Wow. Feeling so unbelievably grateful for just EVERYTHING today..

We weren’t expecting to meet these people during a short trip to town and after hearing their stories, we are feeling so unbelievably grateful for our lives, our health and just everything today. There’s honestly not a day we don’t wake up and appreciate how blessed we are and today, even more so. If anyone knows of any work going in the Fort Pierce area, Lex would love to start working and saving up to buy his own sail boat. Send him an email:

Song Credits:
00:00 Nadine – Leo the Eskimo
01:15 Peace of Mind – Leo the Eskimo
03:52 You Don’t Know Me – Brandon Hoogenboom
08:20 Lazy Boat – RRAREBEAR

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  1. Ive got a steel haul 28 foot in running condition head stove shower inboard diesel free in ontario canada always in fresh water boats like new email

  2. What was the actual Australian “Just Don’t Give a Shit” supplement or vitamins you used in your insomnia tonic? I can’t find it anywhere and was wondering what the actual name or any other info that can help me find it. Thank you!!

    1. Lisa the “I don’t give a shit” is the actual name of the tincture, it helps with stress and anxiety but also helps you sleep.

      The only place to get it is a place called The Herb corner in Melbourne Florida, the website is the people there are amazing!!!!

      A very good sleep aid is oatmeal without sugar just before bed time, it has melatonin in it and helps you sleep. ?

    2. Same. I just tried using DuckDuckGo, Bing, AND Google but COULD NOT FIND the “Don’t Give a Shit” drops AT ALL.

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