WORST Decision to Leave.. Gale Force Winds and 800 Miles to go (#264)

It’s all sun and games on the coast. Sheltered coves, predictable winds, calm sleep. We had some really good times in the Portuguese summer, it’s been great. But something makes us wanna go out into the big wild Atlantic, out of the protection and peace. Into the waves and open ocean. 800 miles and rough seas, and where are we ending up again? Still Portugal!? Come see for yourself how we go.

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Song credits:
00:05 Jangle – Halves
06:43 Great Gable – Pillars
09:48 Great Gable – Pillars
13:37 Grekon – Fake Sadness

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  1. Yes, sailing the oceans can be less then cozy, sometimes – good thing your Captain and the boat and the crew are all sea-worthy (to say the least)- how fast were you sailing?
    Looking forward to next episode when things will have quietened down – I’ll have a word with Neptune, no need to test this wonderful family to that extend, is there!
    Keep safe!

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