WOW!! Checkout this Ship Wreck on the most Stunning Beach in Greece! [Ep. 116]

Ship Wreck beach, or Smugglers Cove as it’s referred to, has been a place on my bucket list to visit for many years now. This freightliner, the MV Panagiotis ran aground one stormy day in 1980 on the island of Zakinthos – Greece. There are rumours of the ship smuggling things like cigarettes, alcohol and women. You can only reach this cove by boat, or you can BASE jump down if you’re into that. We cruised right on in on La Vagabonde to drop anchor, swim to shore and explore this INSANE spot. Join us for our first two stops in Greece, the country where it all began 3 years ago!!

Song Credits:
03:05 You Gotta Go – Fugative and the Vagabond
01:47 Only Room for One – Jordan Prince
04:07 Cool Runnings – Tashaki Miyaki
07:25 Only Room for One – Jordan Prince
14:21 Jack and the Weatherman – Brother

Videos made by Elayna!!
Additional filming by our man Daniel

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Comments 11

  1. Hi y’all!
    Hey Riley, you’ll probly get this one dozens of times over; the way the Indons siphon diesel (from a Gerry can or similar) is to wrap your hand around the hose where it comes outa the Gerry then blow between your hand & the Gerry outlet, using your hand as a seal (i.e. pressure from above, don’t suck from below). First time I saw this done, was an Indonesian guy doing it. I was real embarrassed, having done your trick a few times myself.
    Hey it coulda been worse -like putting diesel in the water tank :/


  2. Love the videos as usual, Any where around Greece is lovely and great to sail around, love the people. I lived in Cyprus for a few years and its well worth the trip to see if you are in the area ( Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca) . Hate the taste of diesel myself I have several siphon tubes here at the house ( never be without one) if you have an address where you are going it could be with you in 2 or 3 days, let me know and I will send it to you. Greece is really the place for a deep tan.

  3. Haha. Already mentioned above. Rather blow than suck. If you want to keep your mouth out of it, just connect your dingy’s pump to the one pipe. (BTW that last shot of the blue water is incredible.) 😉

  4. Hello from Portugal

    Quick tip:
    set the diesel container but DO NOT SUCK ON THE HOSE instead blow in to the container or shake the hose, try to get a transparent one… NO MORE DIESEL IN YOUR BODYS!

    Be safe Joao

  5. Gordon Bennett, 3 years? It seems like yesterday and that time has just flown by. I was taken aback when you said that but the changes since the beginning do make you think, well yes, a lot has happened over that time. I enjoy watching your adventures that happen “on you” as opposed to the planned ones. Just taking things as they appear then moving on to our next thing that happens and deal with it. Thats a great attitude and you do have to think sensibly and responsibly and that you all do. I sincerely hope that the future allows you to carry on the sea life that you were all borne to follow.

  6. Another Great adventure..
    testing the outer limits on your skill sets and tucking another one under the belt…
    its “the testing” that produces character and develops confidence…
    a “healthy fear” and bit of intrepidation on a boat…. a good thing to have…
    “that” beach had made it into “the world’s top 50”.. so you’re in GREAT Company…
    only another “49” to ferret out… :-)…
    you’re the Best “Thanksgiving” Inspiration out there,
    beats watching football any day…
    Fair winds and stay safe…
    looking forward to your Scoot across the Atlantic..
    bring many spare parts… you have the space and room…
    think out of the box
    SELAH and mark

  7. Man, oh man, awesome stuff. Ive been on boats, but never sailed proper. L watching your videos makes me want to do that so bad! I see you got a new boat too. Last time I checked you had a monohull. Come to Cape Town, I’ll show you around ?✌??

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