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Sailing La Vagabonde Music

Thank you to this fortnights featured artists, from episode 174.5, 175, 176 and BOAT LIFE: Too Hot.. of Sailing La Vagabonde, we love you guys! 

Welcome to another year of amazing new music! 2019 is set to be a big year, with several featured artists sending us details about their projects being released this year. We can not wait to share them with you.

We also have some big plans on the horizon, building on the success from 2018. Our new official Spotify playlist blasted on to over 7,000 followers in 2018 and is set to grow with the addition of our music centred Instagram page.

We love new music and we aim to showcase the best in the world to the far and wide reaches of the globe. Please check out the links below to find our Spotify and Soundcloud pages. You can search for lavagabondemusic in your Instagram to find our music, dont forget to follow us for updates!



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Sailing La Vagabonde’s Featured Artists

AIKK – https://soundcloud.com/aikkyasser

AIKK grounds roots from Florida to Egypt, the combination making way for his unique accent, a snug fit for his music.

Smoky, husky and hypnotising, AIKK’s vocal inspires interest through modulation and relaxes into the beat pushing the tracks.

The music is a well-meshed blend of surf-rock, psych-rock and reggae fusion. It is a gooey, malleable surface for AIKK to sink his very-cool vocal into.


Airline Food – https://airlinefood.bandcamp.com/

Perth four-piece Airline Food is a psychedelic indie band, quickly filling a cozy little niche that likely includes furry walls, beanbags and lava lamps.

Their music is so chill. Synth strokes are delightfully lazy and laced between a jazz-infused beat. Hot little bass lines and cosmically reverberating guitar are the gold standard, providing space for vocals that echo eerily and drift through the tracks like a ghost.

Their March 2018 release ‘Fragments in Green’ is seductive and takes a page from the book of artists like Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala.


Josh and Jysi from Los Angeles form the alternative-folk duo of Amarante.

specialising in an ethereal and captivating blend of self produced music

Haunting vocals are combined with an interesting arrangement of sounds to create an open and airy feel, the final product is eminently listenable.

If you have enjoyed past productions from the talented duo, then you will be happy to know Amarante released their fifth record, ‘Spirit of the Abyss’ last year.


Andrew Rothschild – https://soundcloud.com/aroth

Andrew Rothschild creates a kaleidoscope of layers in his music, taking you through the forest and down the rabbit hole where the conventional rules of music don’t exist.

Changing time-signatures and spooky guitar resonates against an unpredictable drum beat, somehow resurfacing from the depths of psychedelia to make sense.

A Bluestronica fore-runner to keep an eye on and an ear to the ground for, his 2018 release ‘Transitions’ can be found in full on his SoundCloud and now Spotify.


Chris Watkins/Drunk Poets – https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1133…

Chris Watkins is a singer/songwriter from Alaska and the founding member of the Drunk Poets. He is essentially the anchor of the band, continuing to carry its name as members have come and gone through the years.

Songs are well produced, with the acoustic guitar strumming heavy to a very clean bass and drum combo, with the occasional violin feature.

Chris’ Lyrics are striking. Fascinating tales of the Alaskan landscape give listeners a unique perspective that is uniquely refreshing.

Fai Rynita – https://soundcloud.com/fai-rynita

Fai’s music has a classic feel to it, often presented in a lo-fi format that creates a warm and familiar vibe.

Adding to that vibe is a sense of intimacy. Her tracks sound delicate, like a whisper you have to lean into to hear properly.

Her tracks range from skillful solo guitar arrangements to meaningful ballads. The beauty and mood conveyed through her songs are a testament to many years of hard work and patient creation.


Fellow Hollowhttps://www.fellowhollow.com

Folk duo Andrew Gavin Williams & Luke Elliot Fleeman have contemporary folk music dialled in.

The duo slides through their songs seamlessly, taking you into a comfortable, warm bubble of delicate guitar melodies, interesting tempo changes and unpredictable harmonies that drip with soul.

Although musically intricate, Fellow Hollow shines through the delivery of their narrative, touching on childhood stories, love and joy.


Fernando Ferronato –  https://ftferronato.bandcamp.com/

Classical guitarist Fernando Ferronato is a Brazilian musician and composer, manifesting pensive moods through the sounds he creates on his instrument.

He began playing at the age of twelve when his Godmother gifted him with his first guitar, since then he has honed his skills to a craft mirroring landscapes and the forces of nature.

Often laced with a sense of urgency, seldom a gasp of air between the shower of notes and tones, the listener is kidnapped and hypnotised into a state of reflection.


Isaac Balson – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJMu…

Bedroom acoustic experimenter Isaac Balson is an alternative-indie music composer sharing fun music with the world.

Most of his songs have some element of experimentation within them including interesting effects pedals, unexpected tempo changes, guest singers and unique instruments.

A staple of many of Isaac’s songs is the ukulele, keeping an enjoyable floating, airy vibe to the songs.

Joe Marson – http://www.joemarson.com/

Joe writes soul music reflective of his life journey, decades of traveling experience that moulded and shaped him.

Soul music at its foundations, there are hefty tones of blues and rock and roll throughout. The music itself is to be marvelled, tight as a monkey’s fist, crescendos building to lofty heights, heavenly back up choirs, insane guitar tones and well utilised effect pedals among a long list of others.

All of this allows Joe’s goosebump inspiring vocal to roam freely all over the tracks. When he lets loose, the intensity of his fantastic vocal range absolutely captivates.

Martin Piehlmeier – https://www.martinpiehlmeier.com

Piehlmeier is a guitarist who likes to strum, pick, slap and beat his way through impressively complex songs.

Although lacking a vocal presence, the music produced from his single guitar is unbelievable and does all of the talking.

Pacing his way through several different moods in every song, each turn of a corner is another practice in guesswork, wondering where Martin will take you through his imagination.


Jason Lyle – https://theresistancesoundlaboratory….

Jason Lyle, AKA The Resistance Sound Laboratory, writes atmospheric background music.

The title descriptions from the lab are quite accurate, ranging from “futuristic synth heavy sludge surf trip hop” to “futuristic dark surf gospel trip hop” and more.

Reverberated, grimy guitar is put against pulsing bass lines and frequent jazz drum breaks, making for an utterly great dive-bar feel.


Jon Tessier – https://www.jontessier.com

Jon is a well travelled independent song writer, producer and musician.

Born in Brazil, living in Malaysia, Canada, France and now residing in Spain, he has taken music with him throughout his travels and developed a sound of his own.

Described as guitar driven pop with an alternative rock edge, he draws on experience from the likes of Hendrix, Pantera and Prince. Take a look at his website to discover his hectic touring schedule.


Jordan Merrick – https://jordanmerrick.bandcamp.com/

Jordan Merrick is one to watch, the Brisbane local has been making waves with his breezy, bluesy ballads and intimate live shows.

An original song writer, he also fronts another SLVM featured band ‘Fugitive and the Vagabond’.

Despite his hectic schedule, Jordan managed to release two EP’s last year, the newest his personal masterpiece, ‘Songs From House Arrest’. Have a listen for some beautiful vocals and honest story telling.


Kate Vargas – http://www.katevargas.com

Kate’s latest offerings conjure imagery of a wild western saloon bar, a dimly lit stage amidst a swirl of smoke and whiskey shooters.

This undistilled blend of indie-folk & blues is delightfully dusty and tarnished, Kate’s voice echoing alongside a steel-string slide guitar. It all makes for jaunty ruckus, fun sure to ensue.

Though darkly melodic, the feel of the songs is like snubbing the rules, pouring a bottle the whiskey over your head and running through the streets with your own band of misfits.

The King’s Parade – http://www.thekingsparade.com/theking…

The Kings Parade produce silky smooth rock music with a density that seems to wrap around you.

Their music is an experience, from deliciously warm guitar tones, tight, bright and flawless production, to individual band talents cutting through the mix, catchy melodic lyrics and finally that creamy, smooth vocal.

Bands like the Alabama Shakes, The Black Keys, Lianne La Havas and Half Moon Run will give you some idea of what to expect, but The King’s Parade are certainly raising the bar for their indie rock counterparts.


New Towns – https://www.triplejunearthed.com/arti…

New Towns are creating a name for themselves in the Perth music scene, their live shows packing out venues and sending crowds absolutely bonkers.

Popping up fairly recently, their debut EP ‘Circles’ is a beachside drive from start to finish. A cool mix of indie-rock sounds, shouting out to Ocean Alley, Sticky Fingers and the reggae vibes of Mac DeMarco.

Their energetic songwriting and infectious stage-presence is backed by the obvious chemistry of four mates having a good old time.

Krijn Vos –  https://soundcloud.com/krijn-vos

Krijn is a self taught multi-instrumentalist who skirts along genres the likes of Rock, blues and country, delivering wonderfully emotive music which he plays all of the instruments for and records himself.

“I hope that you enjoy my music, cause that’s why i make it. To reach people straight into their hearts.”

Check Krijn out on SoundCloud or YouTube to see him in action.


Rye – https://soundcloud.com/ryeofficial

Rye is a Finnish Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter with a laid back and easy listening style, his songs on Soundcloud have gathered several thousand plays.

Having been played on SLV several times, the bright guitar backed by smooth bass-lines and soft percussion is a perfect fit for scenes of our sailing.




A huge thanks to our featured artists starting off 2019 with a bang. We simply could not do this without your help, your brilliant music really sets the tone. We wish you all the best for 2019 and look forward to more great music coming out in the year ahead.

Sailing La Vagabonde Music



AIKK – https://soundcloud.com/aikkyasser/set…

Airline Food – https://airlinefood.bandcamp.com/

Amarante – https://soundcloud.com/amarantemusic

Andrew Rothschild – https://chillmasters.fanlink.to/trans…

Chris Watkins & The Drunk Poets – http://itunes.apple.com/album/id11333…

Fai Rynita – https://soundcloud.com/fai-rynita

Fellow Hollow – https://www.fellowhollow.com

Fernando Ferronato – https://ftferronato.bandcamp.com/

Isaac Balson – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJMu…

Joe Marson –  http://www.joemarson.com/

Martin Piehlmeier – https://www.martinpiehlmeier.com

Jason Lyle – https://theresistancesoundlaboratory….

Jon Tessier – https://www.jontessier.com

Jordan Merrick – https://fugitiveandthevagabond.bandca…

Kate Vargas – https://www.katevargas.com/music

The King’s Parade – shttps://soundcloud.com/thekingsparade

Krijn Vos – https://soundcloud.com/krijn-vos

New Towns – https://savagethrills.com/music/new-t…

Rye – https://soundcloud.com/ryeofficial


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