Yesterday someone called me an E-begger.

Yesterday someone online called me an E-begger. This vexed me.

I was terribly vexed.

A week before that,  I had sent this email to Patreon (the actual company):

Dear Patreon.

Elayna and I would like to extend a thank you to your company as a whole and in particular to whoever the people are who started this beautifully simple modern marvel.

6 months ago I had about 6 months more of sailing until I would have definitely had to go back to working in Australia. Elayna then posted a few movies on youtube which generated a lot of interest. People wrote in to us asking us to sign up to your website as neither of us had heard of it.

We now spend a portion of each day trawling through emails from people writing in to us asking everything from “how do you clean your boat” to “what colour are Elaynas underwear.” Occasionally there is an email from someone who appears genuinely inspired by our actions. That is how I feel about Patreon. I’m not sure how this adventure is going to pan out, I don’t know if the public will maintain interest or not but already the support we have received, not to get too soppy, but it renews your faith in human beings.

No matter how it all goes, we think that what your doing is big. It is progressive, benevolent and pure. To have funding from the public, as I’m sure you well know, is the purest way to receive any endowment. Void of the insidious strings attached by commercial industry. Adverts, deadlines, genres. You have removed the evil lure of adulterating ones art or product or just thing in search of money for many of us and lessened it for others. We have been able to “thanks but no thanks” emails from reality TV shows and I can’t imagine how many others have been able to do a similar thing.

To have the thought to create such a platform and the skill and determination to follow it up is incredible.
What beautiful minds you must have.

Love Sailing La Vagabonde.




The author is not unaware that this writing is by an interested party and not exactly academic.

It is one of humanities greatest foibles that weight appears removed from words if delivered by a person whom stands to gain from them, truth or no.
What Patreon has done for Elayna and I so far financially isn’t overly spectacular, if you look at the figure that we have received so far it is $5200USD which is better than a kick in the pants but won’t cover insurance and a haul out. It has however filled us with confidence for the future, something that for us is far more important.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 2.52.58 PM

It has also significantly increased in the last 2 months to being something that we are extremely excited about. There are problems: some decline payments, some drop out, etc. And personally it really doesn’t feel ‘solid’  just yet.

I’ll trust myself fully to this concept if it proves itself to me personally over a couple of years. That is personally though, as a whole I think it is a fantastic idea. It’s  just so different than working away on an oil rig or barge offshore doing 12 hour days for 3 weeks to receive a paycheque.

If everything keeps going the way that it has been, Elayna and I will be able to keep documenting our voyage around the globe without being hijacked by some second-rate over-dramatised awful TV series.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.05.02 PM

We’re not going to turn down million dollar offers by a legitimately talented documentary maker (who would?) but what has happened for us and what Patreon does for so many people is it grants leverage to the creators. It makes not selling out a viable option. If you look at whats on TV at the moment I think that’s a really good thing.

Just look at the rubbish on there. I’m biased of course but I prefer SLV.

Making movies is now Elayna’s full-time job. That is how we have come to consider it as she devotes days and weeks and months and now years into the project.

Replying to emails for hours each day. Sitting in a hot little cafe in the middle of nowhere waiting for an episode to upload whilst chickens fight each other under the table.

Updating instagram, facebook, fliming — and trying to sail and have fun as well.

She has done a cracking good job so far and I’m stoked for her (and us). It is amazing what we have accomplished so far and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all our supporters, every one of you, your the best.

Written 12/6/15


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    1. You inspire me with each new video. I set my drink on my Vaga coaster and imagine I’m sailing as well. Don’t be hurt by naysayers. Through your adventures you are encouraging us to get a little more out of life. I know I appreciate it and the small amount I’m able to give on Paetron pales to what I receive. Keep up the good work and I realize it is work the videos don’t make themselves.
      Merry Christmas !!!

  1. Do not be vexed! Whoever called you that is an E-Booger! You know, that gooey, sticky thing that you just can’t shake loose!

    I proudly wear my La Vaga’ Tee shirt. Weird though; someone asked me why I had a likeness to Ron Jeremy, the porn star, on my shirt! All I could come up with was, “It’s boat porn”.

    Love you guys,
    Milt in Tampa, Fl

    1. “It’s boat porn” is brilliant. I can’t wait for each and every episode from these 2. My only criticism is that each episode is too short.

    1. Because she`s a decent, upright human being who has respect for herself and her relationship with her man, and accurately draws the line between being beautiful and being subserviant to pervs like you.

      1. Steve, get a sense of humor. We all know Elyna has respect for herself and her man, we also know she wears a swimsuit a lot of the time which voids the need for underwear. And how was Bob suggesting she was, or should be, subservient? Besides, unless you are gay you will have to admit she is a knockout in her swimwear!!!

        1. I think most gay men would agree Elayna, Oszgul, Maria and Sveltanya are all knock-outs.

          Riley is blessed.

      2. Oh my, yet another white knight.

        I do believe his comment was directed at Riley and in context of his relationship with Elayna. My girlfriend seldom wears underwear, she is an upright woman with respect for herself as well as for me, her man, and our relationship. Having said that, she also knows how to tap into my desires as a man, if you catch my drift! Anyway, not going to waste more time on white Knights who live in the notion that they get plus points trying to defend the honour of another mans woman. Don’t worry, Riley is up to the task.

  2. You two are living the dream. the negative comments are no doubt from people who have other issues in their lives and rather than deal with them, it’s easier to lash out at those who are brave enough to take a shot at their dreams.
    I hope the Patreon thing continues to get better for you and that you don’t have to “go back to work”. My wife and I enjoy your videos and they constantly spark new thoughts and ideas in our own minds, some not even related to sailing. Thanks!

  3. You guys aren’t e-beggars at all! You guys are an inspiration. We have watched every episode and look forward to new ones with anticipation and excitement when we see one is posted. You are helping us make the transition from land to sea and don’t even know it. (We plan to shove off April of 2017 – s/v Invictus). However, not to lie, sometimes we are jealous, sometimes we are envious…but for the most part you are entertaining and we learn from you. You guys do a great job at what you do, keep it up, haters will always hate!

    p.s. I saw this sign the other day that said – “You can’t say “Good Eye Might” without sounding Australian” – I thought of you guys!! haha,
    Keep up the great work, see you out there one day! Fair winds my friends!!
    Missy & Joel
    s/v Invictus

  4. The ones who call you like that are the cowards. They have fear of living their own dreams, so they will do everything to destroy everybody else´s. Don´t listen to them, that´s the fear talking, that´s envy. Keep on going.
    Cheers from Puerto Madryn

  5. My wife and I are one of your patrons. But, We don’t feel like are donating to charity. Rather we are compensating you and Elayna for what you have provided to us. That is, reminding us of the beauty and adventure that awaits outside of he living room and off the couch. Because, as incredible as it sounds, we have a 42 foot sailboat that had just been sitting at the dock. It had been there for the last five years since returning from our last cruise. Watching your videos made us realize what we needed to do. And, since September 1st, that is what we have been doing. Cruising again. We will owe you to the day that we die.
    You have every right to be proud of what y’all are doing. I’m proud of you both, and I’ve never met you. All the best, Ralph and Laura Holiman, Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi.

  6. The world has no shortage of critics. What we need more of is inspiration and good will. That’s what I fine in your videos and I think most others do too. Stay focused on the positive and things will always be brighter. BTY, my wife and I think your Elayna’s fish tacos are amazing. We got your cookbook and couldn’t get enough of them. Unfortunately we seem to have misplaced the book, we are still looking for it.

    Best wishes and have a Merry Christmas

      1. There only jealous of your boat and fantastic girl friend sailing around the world. The more successful you are in life the more people pull you down.

  7. I rather watch some real e-beggars who inspire me, than many million dollar making production series which are mostly waste of time.

    All the information, fun, adventure, many real feelings and your sincerity that you project in movies are priceless to me.

    Cheers all for what you are doing

  8. I love my job as well it’s also a bit abnormal and I find that the negativity is almost always from a jealous individuals. So forget them since the remaining 99% of us following SLV appreciate the effort required to film and edit each episode. The task of making something watchable is something that a Debbie Downer doesn’t have a grasp on. Its hard work that would normally be billed at hundreds of dollars an hour.

    So thanks for providing your service at such a discounted rate. Oh also you guys are responsible for inspiring one of my coworkers to start shopping for her first sailboat. She blames me but what really pushed her over the edge was watching your videos!

  9. It’s funny, im not too sure this is entirely different from people sitting at home watching Jac Cousteau. Most of the people who watched were ignorant of the science, or justified the romanticism of the adventure by convincing themselves it was being done in the name of science.

    SLV clearly isn’t science, but it unapologetically allows people to embrace the ideal of adventure for adventure’s sake… this of course is difficult to finance, but is it any closer to begging than Jac attending a fundraiser? The only difference I can see is SLV doesn’t hAve a higher purpose to justify itself… I’m not sure it actually needs one.

    1. Post

      I like the way you write Patrick. Elayna just said that is the best comment we have ever had! What did you mean by Jac having a higher purpose to justify himself.
      I went on a scuba trip in Thailand to Richelieu Rock which Jac found and is now famous. It really is an incredible spot. Richelieu = Purple rock, and that it is.

      1. Jac could claim he was doing it in the name of scientific exploration, not just because it was boatloads of fun to do…

        This ‘higher’ purpose, I think makes the difference between begging and fundraising in many people’s minds. That said, I suspect every adventurer whoever walked the earth didn’t do it for money or fame but for the romantic adventure of it all… or at least that is what I tell myself.

      2. Hesitant to put words in another man’s mouth but I believe that Patrick meant that besides Cousteau’s love of adventure, he also had the higher purposes of advancing oceanic science and exposing people to the wonders of the seas so that they may feel the need to protect the planet’s oceans. His true higher purpose was to save the oceans and to save the planet from the destructive forces of mankind.
        The primary SLV mission appears to be having a good time. But there is nothing wrong with that. Have fun.

        1. You are correct… that said how much of his mission was served from the science, and how much was served by firing people’s imaginations about what the ocean is, and what it could be.

          My 11 year old son watches the diving in the videos and is aghast that such a place exists beyond movies…

          This sort of wonder and the imagination it inspires is worth dozens of papers and presentations on the state of the oceans. It makes it real, not an abstraction.

          1. It’s interesting. I was reading a book on parenting several years ago and the book cautioned against sharing too much of the planets troubles, such as pollution and global warming, with young children. You can actually prevent or decrease the development of A Child’s love of the planet by painting a bleak picture too early an age. I never thought about it before. It sounds like you’re on the right track. Take care.

  10. I don’t want to repeat this common things you hear/read everyday: “you are the best”, “you’re living the dream” and so on, but I just wanna tell you that I completely understand how hard you have to bust your asses off to make a living on your adventures!!! (Forgive my English, I’m German ???)

    1. Post
  11. Hey Riley:
    Ignore people like that. They have nothing better to do with their days then tear other peoples lives down to make themselves feel better about their own fears and failures. So I would love to contribute to your Patreon account, but I am paying off bills and getting ready to do exactly what you’re doing. (I have a lot of bills). Anyway, I try to support you by purchasing things from your store when I have a few extra bucks, and sending people I know there when they are looking for “Collector” items. Me I collect Hats, My Assistant collects Cookbooks, I bought her a copy…, my wife collects Coffee cups…
    Anyway I wish you great success, and I will always do my best to show my appreciation for your Video’s and the entertainment they provide.

    I have 3 questions for you if you will be so kind.
    1.) What is your name?
    2.) What is your Quest ?
    3.) What is your favorite color?

    There is a 4th Bonus question. If you get this question right you get bragging rights for the next Month.
    4.) How can you tell if a man is a King?

    Fair Winds to Both of you


    1. Post
  12. You two have managed to keep my own sailing dreams alive. Thanks for the fun, the real views into you journey, and the hilarity that you each bring.

    Screw the haters. Either they are jealous that they can’t, or scared they won’t hack it.

    You two are beacons for too many.

    So CHINS UP! Drink a pint and watch a sunset.

  13. Your in the public eye. I can only imagine some of the emails you get. You are there
    to see, hear, cheer on, insult, approve of etc. Ignore the negative. There are many reasons
    for someone to be negative but that is their problem. You have many people that want to keep
    watching your video’s, reading your stories, and not to forget listen to the songs. Keep on and be safe.

  14. Stuff ’em. A beggar asks for handouts. You are providing quality content that is very enjoyable to watch. People are grateful, and some chose to pay a bit for that content. Not your issue if someone with a jealous streak can’t appreciate the difference. Thank you for what you do for us!

    1. I agree. My husband and I get so much entertainment and inspiration out of your videos that we reached a point where we felt guilty continuing to watch them without joining patreon and contributing. You are providing a valuable service to your viewers and earning every penny.

      1. Amen! Jenny and I started watching your vids and fell in love with sailing (working on a dream of our own). If you stopped making them, we’d be crushed. What better way to help out than to HELP OUT! Love from Tony,Jenny and our kids. BTW, thank you so much for keeping it clean. My kiddos love to watch, and we don’t want garbage in their minds.

  15. Please do not be vexed or take to heart the negativity people throw out. Most people see the beauty, creativity, and art you both show and share; it’s outstanding! Unfortunately, there are those that cannot accept something so positive and pure. Mainly because it’s something they cannot accept or see in their own lives, so they lash out at those who can. I heard it somewhere and it’s been proven true over and over again, when someone hates something in you its because you are reflecting what they hate in themselves. The most important thing is that you both are happy and stay happy and inspired ?

    Thank you both for sharing such an amazing adventure with us!!

  16. My only concern with the whole YouTube vlog thing is that some people, once they have subscribed to various channels almost regard it as Your duty to continuously produce perfectly edited, clear, non shaky, unwind noised narrative. If, (God help you), there is some minor flaw, they are straight into the comments, picking holes in what you thought was a creative masterpiece. I guess when they have popped a few Dollars your way via Patreon it makes that bitter pill slightly easier to swallow . The pay-out is a fraction of the cost in producing the videos, with time and equipment so I guess it comes down to the passion you have for documenting your travels. I for one think they’re fab but then that’s just me. Keep the dream you two !

  17. Riley, your thank you letter moved me greatly, maybe because, as you are probably aware (getting a lot of information on FB about that) I asked a general public to help me with my project. And they responded (you included!) in huge and unexpected numbers, supporting it financially or with their good word. Thanks to those people, interested only in getting it going, with no real gain for themselves- my boat is getting closer and closer to being ready for this great adventure.

    I saw Patreon just few days ago and instantly liked the idea – it is great to see it working. It must be so good to be able to give people something back, something they obviously want to watch. But for me it is even better to see what it gave to you both. Something priceless, what cannot be bought for all the money on the world – and yet just a little money can give such a lot of it.


    Still partially shackled to my job, stealing time to work on my boat and to sail it closer and closer, I understand it perfectly well.

    People writing such nasty comments simply cannot get it – what you do on Patreon, is not begging. You give people, what they need – in exchange for what you need. You give people dreams, you give them information and knowledge, which they asked for – and in exchange they give you some time and happiness of freedom from worry.

    I see it as normal business:)

    Sail and enjoy this happiness as long as you can and wish. I hope to meet you some day in some far corner of the world 🙂

    Best wishes from “Sea Witch” and her trainee

  18. To be impolite, f*ck them. You guys are smart enough to have found a way out of the rat race and do something you both obvious enjoy.

    Give the haters a big grin, cast off and keep us dreaming with your awesome videos.

  19. Hope you laughed! I gave him an E-Finger for yall! Quoting, J.B. “I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead.” Yall are producing a product and we are buying! Screw the haters!

  20. Ok…. My time… I have been following you guys from the start…I will be honest with you. When I Saw you guys heading down the med with no experience at all I was like… WTF???? Just hope never to cross these guys! However I got intrigued… And some how you managed to keep me coming to check the next episode! It was not long that I became extremely interested with your experience! I was hoping to see you guys coming into my country (Portugal). Well to say that I miss judge you guys initially! But now! I come everyday here to check if there is a new video. You gave me hope that on day I will be doing the same! Once you wrote some words about this adventure, I guess in your book! And you’re right. It would never be the same if you would have planned the whole thing! Most probably you would still be planning!

    Well done!
    Ignore these people…

    My advice! Post even more and post and share and post and become better and greater at what you love doing!

    I bought a delta because of you guys! I also found myself in the middle of the night drifting away with light anchor…

    If you wanna pass by the Algarve in Portugal I hereby invite you to sail in my boat and show you one of the most beautiful natural resorts in the world! Ria Formosa!

    Your Beneteau would not enter the bay… Shallow shallow! So you can leave la vaga in Tavira and have a gin and catch a sea bass in our catalac! You inspired me !

  21. Keep doing what you are both doing and live the life that so many would like to. As far as the haters, you just have to wonder what they are doing?
    I for one, along with my wife, have followed your adventure and am in the process of doing what you are doing.
    The house and most of our possessions are being sold and we plan to be in the Med and buy a yacht by March-April of 2016.

    Alistair and Nicola

  22. Patreon is indeed a wonderful creation. You guys are providing quality content and should be rewarded for your efforts. The fact that you are doing it while young in a beautiful setting probably runs some people the wrong way only out of jealousy, wishing they had done the same with their misspent youth. Keep on keeping on, more people are loving what you are doing than not.

  23. Love your vids and more power to you both on your journey! We are doing the same as you two (thanks for the inspiration 😉 ), and just started our own vids, so I can COMPLETELY relate to how long they take and how much work go into them! People don’t realize that when they critique or make rude comments that it’s just a slap in the face after doing all the hard work and LONG hours to put out a video that you just want people to genuinely enjoy!

    Don’t let anything get you down – we are living what most only dream about! Have a beer, enjoy the sunset, and tell Elayna keep up the great episodes! Fair winds! 😉 ~Dani & Cam @ Lattitude Adjustment

  24. You’ve made us reflect on our own brilliant youth watching you with fondness. (We are 48/52)…youthful bodies,are a true pleasure you must appreciate.
    You’ve sown a seed of dreams we kind of had but maybe didn’t dare consider
    You’ve lit up our dark UK winter nights with sailing travel.
    Your story does nothing but inspire us to think big, and carry on seeking our sailing dreams for the future.
    Whatever you do, & wherever you are you will get hurt by people at times.. .you can be land locked in a village, or sailing the seas. Never lose your sense of perspective.
    P.s….your story is a fabulous love story too, and we all love to see genuine love. Keep doing what you’re doing & if we can ever meet you we’d be made up.

  25. I stumbled onto your videos while wasting time at work dreaming of far off adventures. Your videos are very well done, and I really appreciate the work and art that goes into their production! I always look forward to your next installment. While I’ll feel an emptiness when your journey is finished, I pray that you won’t be dis-masted by some rogue white whale when you’re between posts in the middle of some passage. Well done and carry on!

  26. You should thank that guy – he just convinced me to sign up for Patreon, so now you are directly profiting from his bad attitude…

    On a boat you will never stop learning, and by all means you should absorb knowledge from others around you. But don’t let some armchair admiral like me tell you when to wear a harness or Elayna when to use the dinghy, or pressure you to make a video about how you do your laundry. Didn’t you leave to escape all that crap?

    Keep up the good attitude….

  27. I really don’t get people’s obsession with people getting paid for youtube videos. Those that create them often put in many hours of effort to make something interesting and entertaining that we get to watch for free. People who create television shows get paid. Why shouldn’t someone who creates web content? No one is being forced to donate. If you don’t want to, don’t.

    I’m also willing to bet that, if you asked that original commenter to do something for free, he/she wouldn’t.

  28. E-Beggar? Really? When I give a homeless a guy a dollar, I get nothing in return other than some sort of self delusion that I helped that guy out. What you guys do it produce content, not different than a magazine or TV show. I consume both. I pay for both. I suppose I need to now come clean and say I haven’t done the Patreon thing yet, but I’m getting closer.
    Anyway, cheers to both of you. Don’t let the bastards ever get you down. Clearly the supporters far outnumber the naysayers. Thanks for putting smiles on all of our faces!

  29. Hey you guys, you just keep on doing what you’re doing. I met a sailor who for the past several years has had his own blog, documents with videos and stories, and has lots of corporate sponsors. Just look at his blog and see if you can find it due to all the advertising on it…..and you know what? HE BEGS and BEGS and BEGS ,when he needs this or that…..and thinks he’s the greatest thing to be on the ocean…..well he’ll never get a dime from me…. You two are a breath of fresh air and are completely honest. I am living the dream on my own sail boat, I just go on short trips and rely on both of you beautiful people see the places that I haven’t the courage to set out on.. yet. I purchased your book and beer wraps and will purchase more in the future….Just keep being your selves and have fun at it. May God bless you both and your boat and by all means have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  30. Don’t worry and don’t be vexed.
    A begger is a person who only gets money by the mercy of others without providing anything in return.
    What you create is “content”, specifically “digital content”. The movies on themselves are from a juridical point of view, “creations” and should be paid up for, just as you pay for a Mona Lisa, a Beatles Song or a Batman The Dark Knight viewing in the theater. Just the medium is different… And unlike big distribution companies and digital rights lobbysts you let the user decide if the “content” deserves to be reimbursed or not.
    That’s not new… That’s old school act and theatre … Kind of cca. 1300 a. D. kind of theatre… Maybe the world just need to get back to basics…
    Be an e-begger… Sail away… Send us pictures.. Let us dream…

  31. Hey you guys. I personally love your videos. They have gotten better over time and you can tell that a lot of time is put into this. Keep the videos coming because haters are always going to hate. I too am jealous of you for following this dream but I would rather support you. Merry Christmas.

  32. I actually get more pleasure spending $5 watching you two on a sailboat than I did watching the new Star Wars movie. Keep the videos coming because one day I will follow in your footsteps.

  33. Last I checked Patreon is completely voluntary. No one holding a gun to anyone’s head to donate.

    By the way, I get compliments on my SLV T-shirt every time I wear it.

    Don’t sweat negative posts, sad lonely and jealous people enjoy negative posting. You see, you guys make the jealous people happy as well. Strong work.

    Cheers. Mark

  34. I would say that person was an E-Wanker..

    I think you guys are more like E-Buskers. You actually do something to earn your keep and if it means that those locked away in offices around the world can go sailing with you vicariously then I think that is simply brilliant and obviously worth it to those who want to show you their appreciation by contributing. THEY obviously want you to continue so that they can follow..

  35. Im an avid sailor also i dont make it as far as you guys but im working on it tho im a gulf of mexico guy n im always looking for you guys smilin face on you tube n elanya you have a beautiful voice im gonna get one of you’re cds i just wanted to say i love what yall do hopefully ill see you guys in the gulf one day peace n always beautiful sailing

  36. The term ‘beggar’ implies taking and giving nothing in return. In reality, you guys are are the one’s who are giving – and not always getting anything in return.

    You have given so much inspiration and entertainment.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  37. That’s so ridiculous. Nobody expects an musician or any other artist, no matter how know (or unknown) they are to perform for free. But if you are a blogger/vlogger, producing great blogposts, videos and pictures… you are begging if you ask for money? Well, heard that before. I think it’s great that you (and so many other) offer their content for free for everybody to get inspired. Asking for a donation for the content isn’t begging – it’s quite the opposite. It’s generous of you to give everybody the opportunity to see it for free at just donate whatever the person can afford.
    This might be one of the things that went wrong with the internet – this expectation that everything is for free. Most people just don’t think about how much work it can be to have a blog/vlog.
    Greetings from Germany,

  38. Critics and skeptics are endless. Live, Love, act. Keep rocking. Besides most of them are stuck on land! Peace!

  39. Your both tough and gutsy or neither of you would have left Australia in the first place. Look at all the numerous Positive comments and support.
    If you will allow me to quote a famous sailor ” … Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead” John Paul Jones. So be true to your dream and sail on.

  40. Keep on going guys. As has already been said in many of the posts here, you guys are living a dream some of us can only wish. Love the videos, music and all round fun you have doing this. Bye the way, would really like to see more of the DIY videos, they are fun and informative. Especially one on spear fishing would be really nice.

    Have a safe X-mas and New Year.

  41. Ahhhh Discovery. You are discovering each other. You are discovering the world. You are discovering humanity in all it’s forms. We are discovering with you, by choice.

    Allow me to say, when Hollywood discovers Elayna, the world will be blessed as we have, IMHO.


  42. Your videos ARE our reality TV and after watching, my wife and i bought our first boat in July 2015…a 36′ Cape Dory. We are in the process of outfitting her so we can push away in 2018 and follow in your footsteps.

  43. Riley and Elayna, there is balance in the world– the negative comes with the positive even though we wish it were not so. It is however sad some people are compelled to share their sorrow by lashing out at others. Like everyone else, I wait for each installment of your adventure anxiously so I can experience through you the life beyond mundane. Hats off to you, a beautiful young couple, enjoying each day for itself.

    Fair winds and calm seas, safe voyage to you guys 🙂

  44. Riley /Elayna , our friends, like many of the others have said , ignore the trolls and haters , they are only jealous … we the people enjoy your antics and trip and many of us are only happy to support people who have the courage to follow and live their dreams , take no notice , no one is forcing nobody to contribute , their negativity speaks more about themselves then it does of you .. .. you know what they say, haters are going hate ….

    keep it going , enjoy every moment

    peace and luv
    be safe
    ps merry xmas / happy new year to all

  45. You guys help me dream while the rat race of a 9-6 is a reality for me daily. “E-begged”?! Why not! You got a phrase coined after you. That makes you rock stars. You have created a powerful movement when you have instilled an emotion positive or negative in others. Party on. Safe travels.

  46. Keep up the good attitude, I have followed you since in the Mediterranean (first episode)
    and just love watching every episode, and gladly sponsor you via Patreon
    Also your movie Riley, funny It reminded me of Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away” do not why
    Also the ones from “Down Under”
    I have never been to Australia except when watching Crocodile Dundee movies
    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to both of you and La Vega
    Greetings from Denmark

  47. Patreon (notably, but among others) has enabled patronage of the arts by common people, and we, the common people, have spoken: we like what you do, here’s a dollar to keep doing it.
    It’s an enabling technology and one of the beautiful things that have come about via the internet – something people are, apparently, still coming to terms with.
    Some people certainly push Patreon too enthusiastically, but you are not one of them. I think it appropriate to interpret objections of this nature as misguided jealousy and nothing more.
    Keep on keeping on.
    Fair winds.

  48. Hi guys! You are so cool. My girlfriend saw your videos when I told her to take a look and she asked me why can’t we do that. Hahaha so just 2 days ago I bought us a 33ft Pearson! We are sooo stoked and you guys give us inspiration. The best thing you can do is know in your heart what you have accomplished and inspire others to do. That my friend is priceless. I hope and pray you two are blessed with a proper offer by a major company to have a film or better yet, a series “Riley & Elayna on the High Seas!” That would be perfect and I would have a reason to by a tv just to watch your show. Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year! Thanks- Scott & Jackie

  49. You guys make ‘content’. Making good content is an unusual skill, or rather, a wide range of special skills. It’s easy to think “Oh, anyone could do that – all you need is courage, intelligence, good looks, a pleasant manner, interesting and entertaining technical skills such as free diving and musical talent, a platform, a sense of humour, a yacht, sailing skills, hard work, computer/graphics skills, good taste in filming and editing, and a continuing series of engaging small adventures made meaningful by informed commentary and engaging personae.” Nothing to it.

    People are paying you because they want to see – “Sailing La Vagabonde” is a nice experience to share vicariously. There’s an element of “I can’t do that, but I can participate in making it possible for these guys to do it.” You’re not asking for anything – you’re being paid to take people along on a sort of highly condensed virtual charter/adventure. I’m stuck in Maine over the bleak midwinter, but for a few minutes here and there I can go where the water is warm and the sun is shining. Or where the waves are high and the squalls are blowing.

  50. Riley – you provide content – educational, entertaining and inspiring. Just a few people – out of the thousands that view each video recognize you with their wallets. You are seriously underpaid. But you are not a beggar. E beggar or otherwise. The value in what you provide is undeniable. And providing a value for money is how the world works. So get over being vexed. ( I bet you are over it already – I sense that is how you are wired.)

  51. I love your videos. I love viewing the adventures, and think what sets you apart most from all the cruisers posting videos on youtube is your humor. I will answer your critic by hoisting my middle finger in the air while I go straight to Patreon to voluntarily add a couple bucks on SLV’s account. It’s a much better value than what I’m paying for Satellite TV presently. It will be a few more years before most our kids are grown and we can hopefully move to the Carib.

    Thank you for continuing to put yourselves out there, from the videos to the straight truths in this blog post.

    My favorite T-shirt is emblazoned with your kick-ass logo. Dammit, I wish I had thought of the cook book as a Christmas gift for the wife.

    Merry Christmas!
    Rafe & Melissa
    Glasgow, Montana

  52. First off, i’m all for anyone stepping away from the norm whatever it is. I think what you guys are doing is great and I have really enjoyed some of your vids, really inspired at times other times I’m like you guys have it easy!

    I came across being intrigued with Voyaging when this ‘talk’ at a local yacht club when a local Sea Sailor came back home from sailing the world 3 times in his cement yacht, afterwards I felt my ‘purpose’ in life was to Sail the Seven Seas! Lol and that this is something I can do and is now an aim of mine I am putting in to place, then I came across your vids and has helped me.

    All this chatter sparks thoughts though, before Vlog blog Patreon youtube etc how did people get around Sailing and become sustainable with no income or a small nest egg from a house sale, inheritance or peronal injury claim, no Internet connection, no GPS, no google to ask freely ”what type of coat to use on hull blah blah” ? Shoestring budget. It is fair to say, they probably didn’t have so much luxury and toys on their Yacht nor want the attention of thousands, (afterall isn’t the freedom what it’s all about?) let alone cruising on a 6/8 berth voyager. I would guess that they possibly worked where they could on land for months at a time saving cash then sailed the rest of the time instead of fitting in with ‘the system’, or our ‘5 weeks a year paid holiday’ which we are tricked to feel thankful for! F that sh!t.

    You guys are documenting your life at Sea and some are paying you for it, is it a free ride? Are you now sea celebs or disrespected by Sea Gypsies? Who knows, who cares, get on with your life and find peace within and with others and hopefully now thousands aren’t buying a boat and heading for the Bahamas!

    Peace & Love

  53. Keep on living the dream and ignore internet trolls simply jealous that they have no courage to follow their dream!

    Keep on sailing and posting more videos!

    Fair wind and a following sea!

  54. Keep your mind on the day-to-day requirements; don’t waste time dodging shots from the sidelines. Keep the videos simple. You’re providing a service, I pay for it and I think it’s a bargain. You and I are in business. Do your job and I’ll do mine. P.s. listen to your instincts.

    my warmest regards

    John Arrufat
    SV Pacific Heights
    33′ Ted Brewer Cape Carib ketch
    Portland, Oregon

  55. Hah, h8ters gunna h8 as they say on the line. Using the logic of your original critic every entrepreneur from a street hustler to Steve Jobs is a beggar. You two clearly spend a lot of time making these this eContent and you have people that enjoy watching/reading it. If the critic is jealous of your lifestyle they should just try to emulate you and enjoy life!

  56. Riley,

    I support your voyage not as a charitable donation but as recognition of the value that your adventure adds to a world that needs positive influence.

    M/V Otra Vez

  57. Hi R&E,

    Give up being concerned about the opinions of jealous individuals without the courage to do what you do.

    You have landed in the right time at the right place, just like someone who bought Apple stocks in 1983. Lucky? Sure. Hard work? Mostly.

    Fair Winds,

  58. We love what you are doing ,the whole family watch, on a dreary wet English day its great to see some sun and well worth a few Pounds to keep you going ,evryone wants something for nothing these days and expect the guy who called you ebeggers watched all your movies !
    Have a Happy Christmas
    Steve&Leaf x

  59. E-begger, never; beautiful dream makers, always.
    Thank you both
    Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2016

  60. Beggars do not provide anything in return for the donations they receive. That’s pretty much what makes them beggars (God bless ’em!). You and Elayna, on the other hand, give much more than you receive in the way of education, entertainment, cheer, good feelings, and healing laughter, not to mention the fact that many people will never be able to do what you do so you are allowing them to dream and live vicariously through you. In their minds, I should include myself in this, we are traveling right along with you, fishing, eating exotic foods (tin cans and rice), playing with little indigenous children, feeling bad when Elayna gets sick, and yes, perhaps even wondering about the color of her undies. Perhaps, I said. LOL. Hey, you put it out there (and I kind of wish you hadn’t. ha ha). Anyway, there will always be insecure, selfish, jealous haters but you can’t let what they do or say affect the HUGE amount of good you are doing in the world and for so many people. You can’t please all of the people all of the time and this is proof of that. I’ll tell you what I used to tell my kids when their mother was verbally abusing them, “Be a duck and let those harsh words roll off of you like water off a duck’s back!”
    Love you both!
    Mahalo nui loa,
    Rick in Hawaii

  61. Loving the videos – great work both of you – ( BTW you are the documentary makers !)

    They get better and better – and after spending a little time in and around the creation of video content for work – I know the time and energy it takes to do a decent job.

    We can now fill a whole evening of chrome cast HD TV with; you guys, SV Delos, White spot pirates, Wicked salty, Monday never, etc etc and the list grows all the time. All people documenting in their own way what most people only dream about.

    A Safe and peaceful Xmas to all those living on the sea !

    May 2016 bring us all the adventure that makes life worth living !

    Conor and Sarah –

  62. Don’t sweat it, literally. I know it’s hot down there. I got the sailing bug about 2-1/2 years ago after my wife passed unexpectedly, it’s been a wonderful form of therapy. You only live life once so it’s not worth dwelling on the comments of trolls. History will not remember their feeble little souls.

    Also part of my grieving therapy has been youtube, I turned off my Cable feed 2 years ago. Now I watch fun videos like yours. I read something that said TV is like everything else we allow into our brains, it’s garbage in, garbage out. Reality TV has become an abomination. I’m guessing there are many folks like me who have been motivated to cut the link because of the trash on TV. So like Reality TV, don’t let the trolls into your brain. Some words to live by.

    Recently helped a friend deliver a 43 Bennie from Toronto to the Chesapeake. Good times. I’m also traveling to Australia in November 2016 to attend a wedding in Adelaide. Can’t wait!!

    I must confess I am jealous of you Riley. How it is you happened upon Sailing with someone so full of life like Elayna is what gives me hope that I will meet someone special again.


    S/V Missing You,
    On the Chesapeake

  63. I replied to a nasty comment to your water maker episode. Someone called you “e-bimbos” I think, hahaha. The internet can bring out the worst in people, sad people. Your videos are really enjoyable to watch as they are from the perspective of most sailors when they start out, much better than from some know it all. Keep it up.

    1. I forgot to mention: The bigger shock wasn’t the e-bimbo comment that I saw but the fact you are going to Venezuela soon…is it safe at the mo? I can’t talk as I backpacked right through Colombia in 2000, but still, it seems restless right now. What are sailors reporting on security in the country?

      Safe travels

  64. You are doing a fantastic job with the video’s and the blog. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas.

  65. I have worked on several political campaigns in the US. Some were for very wealthy people. I am sure even you Aussies would know the names. The one thing that each has had in common was the need to ask for money. Several have said that success depends on the ability to ask for help, to ask for donations. You are in good company. Besides, you are offering a service. Many of us are right next to you as you hold the wheel or install that water maker. You are no e-begger, you are an e-merchant or e-ntertainer. (did I just coin a new word?)
    Happy Holidays and catch a big fish.

  66. The dude or dudet who called you an E-Begger is obviously jealous of your life style.
    By definition it may be but it’s not as if kissing anyone’s feet. Tell him or her to change the channel if he or she doesn’t like what they see. I would give myself if I wasn’t retired living on a fixed income.
    Besides I don’t consider it begging if your giving something in return. You guys are working for it and at times putting your lives on the line. You will always fine some malcontent who can’t stand to see someone happy and living a dream. Tell him, he can kiss my ass!!!

    Keep the dream going.
    Rick M.

  67. When I first saw the whole Patreon thing, I was quite surprised. Why would people pay money to random people they don’t know?

    But then I realized, how is this any different than someone paying for hundreds of dollars for cable or satellite TV? People who support are merely paying for what they actually want to see.

    Will you put the screws to big producing companys? Probably not but I love what you are doing.

    Watching your videos have renewed my passion for sailing and I am making plans! Thanks for that. Riley you are surprisingly very smart, I have been so impressed with your calm demeanor and Elay is not only beautiful and talented but also a marketing genius.

    Good on ya!

  68. Plain and simple, you two provide a service.

    The product you conduct trade with is an experience, and you choose to only have people pay if they can.

    Thus, you are not beggars, but philanthropists.

    I absolutely love the videos and I tell everyone about them. If you made your own website with a low fee, I would subscribe.

    Jared Mauldin

  69. Hey, it’s like busking, but on a grander scale. I payed my way through college by street entertaining (Busking). You are providing entertainment. So, disregard that “Poop Head” that inferred that you were eBeggers. You have a growing, following. And, as for Elayna, she makes a good argument in favor of cloning. I wish I could run down to the clone store and pick up a copy. Lucky you! You guys make a cute couple. Keep doing what you’re doing. If we cross paths in the future, dinners on me. Sailing south from Maine to the Caribbean in the spring.

  70. Hi guys,
    Do not listen to comments that degrade its purpose.
    My wife and I enjoyed every one of his videos.
    We use it as an escape valve, and helps us to dream.
    Receive our best regards from Mexico.
    Remember that there are many people supporting them
    Have a very nice Christmas.
    (excuse my bad English)
    Luis and Karla
    from Mexico

  71. Your story inspired me in part to buy a yacht, and get the mindshift that we can actually afford one. I sailed it already over 600 nm from Saldanha Bay on the West Coast of South Africa to Port St. Francis on the East Coast (Close to our home) a few months after we bought it. It’s and epic adventure, and my family loves the lifestyle. We are not “live-aboards” yet, but our house is being rented out for holidays and we will spend some extended times on Phoenix. Keep living your life, and start depositing into other people’s lives, because that’s the only time life really makes sense!

  72. Guys….

    Once you engage with the public they will engage with you…good and bad huh ?
    Kinda goes with the teritory but feed off the positive and bin the negative….don’t get, ” vexed”, mates. Happy Christmas enjoy the tined tucker !!!

  73. Hi you two. I hope you don’t feel so vexed now? What amazing support you guys have, and why, because you’ve earned it that’s why. I’m now a patron, looks like the guy who vexed you did you a favour!
    This year I bought a 38′ Trident Voyager, (it’s my home, not a toy), I retire in 5 years and we will be sailing around the world. You’re part of the reason why.
    You are both true adventurers and free spirits in my eyes.
    Please keep posting, you’re a positive force.
    Fair winds and kind seas.
    Charlie and Sarah-Jayne s/v Kylan

  74. Quite simply, if you offer a service (in the form of great entertainment) in exchange for money, you aren’t begging at all. Love the journey, love your videos and Merry Christmas Elayna and Riley!
    Stu Moore

  75. You two will always find shelter here with cheryl and our little pet family. Keep the chins up, throw out the garbage, hoist the anchor and look for a store with food.ha. christmas is just a love thought, so wrap a shell necklace in a handmade straw, or just look each other in the eyes and that god you both have made it this far. Funny thing about love, lust caring, devotion, loyalty…I would love to find that under any tree versus watching ill manored children rip open a package and complain they hate it. Get the spear gun out riley, while others have left to tend to worldly things, you have an ocean of groceries…captn riles nemo! Love you both. Safe travels.

  76. Don’t worry about what people thinks, it’s part of the internet world.
    Sometimes makes happy, sometimes doesn’t. Live your dreams and keep going making new videos.. i am literally abducted from your stories.

    thanks for what you done (both)

    Vittorio from Sardinia ( please come back to visit this beatiful island in the mediterranean)

  77. Gotta tell ya. You may not even HEAR from dozens or hundreds of people who watch your stuff and appreciate it highly. I am not someone to ever even write in and let someone know… But I think I gotta break the norm here and let you know I found you somehow. I think on youtube and this was in the last 2 months and watched EVERY episode you have out. My wife and I and kids are in the process of selling off everything we own to move onto a yacht and live on it. Though we are planing power and a massive size, (not sailing), its still awesome to see what you two have done. We have all watched every episode and cannot wait for more. We want to live a life similar to this and my career allows it, so we’re going to do it and you were a big part in the inspiration for it all. Appreciating you !

  78. As a disabled man,I very much look forward to your videos.I am so appreciative as well.I have always wanted to do what the two of you are doing.But an accident will forever insure that a video is as close as I get to my dream.I travelled by land when I was younger.And had such a wonderful experience.And somewhere along the way the love for travel turned to a nautical dream.But…anyway…when I turn on my pc and see that there is a new video from slv I cant hit the play button fast enough.And its not that I am an e-stalker or whatever.Its the entire show.The birds singing in the breeze with a ttuly wonderful ocean of life and the sunsets that just demand aww and wonder.Though I do wish to see it all for myself someday.You have a wonderful boat.Which personally I find to be the star of the show.With to great cohosts!I am missing the smells of the ocean air and the ocean breeze across my face.The closest I ever came to experiencing all that was when I worked in an oil refinery in lkng beach,cali.It is curious to me how we as humans can recieve aaaaaalllllll kinds of praise and thanks from so many…and yet be thrown off center by these trolls who dont know the meaning of kindness.Please dont let that little negetive voice be a splinter stuck in your bliss.As everyone else said before me on this thread…they are just jealous.Envy and jealous can do the same thing as sea water to a floating vessel if left unchecked.It can cause so much rot deep down inside the very fabric of our souls.I dont quite know what else to say.I just wanted to give my two cents as to how appreciated you kids are.You are indeed contributing to the inspirations of many many people.Many of which have no plans to sail at all.Its the theme that you carry with you wherever you go that people appreciate and aspire to.Many of us look to our betters for direction.Peace be with you and you tin food.I hope you are able to catch a tastey fish or many while you wait for shipments.Ttyl.

  79. Oh gosh there are all kinds of negativity out there. Sometimes it grinds on you and other times you slough it off. If it is working for you and you guys are showing how grateful you are to all the people out there who support you will be rewarded.

    Love all that you are doing. Love the smiles and the grumpy tired Riles looks 🙂 in the videos. It can be a wonderful life you are doing but your also showing that it has the same kind of grind that us land people are dealing with too.

    Money, need it and if you guys are putting yourself out there for others to learn and enjoy from you How clever is that. I knew nothing about the sailing life until I came across all these wonderful videos and blogs and now I have made this a part of my daily land world.

    Thank you very much. The only thing is Elayna can’t you be just a little bit faster as a video editor. I want to open a present everyday. LOL. Cheers

  80. Stumbling across SLV on YouTube was great! I devoured all the episodes. You could have chosen the soft option with regular jobs earning real money and paying off the mortgage like the rest of us. But you didn’t, you decided to dump perceived wisdom and economic security, take risks with life and limb, and sail off into the sunset. I, for one, am absolutely fine with contributing if you keep those videos coming. You can’t please all the people, so don’t try. It’s them with the problem, not you.

  81. Riley and Elayna,
    I love the videos, please keep posting them.
    I think you should do the Reality Show, I think it would be a big success and make both of you TV stars.
    You have inspired me to start saving for a sailboat, I would love to travel and explore with you.

    Cheers and great luck

    Ron from Indianapolis, IN

  82. E-givers, E-providers, E-workers, E-friends, E-inspiration is more like it.
    We do know you, in fact after following your story from beginning to now, you’re part of the family.
    But no matter where you go or what you do, there are always a few ignorant folks who don’t get it.
    Just like a few jellyfish don’t spoil our love for the ocean, don’t let the few haters spoil your perfect life.
    You have folks all over the world who love you and love the life you share with us. keep up the good work

    PS: I’m going to sign up as a Patreon so Elay never runs out of SD cards or Riles out of beer.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Fair Winds

  83. Riely

    First let me say I love the videos and wish you and Elay the best.

    To me there is no question of morality or business ethics here. Just different opinions of what defines “work” and earning a living. As the La Vaga brand grows, so do the issues of “celebrity”-both positive and negative.

    You and Elay are great people and will find your place of happiness amid the chaos.

    Just keep working for it.

  84. Hey Riley and Elayna,
    Don’t worry about people like that guy. You are living what Karen and I are having to wait three more years to do. You provide great information too. Loved the video of the water maker. Keep it up and with lots of luck we might run into each other some day. I’m sure it would be a hoot.

  85. You guys started documenting this journey long before you had a Patreon page. Patreon is us, the viewers, way to say thanks for such an inspiring story.

    1. Post
      1. Add this to your vocabulary – when it’s blowing a gale out there on the high seas, an Australian sailor might say, ‘strewth, it’s windy enough to blow a dog off its chain’. 🙂

  86. Hi Guys,

    I guess the thing that saddens me about that negative comment is that you feel, Riley, that you have to justify yourself. You don’t! None of what you have done gets done without huge effort and sacrifice.

    You know, you could easily become some of my least favourite people, because each time I watch your videos you remind that I will never have, at 68, with a heart condition, the opportunity to sail round the World with a beautiful girl, on a beautiful yacht and you are making that opportunity for yourselves, which perhaps I could have, but didn’t. That is, forever, my loss.

    That you are making that dream for yourselves by telling your story follows in the traditions of other great storytellers and getting paid for telling the story is not a new idea either.

    Let’s face it, if nobody had subscribed to ”Sketches by Boz” and bought each episode, the English language would probably never have had Charles Dickens!

    And what a story you are telling, it has everything. Romance, adventure, great characters, beautiful locations, fun, music and all told in a thoroughly engaging way, which lets our imaginations fly beyond the bounds we are locked into, in our various mundane existences.

    Lets face it, which red blooded male (even a 68 year old) would not want to sail round the world with Elayna, or for that matter which girl would not want to do that with Riley.

    Thank you for letting us live the dream vicariously through your videos, you add to the lives of many hundreds of people.

    I hope that sometime someone does come up with your million dollar deal and should (and you should) turn your story into a book, you can put me down for a ”first edition”.

    In the meantime keep right on doing what you are doing and sharing it with us.

    Have a fantastic festive season, with fair winds and calm seas.

  87. You guys are awesome!!! and Riley from where i’am sitting you are the luckiest man alive!!! Keep up the great work and dont stop doing what your doing. Love it, need it. By the way my cousin married a Aussie Tennis player and has 3 beautiful babies. Hope to one day get to Australia and the great barrier reef.

  88. Hi Guys, I have no job and watch you two doing what I would live to do if A, I had the money, and B, I had the guts.
    I really enjoy your videos and look forward to each new episode. So yes, I am living vicariously through you.
    Sorry to embarrass you, but you are also a beautiful couple. Good looking, great senses of humour and Elayna’s talents are no handicap either.
    I think that the answer to the accusation of being an e-beggar should be “yes I am – would you like to contribute?”
    Shoudl I win the lottery, I will be off to the yacht-shop lickety-split. I will bring you your donation in person!
    Keep water under your keel…
    John the Pom

  89. The comments above pretty well sum up how the cruising community (active and dreaming) feel about SLV. We all love sharing the ride and music … even those of us in our late 60’s. As you get those comments in the future … use your delete key.. Currently in route to the Exumas and hope to see you on the water someday.. fair winds.

    SV Windfall

  90. Well despite what you heard from this negative Nancy, I’m certainly enjoying your journey and am grateful to Patreon for inspiring you to keep on sharing videos. I put off my dream and now have 4 kids – not knowing when I’ll get to my dream, I’m really enjoying watching you live yours. You guys keep me inspired and dreaming. Keep up the good work!!

  91. Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do. ~ Benjamin Franklin

    ‘nough said…

  92. The internet if full of Trolls and Naysayers.
    I love what you are doing and feel privileged to be part of your voyage.
    Truth be told many of us are living vicariously through you two.
    Just sail on…..

  93. Riley & Elay, whoever called you an Ebeggar is obviously a very ignorant person, you have never begged for anything, yes you accept donations from generous people who truly appreciate the hard work that you both do to make the videos that we enjoy watching, and why should you not do so you are entertaining us and we find that worth paying for, just as we would pay for any other entertainment we might like to enjoy, no you are most certainly not ebeggars, much more like travelling story tellers of old, so ignore the idiot critics, and just continue to be yourselves, thank you both very much for the story so far, I look forward to the continuation in the future

  94. There are heaps of drongos and yobbos out there. Dont let the bastards get you down. You are inspiring others to get up off their bums and enjoy life, either by watching your videos or by getting into sailing / travel. Your experiences, which you put on video, are not only inspiring others but educating us as well. Thanks for getting out there and having a go.
    All the best and have a great Christmas.

  95. I feel sorry for the person who thinks what you do is begging. Videos are a lot of work. Unless you are rich, you have to make money. Artists need to survive. It’s sad that that person can’t envision a world where people help each other live their dreams. Just like TV, if he/she doesn’t like it, they can “change the channel”.

    They say by 2050, half of all jobs will be able to be done by robots. This is something your generation should consider when deciding the world they want to live in. Either the great technological revolution fails and we all end up working for one giant company like in the movie Idiocracy while all the profits go to a few or it benefits all when most of the population is no longer needed for most jobs.

  96. Well, I hope all these comments, from all over the world have put the notion of e-beggar out of your mind. Trolls as someone called them. Same class as child molesters and terrorists. Who cares what they think? What do they number, like 2 out of a million? Just keep on doing what you’re doing for the rest of us 999,998
    appreciative folks. As Tad Farmer stated: very simply yet profound

    Thank You

  97. As a follower of your adventure before you hooked up with any organization, I can testify that I’ve never felt you guys were motivated by money. You are clearly motivated by love of what you are doing. Your energy and efforts to share your experience is what inspired me, and what I hope will inspire a proper documentary to fund your journey and to reward you. But you guys have never asked to be rewarded, and you should never feel ashamed for giving folks a place to help keep your journey alive. It is great to see how many others agree with me! Sail on my friends.

  98. Well when you are a failure as perso in real life is no surprise you come vent your frustrations online….ecrap.
    Soon proudly patronating you guys ))

  99. I like reading these comments – it’s interesting that more or less everyone perceives things pretty much the same way. Many of the same things are said over and over. “No, thank you for having us along” being perhaps the main gist of it. It’s a nice little community.

    I’m surprised Patreon has only paid out $5200 or whatever so far – I thought you were up to a couple of thousand per video now, and you’ve made lots. Does it take that long to process? Seems kind of weird.

  100. Hello to Riley and Elayner..
    Well stone the bloody crows and what a breath of fresh air the both of you bring to me.
    Keep on keeping on and keep your dreams alive and by doing so , you will be keeping my dreams
    Please be safe and healthy and and we all appreciate your efforts to film your adventures and so looking forward to your vidioes….

  101. Haters gonna hate! Just “shake it off”! (Cheesey, pop cultured, but true!) Who ever sent the message hates their life and is overly jealous of yours.

    Riley you are an honest hard-working bloke who is now living the dream! Keep living and we’ll keep cheering (and dutifully supporting your free spirit!)

    Elayna is an angel in every since of the word! Be grateful for her and her many talents (music, voice, movie making and grace/beauty)! She is choice! (Said with respect!)

    Final suggestion, use the safety gear, dang it! We don’t want any accidents on La Vaga! I’m not a fear-monger but big swells, stiff blows and darkness can predispose for misadventure. I am sure a modicum of safety was demanded aboard the off shore rigs. Maybe too much. Think about it, you have the gear. A life jacket below decks does no good if you are floating behind the boat!

    Merry and Happy!!!

  102. we are all immortal spirits having a human experience and you folks have chosen to have a better human experience than some others can imagine Riley don’t give in to the fragile male ego and take offense ..rejoice in your escape from the landlocked wage-slave boring existence most continue to endure…we rejoice in your freedom and adventure and wait with anticipation for your next adventure

    Much love and envy ..haha

    fellow sailor adventurer

  103. Hello Beautiful Aussies.
    Well done. Your letter to Patreon is superb. You deserve respect was well as a bit of coin. When I first saw your videos, I was a bit skeptical until I saw the news report that told your story. Working on an oil rig is no joke. And my thoughts of you two being sexy young rich kids evaporated instantly.

    I’ve spent my entire professional life in advertising. Promoting everything from pills to beers. You are so dead on about Patreon enabling artist to express themselves without commercial sponsored pressure. To be honest and genuine. To curse and show some skin. To be absolutely real without being on reality TV, which is far from reality and more like glutinous voyeurism. And TV news has become propaganda. The headlines have become advertising slogans, trust me I’ve written them for years (and still do for cash).

    You have inspired me to sail the world. As well as Delos, Wicked Salty and White Spot Pirates. You are all living the ultimate alternative lifestyle and showing us what it’s about. Sure looks like fun, but you all have to deal with some serious not-so-fun issues. This is the part about the videos that make them so much more real than Reality TV. Neptune is writing the script and you are the actors of his big blue stage.

    This brings me to a small request. I have produced a trailer about my future sea going adventures and have put a few seconds of one of your videos in my trailer. I am officially asking your permission to use your material. I’ve gotten permission from Delos, Wicked Salty and Nike from White Spot Pirates by way of YouTube and they all responded. (I also asked you two on YT, but have not gotten a response). They were all thrilled and generous enough to allow me to use their image. White Spot Pirates put my trailer on her FB page, and I got a bunch of subscriptions and views instantly. (Perhaps it’s because I’m a tiny sponsor on her Patreon account).

    Below is the link to my trailer. You’ll see the shots of yours at about 1’25” near the end of the trailer. Hope you are OK with this. Thank you for the book which I’ve read. Your episodes. Hope to someday meet you on that big blue stage. I’ve just put a deposit on an old Jeanneau SunFizz 40 located in the south of France. (I took on board what you said about a smaller boat:-). My episodes will start airing in early 2016.

    Don’t take these critics to heart. You can’t please all the people all the time, but you can please some people some of the time. Keep up the great work, and please keep us smiling and laughing as well as inspire us to do what many won’t.

    Fair winds, Sailor Alex.
    (soon sailing Galopin!)

    1. Post

      You can put a few seconds of our show in your trailer mate thats no problem. I’m sorry we didn’t respond to your request. I was busy enough when I was just trying to keep La Vagabonde afloat, now we are making movies too.
      I’m glad we provided you with some inspiration and wish you all the best.

  104. Yes! E beg away! I fund myself… however, offer nothing in the form of sharing or entertainment as you do.. Enjoy following your adventure and wish I had the marketing skills you have applied to keep the Ball rolling..
    Well Back to work I go.. Sails need mending and that engine leak isn’t gonna fix itself..
    Work Sail ,Work Sail….I’m doing something wrong Perhaps a sign and tin cup at the next port…Living the dream thru Hard Work…Seems silly ! Watching You … Safe Sails My Friends!

  105. Elayna and Riley, take heart in the comments left by people who are genuinely interested in you and your story. If you find yourself thinking about things that are not helpful to you…stop thinking about them..that easy.
    My wife and I have purchased a Bavaria 44 (2003) in Croatia, and with our three children, have spent the last three years learning about her in the safety of Croatian waters. We plan to get her home to Australia somehow in the near future. We take inspiration and gain positive emotions by following you both.
    Stay steadfast to your original vision….and ignore the critics…that’s why they are called critics.

  106. There’s always gonna be a batch out there that are jealous, you guys are doing an awesome thing, never let them change your ways.

  107. You Guys are an inpiration for sailing couples.
    Don’t waste your time answering contents about Elayna underwear.
    You are very high above them !
    Mary Xmmas and Good Winds in 2016 !

  108. Every year as a clinical researcher I need to reach out to the community and ask for…. Make that beg for… Compete… Work hard and long hours to convince people to support the work that is done! Isn’t that what both of you do? You allow people like me to continue to dream… Listen to your music…read your work…cook new fun foods…
    You are both well deserving of the support you receive.
    I congratulate you for your work.

  109. I think you two are great. I don’t know your time line but I encourage you to go to San Andres Isla and Providencia. Sailing can be bit dodgy with all the reef but the diving is great.

    The e-begger comment in reality just envy. I only have two words for them and the second word is “you”

    Follow your dream. BTW, I will start following mine soon on my boat.

    Merry Christmas and God bless you!

    1. Post
  110. Riley & Elayna, You guys are Awesome! We are living vicariously through your adventures and it’s amazing! Keep up the great adventure!
    P.S. Riley we are still awaiting the Bilgey part 2! lol
    you guys are great!
    Fair Winds & Following Seas
    Merry Christmas & Best of luck in 2016.
    Rich & Harumi

  111. Hey Riley, Jack Conte started Patreon. If you don’t know Jack and his partner Nataly check out their Youtube channel ‘Pomplamoose Music’ here:

    These guys have been making music and putting up wonderful videos for years and have built a huge following (including yours truly). Lately they have been touring as a band. They clearly have fun and really enjoy what they do getting better and better at it and it shows. They remind me of you guys.

    On Pomplamoose’s first tour they had to hock everything to make it happen. Afterwards, Jack committed a terrible sin– he published the dollar figures of what they had had to do to make the tour happen and how incredibly little money they actually made for all of that work. I was very impressed that he did this. However, you should have seen some of the foul comments and crap he received from people on the Internet. They accused him of lying, assured us he and Nataly had made a fortune on their tour and every other kind of vicious comment you could invent. It lead to him starting Patreon because so many other artists and creative people cannot fund their dreams and Patreon would give them that opportunity.

    Don’t accept the nay-sayers comments nor waste your time fretting over them. It’s great to see you guys pursuing your dreams and we certainly are glad you are sharing them with us.

    Ray K

    1. Post
  112. Between SV LaVaga and SV Delos, you provide daily frustrations as to why there is not a more frequent influx of videos. Frustrations that depart when that email pings my inbox saying there is fresh footage to chuckle, love and live vicariously through. Keep doing what you are doing as the majority (naysayers) are just too afraid to take that step outside their front door. A word of advice, add Bermuda to your list, you won’t be disappointed.

  113. greg belley’s posted summed it up. shake off the negative, enjoy the water maker ? Was fun to watch, content was bang on.
    Love the videos, keep them going

    Christmas wishes from Canada, fair winds.

  114. You have gotten quite a turn-out on this posting. Congratulations, you now have a solid base of lemmings who will support you, and who will run off a cliff behind you, no matter what you may do in the future. Groupies is the term normally used.
    Before the backlash from what I write here hits the fan, let me say that I would appreciate it if you let everyone know I’m not the one responsible for calling you an “E-beggar”. Although, it won’t really bother me to be thought of as being that “envious, stupid, shallow, jealous, looser, hater” which many have described above. You have not misused a single penny of the funds I have not sent you.
    I think it was wonderful when you started selling products, and I’ll be buying a kit for myself very soon. Most of the things you are selling I won’t ever use, but it’s great to see an actual product, so I’m in for that.
    I don’t think showing the world video exploits of one’s life is a viable reason to send anyone money, so they can continue to live their life and put it on video. Sorry, I just can’t support that.
    Everyone in the world cannot be supported by everyone else by showing their life on video, no matter what they may be doing.
    Now, on to the “piss everyone off” portion.
    There is always a portion of the population who will follow Jim Jones, David Koresh, or Charles Manson. Now, I’m not saying you are anything like those people, I’m just pointing out that there is a world of people out there willing to give up everything they are to be close to, or to be like someone they admire and consider to be famous, and you need to be cautious of this.

  115. How many thousands will die today, and tomorrow, and every day, because people sent money to you, instead of feeding people who aren’t “attractive” on video?

      1. I don’t get it, two people making a positive contribution to our planet, sharing the adventure, and this tool Eric still can’t appreciate “art”,…

  116. If I could send you money I would,not because your asking for it,but because I enjoy the content you make and understand the sacrifice you make to produce it. I look forward every time I get an email indicating a new episode is uploaded,I look forward to crossing paths with you two someday. I hope you keep up the effort even with the paltry donations, you have a audeince that follows your toils and lives vicariously through you. I want to wish you guys well and many happy sails in future. All the best in new year!!

  117. Hello Elayna & Riley,

    i enjoy your movies very very much, they are so beautiful and funny, so i feel a little bit bad that i´m not a patreon, my financial situation is simply catastrophic, so it´s a shitty situation that on one side i enjoy your movies and on the other side i don´t pay anything for it 🙁

    To sailing around the World is a very old dream of me but do to personal problems that result in financial problems, i´m still not able to make this dream come true.

    I´m happy for You two that your are living this dream and i wish You a very long and beautiful sailing adventure !!!

    Your movies are wonderful, thousand time better than any tv-program, so You merit every cent that some Peoples give to You, maybe one days i´m one of them…

    I wish You a long & happy live

  118. Eric;
    OK….. so what have you specifically done to help the unfortunate unattractive people who are close to dying????
    Sent any cash to starving people in Africa?
    What about the shelters helping the wives and or unwed mothers getting beaten up by unattractive boyfriends/husbands?

    Helped any immigrants fleeing their war ravaged homes in/from Syria?
    At the very least, sent any money to animal shelters to help take care of all the unwanted pets we no longer want and dump on the side of the road?

    Good Griefff…. Two good looking people want to sail and take some videos while doing it. I’ve watched most of their videos and I don’t recall the episode where they stated they were very attractive and they were owed anything. Perhaps you can point that episode out?

    You don’t mention what you do for a living? Do you work for the State? Do you live OFF the State?
    If you work in the private sector, guess what? You are there to make profits for your employer. Yep… Does that make you feel cheap? Less than holy? Go to work and sit on a stool all day without contributing and please let us know how that works out for you.

    These two are living out their fantasy and making some cool videos outlining some of the trials and tribulations along the way. That’s it. I don’t believe they singled you out and begged you for money.

    If you don’t want to contribute, even though you watch their “free” content, don’t.

    To call the people who want to donate LEMMINGS and GROUPIES, is pathetic. I am for anything that helps others get out of bed in the morning, or suffer thru their versions of a tortured day.

    Riley and Elayna; please keep up the awesome adventure.

  119. Riley & Elayna
    At 65, I would not be sitting here watching your movies, in utter envy, if not for my own failure to ever find a way of financing this great adventure. You are BRILLIANT beyond words . . . my chance is now gone, but where I fell short, you have succeeded. Bravo !!! Make NO apologies to anyone. You will not look back on your life with regrets, for certain.

    This crap about you being even the slightest bit responsible for world hunger is RIDICULOUS. Children have been starving to death, for as long as I can remember. It is the selfishness of the worlds population, that hordes resources, that causes this severe and horrific problem, not two young adventurous people sailing around the world.

    BTW . . . the movie quality is fantastic. I don’t know how you do it. Compared to others, there is no comparison.


  120. This is a common criticism of people doing what you do. It arises from the way funds are solicited- the language used. Statements that give the impression that the primary reason to donate, subscribe etc. is to help pay for one’s chosen lifestyle do indeed come off as begging. You are in fact an entrepreneur. Your business is producing travelogues. Dont ask directly for donations. Simply remind viewers how to go about subscribing. As it stands there is little incentive to commit to a paid subscription. I am able to enjoy your videos for free. One Patreon model that seems to work is that of Drake Paragon. He provides extras for paid subscribers. You have all the elements of a successful show. Now nail down the business end.

  121. Riley & Elayna…. Love the videos..! Congrats on your success …you guys deserve any funding you can get.!

    Reality TV….? I hate Reality TV and I never watch it…BUT, my wife sure does..! And if you guys were on it …I’d probably watch it. (well maybe…but my wife would for sure.!)

    I have personally watched from close range….3-6 young people who are not very special…become financially set for life off this stupid shit..! So, you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss it – you guys are very photogenic & exciting! (you might even be able to demand some Creative Control…from the producers.!)

    A decade ago…I was involved at close range…in the debate of whether some youngsters should do a Reality TV show or not ……I watched it all play out…so I will pass this on to you.

    Your window of opportunity is here – NOW, and more than likely… it will close…maybe sooner than you think.
    You will most likely make your Sail Around the World…BUT, that’s the easy part.!

    Getting a job and going back to work is the hard part..! I had to do that once after Sailing the Pacific at your age …. If you could use your trip to also become financially set or extend it for a long time… will be forever stoked.!
    Imagine…your broke, the trips over, you might have a child on the way and you need money….you don’t want to have to go back to that Oil Rig job.

    I too have a Cyclades43.3…but it took another 20 yrs after that last trip to finally be able to get back out cruising…and I had a lot of good fortune.!

    Take my advice…Your Patreon success itself…should remind you not to dismiss unconventional ways of making money.!

    Fair Seas..!

  122. I’m new to watching your videos, but I’ve binge watched over a couple week period. I’ve now seen them all (even the cleanse video).

    It seems many of us find them inspirational, but not just as an adventure or sailing video. Make no mistake, this is a love story. La Vagabond is just a character. The same with the ocean. Your adventure through turmoil and delectation (that one is for you Riley) inspires me to take my wife out for dinner and maybe a hike. Find a beautiful secluded spot and share it together.

    Good people! It’s nice to get to know you.

  123. First and foremost, you guys rock. Plain and simple. Secondly, you ARE providing a service to all your viewers. You guys create entertainment, pure and simple, through your videos. Patreons make ‘donations’ to pay the entertainment you provide to them, myself included. How is a monthly subscription to Netflix much different?

    You’re not asking for handouts, and you’re not dole bludgers (Australian term for someone living on government unemployment benefits), you’re providing entertainment to consumers who are happy to pay you for the awesome work you create.

    Keep doing what you do best. FEED US!! And the energy of the cosmos will provide back to you. Keep trusting that it will and you guys will be sailing for a long time to come.

    Peace, love and light.

  124. Hi Guys , keep on being inspired in what you do and believe , we love your videos ! Don’t bother about the negative comments or people , they will always be there .

    Keep looking at the many people you inspire to do what you do and to all those who live your dream with you by watching Youtube !



  125. You two keep up the great work. There are ALWAYS going to A-holes in the world. Don’t let that slow down your (and my) dreams. I love watching each and every minute of your voyages. PLEASE keep it up. Since not all of us can do what you are doing, its fun to at least live it vicariously through you two. I truly hope to someday meet you both in person.

    Love you guys,


  126. I’m 82 and I look forward to each of your videos, Riley is a lot braver than I was, diving everywhere. It seems I saw hungry sharks here and there and you either ignored them or didn’t see many. Carol and I are together 44 years no w and a good sailing mate is a mate for life as long as you tell her every day how beautiful she is and that you love her, every day.
    We designed built by ourselves a 50′ 23 ton cutter yawl in California, launched her in 1977. We ended up 33 years ago on coastal Alabama and never looked back. See the Daedalus . 39 years old and still like new…
    My present boat; A good life and happy days to you both. Capt. Fred

  127. What you do is “selling” the dream all of us have about “being free and do whatever one wants”. That’s impossible as we all depend on something. Even you depend on each other in ordinary day to day life on the board. But anyway you are damn close to people dreams. You can’t satisfy everyone, but there is at least two persons you can do it to 100% and its both of you. Keep it coming, so we all know it is possible to “untie the lines” (another good channel like yours).

  128. I have been watching your vids off and on as the weather and seasons permit since Feb 2015.

    For a growing number of people focusing on matters of consciousness, and personal freedom, the reclamation of the word sovereign has become profoundly consequential.

    Within this paradigm, to recognize oneself as a sovereign being is to acknowledge one’s own total spiritual autonomy and unconditional entitlement to self-determination.

    It is a primary avowal of oneself as a free and natural human being – not a serf, a subject, a corporate entity, or even a citizen. No persons or man-made laws have any jurisdiction whatsoever over a sovereign being. This is all very alarming for any empire that secretly prefers its populace to feel toothless.

    Your travels are very important to a lot of people. Not for your adventure but what it brings to others……freedom.

    That is why I appreciate both of you and feel a kindred spirit.

    May the wind be always at your back.

  129. Hey Guys,
    I like the fact that you don’t provide “too much information”. You keep private what should be private. Well done keep up the good work and keep learning and improving. Thanks.

  130. Hi Guys
    comin from Germany im afraid that i don´t understand everything, but:
    1. “Underware” is not important
    2. the Way of your life is really big
    3. dont care for some other stupid folks; they can´t do it better
    4. enjoy every second of your journey!!!

    5. we will met us – somewere on the Ocean – somewere in the future!

    –> Stay cool!

  131. E beggars definitely. Instead of doing it on the street you are doing it from a wealthy sailboat with a bunch of chumps supporting you instead of significant causes like children’s pediatric cancer or other similar. Do you support the same and if so which ones and how much and how can we all verify so that you are not just playing while the rest of us hardworking folks expense your play time which is what I believe you are doing. Face it and admit it you are modern day beggars. And obviously, by the number of supportive comments which I’m sure were not edited out (NOT) you are not supported by everyone. And just because someone speaks out against your begging, they are labeled “haters”. What hypocrites.

  132. People who don’t have what it takes to follow their dreams, feel down on themselves and try to bring everyone else down with them.

    Winners understand that the best way to build the tallest building is by hard work, losers think that the best way to build the tallest building is by tearing down all the other tall buildings around them.

  133. Riley and Elayna pay no attention to the people that are jealous. That’s what it is my friends. If I had millions of dollars, you would need nothing!!!! Your videos are watched by me and my grandson every night at bedtime. You are doing the things we dream of. We are so glad that you can. Please continue doing what you are doing. You guys are wonderful people that we wish we could meet someday!! We learn something from every video….there are other people doing what you guys are, but SLV and its crew are so…….. genuine! Be safe my friends and don’t sweat the small stuff……. it’s all small stuff!

  134. Actually, if someone wants to send their money to someone else, good on y’er. What irks me most is the live streams, and not merely those done by SLV. If I wanted to hear one, and sometimes two, people say hello to two or three hundred people over the span of an hour, I’d lurk outside a popular restaurant. Even when one of the “streamers” begins to offer a response to a question, the other person invariably jumps in and says hello to the next wannabe on line with them. Waste of time to pander to the egos of those seeking recognition by the “streamer.”

  135. Where are you now? Please make contact to you include me in your adventures. I will buy your SLV’s and donate towards your adventures. And who knows, we could catchup somewhere !!!
    Love you, and keep it up, Bill Glindeman

    1. Hey Bill! We’re in Florida at the moment! You can find more ways on how you can support our video production on our home page using Patreon or PayPal. Make sure you subscribe to our website and our other social media pages for more updates on where we are.

      Thanks for your offer and hopefully we’ll cross paths in the future.


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