YouTube Couple Land MILLION DOLLAR YACHT Deal! (Full Version)

Here is the video of our semi secret little trip we took to France a few months ago. So glad that we could finally share this footage with you all. Once again, thanks to anyone who has ever watched one of our videos and for following our voyage around the globe. A HUGE thanks to our Patrons for the insane amounts of support we have been recieving from you, for quite some time now. Let the movies keep on rolllllllin. Cheers from Riley and I! Love Elayna.

Song Credits:
03:15 Be Yourself – Harrison Storm
03:55 Rivers – Joe Mungovan
07:02 Embers of Red – Adam Yoo
08:51 Wake Up – Adam Yoo
10:45 Sense of Home – Harrison Storm
12:37 Tropical Vibe – Michael Howland
Be Yourself – Harrison Storm
15:03 Song I cover on Guitar: American Boy – Estelle and Kanye West
16:57 Be Yourself – Harrison Storm

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  1. Best news ever …
    so what happens to LaVagabond? …
    maybe you will need a sitter for a year?


    1. Hi
      Great news for you both. I admire you tenacity and fortitude. You deserve everything that comes your way.
      Fair wind to you both

  2. Well done guys, when you want me to take over La Vaga let me know and when you stop over in Ireland. Ye are sorted … !!!!!

  3. You both are amazing…I am so excited as well! Thank you for sharing a little bit of you with all of us…it has been such fun watching you circumnavigate the globe. :). Look forward to your future endeavors…whatever they may be….

  4. Yes I can have a beer a day till Feb.1 and then some. The two of you have fun and stay safe. In fact I’m continuing on with those beers as long as God lets me.

  5. I’ve been crook as a dog lately but the last minute made me LOL.
    Congrats on acquiring the use of such a magnificent sailing machine.

  6. Best news, but I’m not heving a beer, cause I canot drink anything with alchool.I wish yoy all the happiness with the new boat. bus I will miss La Vaga. Cheers and love from Paulo, Rio de Janeiro.

  7. CONGRATS to Outremer (tres français) to have won you guys to promote their Multihulls.

    Consequently, the brand name should be changed to “SLV” (Serious Leisure Vessels) 😉


  8. Wow, guys! This is so great! Congratulations!!! I’m very excited for you, and also for all of us that are living vicariously through your wonderful adventures! Can’t wait till we take a sail on your new Cat!!

  9. You two are so lucky but as the old adage goes “Be careful of what you wish for”. You seem to be enjoying La Vagabonde so much I hate to see that change with such a luxurious cat. Hope you enjoy the new digs in February and as always looking forward to seeing what happens next. I am also curious what will happen with La Vagabonde. A haul out for 12 months?

  10. Congratulations, the cat is a beautiful vessel, you’re both very fortunate. I’m looking forward to seeing your next video.

    Fair winds.


  11. Congratulations on your cat acquisition. Looking forward to all of the next videos aboard the cat. Gonna be hard to leave lavagabonde behind…she took such good care of you two in all of the heavy weather sailing. Fair winds my friends!

  12. Riley inspired me to grow a mustache and sail catamarans in the BVI’s thank you sir for being an inspiration to leaving the rat race behind and enjoying the important things in life. Like mustaches:-)

  13. That is an absolute cracker! We are just about to buy into a syndicate cat to test the lifestyle for three years before we take the plunge. You two are setting a great standard. Go boldly. Fortune favours the brave.

  14. Hilarious! Really enjoyed the dance outro . Riley you smoothy. Your new dance partner is smitten…he’s fallen for you it’s obvious.

    Be really interesting to hear about the differenc between the Cat and mono-hull. ..or your preferences rather.

    Good luck you two

  15. So happy that your adventure keeps evolving, along with each if you! Can you share the details of the arrangement? Or will that be in the fullness of time? Anyway, enjoy, you have well earned the opportunities before you….. Cheers.

  16. Sois increibles…Cúanto me alegro que sigaís creciendo como marineros y que hayais podido conseguir este gran objetivo que el apoyo de todos. Espero seguir viendo vuestros videos y escuchar vuestras experiencias a lo largo de lo que os queda de mundo. Muchas felicidades sois una gran pareja en medio de l mar

  17. We have followed your journey from the beginning and love watching each and every episode you post. You are an inspiration to people of all ages of those seeking a way out of the rat race, an adventure and a more fulfilling life. Safe travels aon 2 keels xx

  18. Congratulations Riley & Elayna – that really is some boat! These are the sorts of breaks that come in life as a reward for all the hard work you put in. (My break wasn’t scoring a nice sailing boat … I was offered the opportunity to work overseas, and – like yourselves – couldn’t believe it was happening to me at the time.)

    I watched the Outremer Cup 2016 video on YouTube after your earlier short video announcement – both of you appeared to be having a lot of fun.

    Take care and safe sailing,


  19. Well then, now we know what you’ve been up to ~~~ Looks like a lot of boat to sail for two salt’s like you guys. The learning curve will be interesting to watch . We’re GOING TO LOVE IT ~ Can’t wait tinging mind needs more of your videos. Just watched the 2016 race as posted you guys are beaming with smiles. Riley’s anticipation I bet his mind is thinking of all the new and awesome way of sailing her. ( ) 2016 Outremer cup.
    Thank you so much for sharing not just what your doing, but who you both are.
    We dream with you.. wait* its not a dream. this is bloody real mate. Congrats ~~ ( 2016 Outremer cup.)

  20. Am I the only one who’s dream is broken. I doubt it.
    As the gentleman said, be careful what you wish for.
    Kettering Tasmania.

  21. You two are lucky cats, congratulations on your new boat! And Riley, to add what your father always says, “The Sun, the Moon and the Truth will always come out” from my Smiley Monk brother.

  22. Hi Riley & Elayna. Wow! What a deal. Congratulations to you two! Sure is luxurious.
    No doubt there’ll be a few differences to sailing/handling but nothing you two cant sort out.
    And no more spilt drinks!
    Keep up those great jaunty videos…the video highlight of the week!
    Stay safe, have fun.

  23. Hey Guys

    Greetings from California, if you ever make if to San Francisco we’ll be happy to show you a good time!

    Certainly very exciting news and I can see that you’re both rightly stoked about the whole idea…Congratulations, you’ve both been on one hell of a journey together

    My wife and I have been following you for ages and you guys are truly an inspiration in a very muddled and complicated world…

    I really don’t want to rain on your parade, as I said you guys are a real inspiration and the both of you deserve all the good that comes your way, but I did want to offer a word of caution

    Come Feb 1st 2017 it seems you will no longer be sailing your own boat…you will be sailing around on someone else’s boat, albeit a very nice one, as part of someone else’s global marketing strategy…like it or not, for better or worse, that is going to change your world in a myriad of ways….

    What you have going right now, as obviously hard as it might be sometimes, is a very, very special thing that you’ve made happen and is all yours…that’s what makes your videos and your lives so inspirational and such a joy to follow

    It’s not for anyone else to tell you what path to follow in life you have to follow your own compass and find your way…You seem to have done pretty well so far…so every reason to expect you’ll go on to enjoy more wonderful adventures and continue to spread your inspirational and unique version of living the dream…

    Please remember always to follow your hearts and you won’t go far wrong : )

    We wish you both many years of happy sailing together and hope your journey takes you wherever you guys want to go

    All the best

    Tim & Laura

  24. Congratulations once again. You both deserve it…Just remember you can’t do a 360 flip in a cat like you can do in a sloop. Once you’ve turned turtle on a cat…your stuck…..Fair wind and calms seas. Captain Dave..

  25. Wow I’m so excited for you good luck to you both you deserve it. I love your blogs it keeps my dream going.

    fair winds and weather


  26. I rise my, Pepsi in the air. “CONGRATS” to the both of you. I’d do beer or wine. But, i’m not old enough to drink. It,So way sux. It’s a special event. Just one sip.. Awww ok.. 🙁 A Rose 4U Elayna @—->—- And hugs for Riley ((((( Huggies ))))). Take care, and great sailing ahead..

  27. How did you get the million = cat $ just wondering. Been watching you from the beginning and we will keep suporting you. Best of luck

  28. Good score guys!!! I think that you will like the new cat. She looks like a good time! Life is short and it ‘seems’ like only a few short years ago that we were wearing similar shoes. Now we are looking down the barrel of Medicare and Social Security and are so happy that we followed our dreams while we were young. We have so many great stories!! Dan will retire next summer in 2017 from the 141′ mega-yacht he runs, after 51+ years on the sea!!! Not really sure where the years went to but the old adage of “time flies when you are having fun” has taken on a whole new meaning for us these days. Kudos to you both for marching to the beat of a different drummer!?? We have a 44′ trawlercat named Kingfisher that we will move onto for a couple of years and go drop out in the Outer Bahamas. Would love to join you on an adventure sometime. Safe passages and smooth sailing to you both.

  29. Don’t mean to spoil the party, and I truly congratulate you two for this achievement, but I’m just wondering if you really thought deeply about it all.
    This is not a philosophical debate about the true meaning of a circumnavigation, living a truly free life, breaking the ties, no commitments except to yourselves, ect….
    I’m talking about switching to a cat, I really think you should have taken more time to sail one on your own for a little while in order to forge your own opinion before taking that decision. I charter cats for 2 or 3 weeks at a time when I take the kids sailing during summer vacation. They are great for that, but when it comes to circumnavigations and long crossings, It’ll be a cold day in hell before I embark on a cat.
    On a cat, I could never sail upwind unless I motorsailed, I don’t like their jerky motion, they take too much space in marinas and tight anchorage, I never got that safe feeling you get on monohull when the wind is blowing 35 knts and more, and I could go on and on.
    All the advantages you think you get from a cat, you can get them from a monohull: light weight, speed, space, shallow draft. Nowadays, You can get a true modern shaped seafaring monohull, around 15m long and 5m wide, that are extremely stable, can average 9 or 10 knots across the Atlantic, with liftable keels to allow you to navigate in less than 1.4m depth.

    Anyways, good luck and congratulations again

    Signed: Ex-oilfield trash

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