YouTube channel a couple weeks ago, and started binge-watching from the beginning. My GF and I watch about 5-8 episodes per night. We still have some serious catching up to do. Just wanted to say that I have checked out a few other sailing vlogs, and yours is far and away the best. Great editing, great music. You really do a great job turning each episode into an interesting story.
    Keep it up! I plan to pick up some merch shortly.

  11. Sharing a link:
    https://www.wunderground.com/cat6. From Weather Underground, a great weather blog from Dr Jeff Masters, I discovered it in 2005 during Katrina…hurricanes are fascinating. A great book too is Issacs Storm about the unnamed storm that devastated Galveston Texas in 1900.

    Stay safe.

  12. O.k. Riley! Well I Know I feel better, Good luck in any scenario . Hopefully you guys will get so smart you can snap your fingers and make global warming go away.

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