YouTube Couple Lands MILLION DOLLAR YACHT Deal! (Sailing La Vagabonde)

Thank you to EVERY single one of you Patrons who got us here, but you already knew about all of this didn’t you 😉
After 3 years of sailing the globe, everything we have worked so hard for has all lead to this. We have very exciting ideas and plans for the future, that includes our new 45ft Outremer catamaran currently being built in France. The new La Vagabonde will be ready in Feb next year for us to burn around the world in at lightening speed… We still can’t believe it. A HUGE thank you to those Subscribers who have been following our voyage since the beginning. We love you! Stay tuned for the full story coming THIS FRIDAY. Love, Elayna & Riley.

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0:26 Fine – Rye checkout this guys stuff! Cheers Rye!

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    1. I am a bad writer, but I follow you very close, my deepest feeling and best wishes, Grande!!! fellows , with blesses of Jemanja (the sea ueen of Brasil

  1. Wow a whole new world… ya might need to learn to fly Riley! No more dinners on the floor Elynna!

    Go for it… totally enjoy your journeys.. best ever

  2. Dear Riley and Elayna,

    Congratulations on the new yacht. Mi have been following you on YouTube for 2 years. You are an inspiration to everyone who has ever dreamed about sailing around the world. You have inspired me to the point of buying a boat I have had my eye on for 4 years. The time was right and so was the price and Gypsy Rover , a Tartan 412,is now mine. Why I have a full time job as an airline pilot, I will not be setting sail on my world adventure for a while. I have been enjoying my adventure here on the Chesapeake Bay, and sail with friends in Puerto Rice, and in the BVI.

    I look forward to following you on more adventures. Who knows, maybe we will meet up in some far away port.


    Martin Carey

  3. Yeah, I remember watching the Outremer cup and thinking, wait a minute there are Riley and Elayna! Congratulations guys! They are excellent vessels and surely you will love it!

  4. That is absolutely fantastic news!! We watch you regularly and are over the moon for you both, congratulations!!

  5. Scorrrrre!!! Well done guys been following for the last two years. How did Riley keep this a secret. Poor dad! What a great boat! They are made to move!!! Cant wait untill the new adventure starts. You guys make my day every time you post. 5am here in Oz just woke the wife with the news. Shes not as excited as me, about your news, go figure. Steve

  6. Soooooo excited for (and envious of) you young pups! Hope this means you’ll be “out there” for years to come and that we may some day meet you once we get ourselves and our family out there… still a few years away.


  7. Mad props to both of you. The Outremer 45 is one of my dream yachts, and will take you around the globe safely, speedily and in style. Congrats!

  8. Wahoo! Congrats on the Cat! So does this mean the adventure moves to the Med? There are very few sailing series on YouTube about cruzing the med so it would be great if this was in your plans! Hope all is well in the south pacific!!!

  9. A super big Congrats to both of you. Such wonderful news for 2 wonderful people. One of the worlds premier Cats and 45 feet, you guys will get lost with all that room. Such great news guys. Now looking forward to faster sailing vids.

  10. awesome news guys ! keep living the dream !who would of thought all this could happen when you began….but it’s because your both charming and good looking people ! a match made in heaven ! good luck and fair sailing you two !

  11. Woohoo a Cat! So happy for you guys! I’ve been eying a leopard 44 for the longest time but have to wait a few years before the evil plan comes together…and then the world will be mine! Muahaahaaa…

  12. I have heard Riley mumble a few times he wishes he was on a cat. At least your cooking won’t flip so easily. No more draft worries, you won’t know yourself with all that space and level sailing. More room forPatrons to pop aboard. Also more room to get your own space from each other, when needed. Congrats and enjoy the space…. Make sure you have a water maker and a hooker….


  13. Congratulations! All your efforts have paid off. I watch your videos with a smile and a dream. You’re living that dream. Bravo!

  14. Congratulations, darlings! All of your hard work and faithfulness has paid off. Looking forward to your new digs. Fly, little ones!

  15. Congratulations! That is awesome. Now, you guys have to come to our island on the sough west of Florida. Free slip! Of course you will have to take me for a sail. LOL! Just joking, but the slip is yours. Congrats!

  16. OMG you guys!!!!! Congratulations! With all the work you’ve done and the mases of inspiration you’ve given us all… you so deserve this! You must be sooooooo excited!!! YAY!

  17. Movie star…. Movie star, holywood here you come. You will need to be on your toes with that baby!! There seriously fast. ….Congratulations!

  18. This is amazing news you guys so deserve this great gift. Just remember double the hulls double the work 🙂 As asked before are you guys gonna put Vagabond on the market?

  19. such a blessing! just sent you a message on facebook and by email. please take a moment to read! much appreciated… more than you may know! loves to you both!!!

  20. I have followed you both almost from the start of your journey. So happy for you. Congratulations!! I can’t wait to see your future adventures; especially from the viewpoint of such an amazing couple. Cheers!

  21. Wow that’s so you two!.my love and I are planning to live a board in near following you both!Congrats

  22. Congrats guys. I am so proud of you and know that you deserve this. You are both awesome and I enjoy every video you release.

  23. Congratulations you two! Great news and well deserved. Me wonders what the french corporate entity has in store for you guys.
    Best Regards,

  24. How awesome for you two. I am researching my sailboat now and because I your videos I am looking into getting a Beneteau 41-44. What are you going to do with La Vagabonde? I would love to have the chance to get it.

    Look forward every week to your next post.

  25. Congratulations, you guys deserve that wonderful opportunity. Hope you continue your adventure for many years to come so we can keep watching your sailing adventures. Go for it. Keep up the great work.

  26. manomanomanoman

    revelations, the story inside the story

    ime so happy that your happy: GREAT story telling!

    just what I would have : that cat

  27. Congrats you two. You really deserve this. When you come through the canal again maybe we can meet up. Although we could never keep up with you. Sending love and best wishes for the future. Can’t wait to see the upcoming videos.

  28. Hey guys,

    WOW! That’s incredible! The outremer is a fantastic bit of kit. Hella fast.

    So the only downside ( for you ) is that you have to sail the world again! Hoorah for us watching the journey with you.



  29. How will this affect your circumnavigation in the Vaga? Will you be finishing in the Vaga or switching over to the cat along the way?
    Fair winds and following seas, mate.

  30. Always loved Cats ever since I was a small kid and my dad got me involved racing Hobies on lake Norman against the man himself John Hobie. Wanna see you walk the dog with that big beast. Enjoy

  31. That’s awesome!!! You deserve it, that is not a gift, it’s a merit-based reward. You two are awesome, please don’t change your format, style, etc. We love you two, just the way you are.
    Congratulations, and thanks for taking us along for the ride!

    Maybe you should put a button somewhere so fans can buy you a “bottle of wine”… You’ve toasted us enough.

  32. Congradulations! A wise investment, I love to watch your guys adventures. If you pardon the pun, you’re living the life of Riley…

  33. WHOOT WHOOT !!!! SUPER news. Excitement ensues!!!

    Adventures Ahead!!!

    Happy Happy for you both !!!

    Capn Dave

  34. You guys ROCK… I haven’t followed your whole trip , as that would just make me sick with envy, but every time i feel this world sucks and i want to escape, I watch a clip of your astoundingly awesome life… Thanks for the glimpse of what you can do with your life if you try hard enough to live the life you want…. Congratulations on the deal you landed…Its awesome and I think the whole world is going to be puffing wind into your sails and watching what I consider to be one of the most amazing life styles achievable…. its the wildest dream, and you’re living it… GO GO GO
    Be safe

  35. Well … C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S. !! This is what my wife and I are also about by end of 2017. We are looking at Privilege, Lagoon and Fountain Pajot 45-50+.

    I look forward as you transition from monohull to cat so I can learn for you as we will be doing the same and could save me some goofs and mistakes. 🙂

    Soooo happy for you !! Love to sail with you some day!


  36. Well done you guys, we’ve been watching you from the start and loving every episode. Averaging over 10kn and in comfort and style – you deserve it!

  37. There are many who have offered congratulations I’d like to join them. You have both brought the dream to our lives. Long may you continue. One day we all hope to join you. My boat is going to take a few more years to make seaworthy but you keep me strong. Love you both – you deserve everything you work for and you guys DO work at this lifestyle. Top Banana!!
    Matt – Bristol UK

  38. Humm, not a Gunboat 55, an Mc2 60, Dragonfly 35, or Rapido 60………sorry, I pass & unsub.
    Fair winds, Ernesto.

  39. We’ve been following since the Med! Now we can look forward to your retracing your voyage, assuming you pick up the boat in France. Hope so. This could become “The Never Ending Story”. Some great boat names in that book, Auryn and Falkor come to mind!

  40. WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!
    Congratulations you guys. I have been watching your videos for 4 months and just love all the adventures and fun. You are such an insparation to me!!!!!

  41. AMAZEBALLS!!! Congrats!!! My husband and I have been following since day one and we have been looking at sailboats ever since hoping to join the adventure!

  42. So very happy for you both and isn’t it amazing how life can work out….Lots of love to you and can’t wait to see how this unfolds…Please tell us the rest of the story…cheers Terry

  43. Congratulations on your new baby! No more leaks topside! A fond au to La Vagabonde Originale, she served you both well!

  44. If ever a couple deserved this, it is you two!

    I have watched every video since you set out and have loved the story and seeing your video skills increase, to the point where they are truly professional. There is no sailing channel on Youtube which comes within a bull’s roar of yours.

    Of course, we don’t know the details of the deal, but Outremer must be delighted to be associated with you.

    I’m going to cheekily claim some credit, if prayer works. I have been hoping, for a long time, that someone would come up with the money to ensure you complete your dream and keep telling us the story. Now they have!

    I don’t know if you have thought of it this way, but you guys have the skills to leave a ocean legacy like Peter Blake, Jacques Cousteau or the Pardeys and Hiscocks of this world.

    As for, ”no we are not having a baby” I think we could all agree that, if and when you do, it will be very lucky in having such inspirational parents!

  45. Brilliant News ! One you have sailed a multihull you will never go back to those slow old “lean-over” boats 🙂
    And there is soooo much room in a 45 foot cat !!
    Enjoy !

  46. Good for you two, us, and Outremer. You get to sail in a lovely new home, we get to follow your adventure, and Outremer will be backed up with orders. Now about that baby – ya know, that cat’s got room for 3 🙂

  47. A cat, wow would never had expected that, and new on top of that, congrats. Is it a loaner or are they giving it to you, if a loaner will they be paying for the maintenance? What will happen to the old boat, up on blocks or selling it. So many questions.

  48. Fantastic news, looking forward to many more videos over the next years. You inspired me to start preparing for a sailing trip around the world as well, not in a big catamaran though (I have a Beneteau as well). You guys should check out the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver to Alaska) on your next round the world trip. It’s one of the most amazing places to sail during June-September.

  49. A cat…well well well…bloody hell…good on ya mate…(both of you of coarse)….i think i’m gonna cry….

  50. Great news for both of you as whole new set of adventures waiting just around the corner. I will have to admit though as a mono hull fan some of the romance including the difficulties might be gone.

  51. Yeeaaaah a Cat! So happy for you guys! Does this mean another circumnavigation? Keep the stories coming for your reality is my dream!

  52. Congratulations!! If I was a boat builder I would provide a boat for you to sail around the world, great marketing and exposure. Besides I am as sick as you guys hearing the boat squeak every time a wave hit the hull of the boat, LVB still a great boat nevertheless. A cat means more space and stable sailing, new skill sets for Riley and Elayna! Safe sailing and keep up the good work!

  53. That is awesome you guys, and well earned for the hard work you guys have put in on your travels and videos! Good job.
    I think you should call her “Cat-a-lyst”…defined as “something that makes a change happen or brings about an event”. No matter what you call her, fair sailing!!

  54. You two are dumping the leaner? COOL!!!《GRIN!》


    {You’ve been underway together THREE YEARS???!!! Wowzers….}

  55. I am so stoked for you guys. I’ve been following since early on and I hope to join you out there on the sea in my own boat sooner or later! Cheers from Texas.

  56. Couldn’t have happened to two nicer or more deserving people. My limited knowledge of catamarans, is that Outremer is the pinnacle of bluewater cats. Congratulations!!

  57. Unreal, guys! All those positive vibes you send out are coming back around full circle. Thank you for documenting your very unique lives!

    With Gratitude,

    Matt E.
    Manhattan Beach, CA

  58. Congratulations! We just recently found you on youtube, and we’ve been watching your whole story whenever we have a minute to log on. Thank you for sharing your adventures! So happy for you!

  59. Wow, a perfect event for a fabulous adventure ! Still, although a cat is nice, the ocean is still “the boss”…

  60. I feel like you guys are family after watching and sharing your videos from almost the start. Well played guys. I’m proud of you. You have truly been an inspiration and I’m actually looking for my live aboard yacht now. Hope to see you out there someday. Hope you make it to the East coast of Canada someday too. Thanks for all the Vids.

  61. Fantastic news!
    I know you work(ed) hard for it. Keep bringing joy to the world, I can’t wait to see your ‘baby’.
    (I too dream of a cat but for now enjoying my 1963 Islander 32.)

  62. My wife and I are so excited for you both! We’ve been watching your journey on Youtube and are so happy that you get to live out your dreams. Your happiness is so evident and contagious, that it is a joy for us to watch your adventure. Congratulations!

  63. Now put La Vagabond up for auction with a reserve price. She should bring a good price. More than a sailboat, she’s famous. Others have tried to copy you but it’s both your personalities and relationship that make watching you two. You’ve inspired us to take up sailing again and spend our winters in the Caribbean. Best Wishes to the two of you.

  64. Now I think you’re just getting spoiled.
    Seriously though, you’ve earned this. Your vids are a constant delight. Thanks for inviting us all in!

  65. A Cat?! Wow, so exciting! Looking forward to the Friday video and to a fun new chapter in this adventure next February! Cheers

  66. Gongrats to you both, I’ve followed you from day one and loved every bit of it, but I can’t help thinking the main reason for your success was the way that you did it. you had no idea what you were doing and just learnt it on the way. You showed that the plain guy in the street was able to do it.

    I hope that the inspiration you gave others is not lost now that the whole thing has gone commercial and big business, but again well done and enjoy,.

    Rachel x x

  67. Very sweet deal, same wind will get ya more speed combined with more stability and interior space.

    On the other hand hey you guys ” worked ” hard for it.

    Now you can combine work and holiday livin.

  68. Great new I am very excited for you. Looking forward to February. Don’t forgot the faster you go the harder it is to stop. I have been following you from the beginning and thank you for the adventure and your skills at getting it to the net (utube)for us. I wear your T shirt?

  69. Moving up the ladders, literally 😀 looking fwd to see the new vessel on water, seeing Cyclades leave though.. *tears* jk screw that crampy old timer 😀

  70. Congratulations on your new boat. I’m from Iceland and have watched the show you on youtube, very interesting and exciting. You’re always in such warm weather, envy you. Look forward to a continuation:)

  71. Brilliant outcome! A friend suggested that your vids might become a series of adverts for the Outremer, but I showed him your announcement video where you gave the CEO a gentle dig about that long walk, and followed it up by a few observations about the bizarre diet of his daughter. Whatever you do don’t change a thing! I worked for 15 years with a french bank (even being sent for 3 months in New Caledonia, where I caught the sailing bug), and found that they >get< the Aussie sense of humour. You two will thrive with your new relationship, and I bet that your 45 foot cat (can't believe I am typing that lol) will be delivered in perfect condition, and the after sales service will be outstanding 🙂

    PS.. You can tell us now, you are only getting a cat so the nursery will be out of earshot hahahaha

  72. Well done guys, we will be interested to see how you take to the cat ?Patrons naming competition? We tried a Catana – great downwind, G&T unspilled at 18knots but into wind? … meh might slow ya down a bit. … and personally I felt less safe in big waves – but maybe it was the big red dot under the hull that unerved me. The switch over will make for great write ups. We’re not far behind you in realising our dream so reading with interest! Lots of detail on the spec choices please! Gearing up is mindboggling. Happy for you both 🙂

    This is The BEST YOUR NEWS!!!
    You are a beautiful an interesting couple and your kids will add to you Happiness and Love!
    I’m very happy for you.
    Wish you seven feet under keel, new adventures and love!

  74. Hooooooly sh*******t, that’s amazing! I’m so jealous right now but sooooo proud of you guy’s.


  75. Well done you two wow I can’t believe it, I have been watching the pair of you sail since you started off in the Med. and I had convinced myself the only way to sail would be a Cat.

    I’m looking forward to Fridays vid. As ever keep safe and thank you for your Blogs.

    May fair winds be with you always.


  76. Hello Elana and Riley,
    I’m very happy for you both, you deserve the best that this world has to offer, you’ve inspired me and thousands of other Youtube viewers to follow their dreams. I’ve recently earned my bare-boat captains certificate (because of your videos) and I’m going to buy a boat and live the dream. I would love to buy La Vagabonde, it’s proven that it can handle the big blue, and you’ve got it set up for cruising with the watermaker and the updated electronics, and Riley keeps her maintenance up as well. I’m offering you 100K and I’ll fly to where shes is and sail her back to Thailand, or you could sail her to Thailand prior to getting your new boat. You can help make my dreams come true too.

    Fair winds my friends,

    Mike Lomeli

  77. A baby would have been nice and probably less hassle than sailing a boat around the world. Can not wait.

  78. So Jealous. At Miami boat show this was my favorite cat. They are smart because seeing you too speed around the world on this awesome cat will make me order one too!!!

  79. Elana!, Will this new Cat keep Riley’s Autohelm from getting wet during rain storms.
    Love you guys, I cannot wait for your next video

  80. I see your ‘just say.. Yes!’ philosophy is operating nicely, naturally.

    Looking forward to seeing vids on-board the new Cat.

    Well done to you both. Awesome!!

  81. Hmmmmmm. I am not sure if this is going the right direction. You were so independent of enterprise commerce and marketing. Would I now indirectly be supporting a multi-dollar yacht builder company in their marketing efforts?
    Let me sleep over it. Maybe I am out tomorrow.
    You keep on going. It is an amazing deal for you. Just make sure you stay authentic!

  82. That is wonderful news! I’m a big fan of big cats! Can’t wait to watch your adventures on the NEW La Vagabonde, even though it looks like the Cyclades served you very well!!!

  83. Hello our Australian friends. My name is Isaiah. I am 10 years old. My grampa is Glenn. He asked me to say. Something. Together poppa and me watch you on YouTube every night because we wish we could be with you and love your stories.. Poppa says if you are doing what you love you will never be working a day in your life. Sailing is our get away. Please be safe. Poppa just said tell Rily to put a dive compresser on there and make sure to hide his fishing poles! Isaiah

  84. Haha I can’t believe how happy I am for you two!! I’ve been following for a long time and I am just so incredibly happy!! Good on ya mates!!!

  85. Well done so pleased for you guys. I always worried for you with your old fin and spade set up not the best combo for blue water. You should be much safer in the new Cat.

  86. Congrats!! What a killer boat! What are you going to do with Vaga 1? A nice boat to start someone elses dream.

  87. I’m so happy for both of you. I’ve been a follower for a long time now and seen all your videos. You are one of my inspiration. I’m hoping when the time comes for me to sail, I hope our path will cross. Can’t wait for the next video. As always, be safe.

  88. That is so awesome, I can’t tell you how much pleasure ya’ll have provided during a difficult time in my life. Thank You and I look forward to new adventures on the cat…

  89. Exactly my thoughts and concern! There have been blockbustering reality docus on TV that failed once Sponsors started “buying” into it spoiling all authentity.
    The fascinating thing about the La Vagabonde adventure is the fact that Elayna & Riley live many people’s dream without knowing how to pay the next harbour fees – and these will double with the 45 footer Cat….

    Guys, make sure you don’t sell your soul to the Cata CEO and keep on living YOUR authentic dream!

    warm regards

    1. Post

      Cheers Joe!
      I have noticed there have been some concerns around this. We made a few jokes about the relationship with Outremer which was all they were. Everyone at Outremer were great. The truth is we both were fans of each other and we were able to come to a perfect agreement where we both win. We are under no conditions on where we sail or what we say or do and there doesn’t need to be. I genuinely love this yacht and their yacht will indirectly feature in a video every week.

  90. Please do not think I am being patronising in any way, but the manufacturer name of “Outremer” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue of non-french speaking people. So here is an easy way to remember how to pronounce it….

    “Outremer” means “overseas”

    Pronounced (b)oot-r-mare, same emphasis on both syllables (like “offshore” )

    Hope this helps!

    BTW, there are HEAPS of Youtubes showing these things blasting round the oceans at ridiculous speeds including in the mid 20 knot range. You two will need lanyards on your hats!

  91. Major bummer! I get that thIs is exciting for you guys, but for me you just turned into another couple living a life we cant afford. Have fun with your perfect new boat, i will just keep watching the 61 videos before, where it was still some kind of survival. Thank you for all

  92. Fantastic news guys, been watching you from the start and I’m really happy all your dreams are coming true. Keep us all posted and continue the great work. If you’re ever in Gibraltar look me up as I can organise a special trip inside the Rock. Godspeed.

  93. Nice project! Congratulations dears! Is your next boat the Outremer 4X ? Looks a merveillous machine!
    Kind regards, Patrick.

  94. I look forward to every video and I am a loyal, although non patron supporter. I wish I had extra money to support your journey, maybe in the future. Congratulations on the new cat, I guess just wondering, will this be a sponsorship, due to your massive following? Anyway, thank you sharing your journey, you are both an inspiration and my eyes to places I will never see ….unless I win the lottery.


  95. Riley and Eleyna.. congrats on the new vessel. Keep living the dream. Love your videos and adventures. I just sailed from Sri Lanka to Southern Thailand on a small Sail boat ( my first big trip ) with the captain and I was mostly cooking and filming.. I know its alot of work to film and edit but you guys are doing a great job. Kudos. Robert

  96. Hi Riley, on your guide you say:

    “Boat Size. If I had my time again I would have bought about a 38 foot boat instead of the 43 foot one that I have.”

    I see now you’re getting a 45 foot cat, what’s the rationale behind going for a bigger boat?


    1. Post

      Hi Manda,
      Riley here, the smaller boat would have been better for when I was learning how to sail but now that we feel more confident, my priority is comfort especially for the longer journeys.

  97. Hold tight Riley my good man
    I’m in Charleston SC

    The new video. You can always to make waves here and be safe here in the harbor. We and I have many inland rivers and you will be safe !
    I’ve got a 33 sloop and have had many safe travels. This is my home. You will always have a safe house that is high class and a safe dock to tie up on 8 miles inland. I’ve never gone wrong yet. Feel free to email or call me. Best place to have a check for elaiana also. Best doctors.
    Your friends. Adam and Katy. 843 926 7208.
    Always here for you !

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